Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paneer selling on 50% sale, A disaster in the lab while conducting experiment

So it were a hot sunny day and I was travelling on my bike at 50 km/hour (They say it gives a mileage of 90 Km/liter at that speed) which is less than my acceptable speed limits and more than what the vehicle could handle without vibration. The streets were filled with vehicles, small and big, inside of them were the drivers who think these streets were gifted to their grandfather as a dowry. Trainers say that we must be thinking positively when a bike rider or a car approaches us without following the common traffic rules; they say we must think they are in a hurry to rush and we are offering them a help. God knows how a trainer might react in reality when a compromised driver hits their vehicle hard in the rear; "think positively"!

So we were on the streets where this was happening?

Kunjunni Nair's Tattu kada was still having the crowd enough to eat their doshas as they arrive. A wise man, old enough to beat my great grandfather in his age was driving a Maruti Alto without a learners lisence; as it appears from his driving, blocked the "world's smallest road" from SN junction to Vadakke kotta. It took the traffic policeman 5 minutes to regain control over the street and I moved towards the supermarket 15 meters on the left from where I was then.

As always, I took a basket and started picking up the eatables in random without a shopping list. I took a packet of chana dal, Roasted rava, maggie noodles, aata, bhel puri pack and so on until I reached the last section where I normally pick a plastic glass packed with Lassi in Mango and sweetened flavors. I picked a pack named lassi and my eyes saw another packet within a small fridge called Paneer. Fascinated by the Paneer recipes in Sushma's blog (Authentic food delights), I decided to purchase it.

I once bookmarked a recipe from a blog, here's the link http://www.cookingandme.com/2009/10/paneer-butter-masala-restaurant-style.html for Paneer Butter Masala(the Restaurant style) and thought to try this. Read all the ingredients and made rough calculations. I find that I have everything else except the nestle milkmaid bottle in the photograph. I went to a nearby store and purchased the milkmaid.

I followed the instructions of the blogger and started the preparation. I being fond of sauss, used a little more than 1 table spoon. It all went fine and tasted good. At last was the turn of the nestle bottle and I poured milkmaid as instructed. Rather I used a little more so that I could taste the sweetness . Finally the dish was ready and I kept it to cool.

I shared the paneer with my friend along with chapatti. It tasted much different than a restaurant bought paneer butter masala. He ate a few pieces and then commented on it "Abhilash, it appears good when we eat such dishes... good to taste though it has a lot of sugar and spice. I wonder how my stomach reacts to your dish 'the so called paneer butter masala" :-p

I spoke to Priya Sreeram last week and shared this recipe with her. That is when she pointed out it were not a milkmaid that should be used but a nestle cream. I went through the blog again and realized I made a blunder. This experiment end in a disaster, but I should say the dish was quiet sweet and tasty ;)

That's when I understand that, no matter whether you purchase Paneer for 10% higher rate or on a sale of 50%, you have invested some amount and whatever you prepare has to be good; at least for you :)

Did such disasters happen to you?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kochi was in camouflage, a Man was sweating like a Pig!

I was sweating like a pig; In front of me was a white paper with something written in black letters. I could remember nothing, not even my name or where I was. I looked closely to the paper and started reading it. The paper had questions written on it for which I had no answers; no clue! I started reading 2,3,4, and so on until the paper ends. Most of the questions were familiar but I could not remember the answers. I started cursing me for not studying in time and for wasting the time playing. Then I started cursing the god for making my brain erase its data!

Soon my vision was blurred and I could feel the room filling with darkness. I rubbed my eyes and opened them with force by my fingers. I looked around and saw boys and girls writing with a passion and interest. Soon a bell rang and the woman standing at the corner of the room screamed "Hurry! it's going to end in 15 minutes". My heart started beating faster; I could not answer a single question. I am going to fail in the exams and shall regret for the rest of my life.

It is better that I die rather than being alive with my family and friends scolding me. A woman approached me, wrapped in a red sari long enough to encapsulate 5 buffaloes; she asked me to handover the papers! I cannot leave it, not when I have nothing written on it, I thought. I tighten my grip on the paper struggling with the force exerted by the woman who was trying to get the papers from my hand. The paper escaped my hands as a harder object hit my cheeks with a force; it were her hands.

"Amme!!!", I shouted in pain and saw a tall figure looking angrily at me; It was Jk. He shouted "It is 8:30, aren't you getting ready for the office? My heart was still beating faster, I felt as if I were thrown from a skyscraper.

I discussed this dream with Dileep. He says that each dream signals a happening in life. He feels that my dream were a signal that I was not able to fulfill something I wanted badly. I am not sure!

What do you think?
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