Friday, July 20, 2012

Koooi! I am back to the rebellion with Rebel T2i

Hai Friends,

There is an 'a' extra in my 'hi' to make you remember that I have logged into this blog after a long time and I should be shouting to get your attention. When we need people to notice us within a crowd, we call them by their name or use different accent like "koooi", "shh", "oye!", "chetta", "aunty", "hello", "oh! Mr.,".

I purchased a SLR last week, Canon EOS 550D(Rebel T2i). It has always been a dream to have a camera and learn the skills that photographers use to capture stunning moments in life. I was not interested in the photographs with water falling from mountains or the people jumping in the sky; all that interests me were the colors and their representation. Believe me! when you shift from a mobile camera to a DSLR, you can realize how real the photographs can appear.

The advantage you get using a DSLR is that

1. The people assume you might be a press photographer.

2. People pose more seriously than they did for a mobile camera or a digital point and shoot Camera.

3. Carrying an extra 500 gms on your neck makes it stronger over a period.

4. You can also capture the girl in the background who earlier appeared blurred, when zoom. ;)

5. You can be back to blogging and write a post.

I was reading a photography blog few days ago, where the author asks to move around with the camera and shoot whatever you can. He says this will enable to explore the different modes and unlimited features your DSLR has in its assembly.

I went to visit my grandparents last weekend. Soon after the breakfast, I took the camera out of its bag and started searching for possible subjects(as they refer in photography). A cat appeared near the swimming pool and I ran to capture its details. Oh my!, it ran faster than I approached...making me understand that I have to be calm and quiet while approaching a subject. I managed with the ant's, butterflies, flowers and the fruits in the garden. The camera offers a lot of options for your photography, all you have to understand is some 'aperture', 'shutter speed', 'exposure' etc. that the handbook explains while you read through. My grandmother and the kids at home were really impressed by the output of the camera; might be they have not seen any photographer in the past or the DSLR output.

{ In the center is my Father's mother(Ammumma), to her left is my sister(uncle's daughter), to Grandmothers right is my brother(uncle's son)}

Today I and some friends decided to try the DSLR inside the temple and its surroundings in Tripunithura ( a place in Cochin where I stay). We understood how not to capture some specific shots and who should not be handling camera for capturing the photographs in the days to come. Unlike a normal camera, the DSLR functions different when out of the Automatic mode. You need to be well verse with the functions and its uses if you have to shoot using the camera capabilities.

Arun was more interested in understanding the camera and I tried explaining him with my experience gathered during the week. We were speaking about the close-up shots where an object that is out of focus can blur to enhance the projection of the object in focus. To demonstrate its effect, I searched and found a road-side footwear counter with the footwear collection spread on the floor. I bent and zoomed the camera on a group of footwear.

Within seconds we saw the shopkeeper running out of his seat and shouting "Onnu paranjittu edukende"(You could have asked before taking a photograph). He thought we were taking a photograph to display in the newspaper and his appearance at that moment would be boring. Ah! he was more beauty conscious than the women staring on the footpath.

Was this a review for canon or DSLR manufacturers?; I hope no. Feel free to drop in any suggestions you may have to help me learn this gear fast.

That's all for this day. Wishing you all a great day ahead!

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