Sunday, December 25, 2011

She stood still and appeared dashing, robbing my heart

She was standing besides the far most pillar at the end of the hall that could be easily visualized by any person non anemic in his physical characteristics. The environment and the surroundings were a proof that it is evening with exposure dim and below 50% of the acceptable limits. I started to move ahead visualizing her in the center of my eyes, as if an image was registered in the ROM (Read Only Memory) connected to the processing unit controlling the eyes. The kolhapuri chappal(sandles that are made with their sole hard and creating a rough sound while someone wearing them walks) spurred the effects across the hall but the swish was limited in decibels to reach less than 1 meter to any object sensible to sound and within reach.

Moving ahead made the image transfer itself to the RAM (Random Access Memory) and was clearer with the distance becoming less to the target. The long hairs were in contact with the green colored shawl and soft enough to resemble silk when the brightness from the CFL touched its edges. The white colored salwar recited the lines sung during the washing powder Nirma advertisements. The physical representation was like the ones mentioned about women by boys dreaming during day in college canteens. I was eager to see the face that was hidden in front of her back, visible to my eyes.

“inikyada”(get up) came a voice from the 5.1 channel speaker in the atmosphere and the sun started approaching me with speeds hardly imaginable. It touched me so bright that I closed my eyes. It took me 30 seconds to open them again and I see my mother standing in front of me. Ah! It was a beautiful dream I exclaimed in anger less than 0.012 in the ritcher scale and made my legs touch the floor that have become cold due to the 8 degree climate, the day.

I am in Nagpur since a week now and everyone is busy behind the renovation activities happening in the house. We are extending the house by two stories and furnishing the entire home to create a new look. Amma has her vastu plans and father his arrangement, tactics for the new house. However, I am busy celebrating the holidays I have obtained for three weeks.

It will not be any party time this season as most of the occasions I will be busy behind the house and its supervision. The good aspect would be I am at home and would enjoy the recipes of Amma. We prepared Semiya payasam and Gajar ka halva yesterday and I tasted, rather ate everything without worrying of the extra fat it would add to my waist and stomach. I have decided that I shall work on the physical appearance after I am back to Cochin; until then I shall enjoy Amma’s food.

It is Christmas tomorrow and I don’t think there would be something special to enjoy. I expect some sweets to arrive from Mercy aunty’s home. Amma and sisters are planning to visit Ayyappa temple tomorrow. I met Samir, Mahesh and Atul while my stay at Nagpur that I shall be scribbling soon in the days to come and posts to appear online. Life at Abhi have started moving and I expect the lost joy to return and so shall my lost writing habits.


  1. Wonderful post. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  2. a different post from you. belated christmas wishes :)

  3. Look like you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you happy and prosperous new year.

  4. and I thought Abhi fell in love and wedding bells started ringing in my mind:)

    A very Happy and prosperous New Year to you and your lovely family... Amma must be happy to feed her son.. so indulge...

  5. Dear Abhi,
    Happy and Wonderful New Year!
    I reached after my Christmas holidays yesterday.
    Nice to see you back in blog!
    Enjoy and celebrate your holidays with parents and sissy!

  6. Abhi.. not sure where my previous comment disappeared....

    Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year


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