Monday, October 31, 2011

“Mein aur meri tanhayi” – Cooking was something I did not QUIT

I shifted to the new home in Ernakulam few months ago. Silent walls, clean furniture, modern kitchen, big hall, brilliant antiques that resemble the art during the Mouryan Empire are few additions, leaving me in a big home alone. I did QUIT a lot of important things in my life but couldn’t leave cooking behind, as someone once said “roti kapda aur makan”. I am not prepared to start writing long articles or to finish blog extends by expressing everything I have in mind; think it may take some time.

Let’s start today’s post with a tour of the house.

This is my kitchen where I prepare the so called “delicious recipes”. Blogs are my reference and bloggers are the cooking gurus. Something I could observe as an advantage in this house is the Microwave oven that helped me bake some cake and disadvantage is the loneliness.

I was taught to pray daily to god for the life he has given and for the wellness of others. This is the small puja room/ space where I could at least discuss the whereabouts of the gods who sleep on snakes and travel on rats. I am not a yougic person but try to find at least 5 minutes in the day and night to thank for what I receive, good or bad.

Though I have left peeping into the tear flooding serials that amma watch at home; I gaze at the Television in the hall daily for the latest songs and news. This is the only TV in the house to have a cable connection and is almost useless to me as I don’t spend much time at home and not before this TV set.

Youngsters should workout daily, was the slogan Suriya teaches in the movie vaaranam aayiram. I try to utilize some time at least for a pushup. This is the hall where this is possible.

Someone asked me to eat tidy and behave properly while I am eating; oh! Yes that was amma. This is the dining table where I often consume my food.

Last but not the least, I am a movie freak. This is the theatre setup at home that I could manage to adjust with the money I save annually.

With a short post, praying for a continuous post… departing for the day and that closes the diary with Life at Abhi.


  1. Adipoli Veedu, Ine oru kalaynam koode kazhichal mathi, pinnae cooking part will be taken care of.

  2. I used to have a roti maker but they came out more like tortillas. So I gave it away. Your roti looks good.:-)

    And your cooking looks good from all the pictures I have seen.

    Wonderful house. I really love it. If it is your own(rent/own), congratulations.


  3. @Swathi - Kalyanam okke veno... ingane sukhamayi karinjaal pore ;)

  4. @kajan - Thanks for your comments. Practice makes man perfect, even for rotis :)

  5. Wow ur kitchen looks fantastic..Very grand and wonderful looking home..

  6. Wow ur kitchen looks fantastic..Very grand and wonderful looking home..

  7. Such a beautful house..apol tripunithura bye bye paranjo?

  8. that's great to see Abhilash and congratulations!

  9. Swati has already posted what came to my mind while viewing your new home.... something is missing :) nd now that the home is ready why not someone to share it too?


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