Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Men transformed to Woman in Kollam, Kerala – Operation a Miracle!

It is raining heavily outside. I have closed the doors through which the dry leaves were trying to intrude into my privacy. It appeared as if they were finding a place to hide until rain stops. I picked the leaves and threw them to where they came from before shutting the door against them. The electricity department behaved as cowards, fearing the lighting and rain, and stopping the function of fan and tube lights. Sitting in the room writing this post and having no supply of cool air forced me to open the doors. I had accepted the risk of allowing the leaves into my home that was clean since the morning. This made me think,not torestrict the flow of ideas and to let them flow.

It has been a long time since I wrote and the incidents accumulated in the corner of my mind have filled the space throwing the vacuum that was occupying their territory.

It was the month of March, marking its end when my friends asked me to visit Kollam. They said I have to attend a celebration that I have not witnessed in my life, man transformed to woman. It would indeed be a miracle to witness the operation making this possible. Life is short and you cannot be sure of your lifeline. I thus decided to witness it.

Sanjeev and I travelled on a bike to Kollam as per the guidelines from my friend Sreekumar. Following the information, the celebration would commence in a temple named kottankulangara Devi temple that was on the left side of the highway. We could see woman dressed with beautiful dress and jewellery on bike and inside the car. It resembles a good celebration I said and even women are going to see this with new attire. Sreekumar joined us at the temple and was the narrator of the show ahead. He resides near Kollam and is well verse with the places and celebrations.

We kept the bike at a place few meters away from the temple entrance and started walking. While we were in front of the entrance, we could see many boys gathered around a girl taking photos with her. I enquired the reason and Sreekumar said that it was a boy and not a girl. It was hard to believe that it was a boy. Go through the image below and let me know if you believe it would be a boy (I am sure the photograph won’t give a real look)

Now see this one… She seems to be in love with me. LOL

We went further and met a group of umm… let us call them y-woman. So these Y-women were dressed stylish but some had looks of a mixed variation of man and woman. I managed to capture a few shots but somehow was in a feeling that they are woman :)

See the girl in the white saree, doesn't she looks cute ?

I took a closeup photograph with the girl ;)

It appears they are the celebrities this day.

Near the temple, we met the boy who Sreekumar says was Mr. Kollam. It appeared as if he had all the veins pasted to his body using a Fevi quick. He was more masculine than feminine. One of my friends asked how this guy managed to wear the blouse, he could have stitched it over his arms.

We moved towards a house where Sreekumar’s brother was dressed as woman. He did not have a clean makeup or appearance as the other men in the queue. Sreekumar participated last year in this celebration as a woman and he says the appreciation was good. He says his wifetook almost 3-4 hours to select a salwar that he wore during that time.

We marched back and met two Y categories who were almost cute women dressed in Saree. Gash! We need to make a check before getting married. It is indeed hard to determine the difference. ;)

Near the banyan tree stood another group who appeared as the figures in the movies when I was in 5th standard.

Sreekumar says that at the end of the session, belief is that Devi comes, blesses all the men who are dressed as woman, and makes their wish real. For more information on this celebration, you can go through the detailed post written by Anu from Sincerely yours.

Thanks friends!


  1. next time saath jaayenge.. :)

  2. @Amritha - Sure, will go together :)

  3. I never know this kind of thing even existed !
    You totally made my day :D

  4. I heard lot about this dressing of men as women in that devi temple, it is done as offering I think.

  5. Heard lot about this kind of celebrations, first time am seeing here..

  6. thought it was a competition and was hoping to see the winner.. but they all look like winners.. never knew that it was connected with the temple..

  7. impressive and interesting story!!never had heard of such a celebration.I really loved the lady with red saree, i mean guy...:)He looked so realistic with plump ody and subtle makeup:)

  8. This is a story that may have been hard to believe if it weren't for your authentic narration, the honest perspective as you were living each moment and undoubtedly, the pics that were evidence.Keep going, buddy!

  9. wow!!! the GIRL in the white saree looks like a real woman.
    But some of them looks really funny

    1. you are right, but some of them are just beyond imagination. No one can even have the slightest doubt that "She" is actually a "He"

    2. you are right, but some of them are just beyond imagination. No one can even have the slightest doubt that "She" is actually a "He"

  10. hello abhii i am crossdresser dear and i love to wear female dresses its make a passion for me

  11. I happened to be there once. It was the greatest experience of my life. Some of them would even be envied by real female. The way of dressing, the make ups, jeweleries, their move, the feminine flaw of their figure was just splendid. Looking at them, I was inspired and it helped me a lot to improve my feminine look.

  12. I really not hear this kind of prayer.but this awsome to go to devi temple like that.i like to go next time


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