Friday, August 19, 2011

Doctor Doctor, the story continues from Ernakulam Medical Center

“Hello, how may I assist you? Ok, Ok, Yes, Correct, Please come before 11 AM” came a melodious sound from a Heavenly engineered speaker attached to the portion below the nose of a woman sitting behind a wooden platform. I went to the reception and asked the woman to book an appointment with the Physician. She said that I should deposit 200 rupees and it is the standard amount ‘Medical centre Ernakulam’ charges from its customers. She gave me a card with inscription in blue colored ink that could be read as ‘Doctor Monita’, Junior Physician and asked to meet the doctor on the first floor. I was not satisfied with the medication prescribed by the duty doctors at the Lakshmi hospital though the fever was almost out of the body with minor cough causing irritation. Thus I decided to visit another hospital and have a check done.

Doctor Monita was busy in maintaining a personal relationship with the patients and thus each patient entering her cabin returned after 15-20 minutes. I waited for my turn and was called by a nurse after the fifth patient left the cabin. “Good Morning Doctor” were the three words that came out of my mouth and I was asked to sit on a chair by a smiling face who was sitting adjacent to me on a chair taller than the others in the room. She said I should breathe when the stethoscope touches my body and I followed her like an obedient child.

Oh my god! Said the doctor when my breathing became normal, “This is not a simple situation as I doubt you might be suffering from a bacterial Bronchitis or a Viral Bronchitis”. I was given few medicines and asked to come after three days for her to confirm the doubts. I was riding in the adventurous rides of Veega land (An amusement park in Cochin) few minutes ago and I could notice myself falling from one of them upon hearing her words.”Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall, all the king’s men and all the kings soldiers failed to get humpty dumpty back again” was the poem thought by my teacher who used to give me similar shocks.

It was the D day, the day I had to visit the hospital. Doctor Monita greeted me with a smile and I was prepared to hear her findings after my homework as a result of the research conducted during nights on Bronchitis after the office hours. “You are perfectly fit and there is no Bronchitis that I feared few days ago”. I was surprised to hear this. The doctor mentioned that I remind her cousin brother for which I have no clues to satisfy her comment. Either her doubts on her brother failed this way or he was as handsome as me ;) ‘Doubtful’.

Modern ways of living, improper or not so scheduled intake of food, seasonal changes are causing fever a common body behavior today. As always I again decide to join the Gym continuously ;)


  1. Take care, even for beautiful doctors are also illness is not worth it :D

  2. Take care Abhi..take good rest and proper healthy foods..

  3. Aaharam okke kazhichu mon health nannayi sookshichattee...

    Weather in Kerala keeps changing, may be that could be one reason. Take care Abhi.

  4. Good to hear that is all well and enjoyed visiting your blog after two years!!! Keep fit and take care.

  5. I hope you are jumping & running a marathon now. :-)

  6. I too had a fever story. good work dude


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