Saturday, June 18, 2011

Water bodies throttling in Cochin – Visual extravaganza

Cochin is surrounded by water bodies, and that is a known fact. Cochin is now within water and that is an unknown known fact. You get up each morning, brush your teeth, bath and when you step outside the gate, the shower starts though you have already completed a bath. This isn’t a small shower that can be adjusted using your hand but a shower that is a property of the god’s. I was as lazy as the laziest person you might have seen in your life, and my not so washed, dirty bike was an indication of this. Owing to the fact that I am lazy and could not be corrected, the god’s decided to shower and clean my vehicle… that could be a thought right? But I do wash my clothes daily so there isn’t a point in making them wet. It is not as funny as it is to read since you never expect the water and it all happens suddenly.


Yesterday I was happier that I am and I selected special red colored shirt and black trousers for the office. The boots purchased from Mochi, Mumbai were shining as if I applied the complete camel bottle on them. The day was pleasant and I decided to go to office by bike. I had hardly crossed the bridge on seaport airport road, when suddenly the rain started. I had no shelters anywhere around the street. I decided to be beneath a tree on the left side of the road. In no time I was wet from head to legs not even leaving a single portion dry. I went home and then used the car for travel.

After a long tsunami there was a break and I was at Tripunithura to purchase onion, potatoes, Brinjal, tomatoes for preparation of a mixed vegetable recipe. On my return I took the path that cuts right from statue junction leading towards the icici ATM. I could notice people moving slowly and thus it took long to reach near the ATM. I tried to take a look and see what’s happening ahead causing the road block. This is what I saw…

The road was filled with water and people were finding it difficult to cross it with their vehicles. The shower two hours ago was severe enough to cause this calamity. Some police vehicles with fat uncles were seen jumbled and unknown as what to do in the situation. Big holes were covered by water that was another problem for the people who happened to be a victim of them. Children were having fun splashing water on each other. I saw a person carrying an umbrella while riding a cycle, this could be a measure to tackle unexpected rains avoiding rain coats.

It appears this would continue for another two-three months and a kit with raincoat, series of socks, shoes and clothes would be required. Using cars for short distances won’t be economical and when the traffic is in its severity. Let us hope for the best.


  1. I empathize we are also going to get it!

  2. Acho. You better send some rain here to Chennai :) I am missing them.

  3. hahaha kerala is full of water even inside people :p

  4. Water, water everywhere , still water shortages at times of need!

  5. Oh man! And I thought I detested rain....that is far worse! Not so fun for adults, but I suppose if I were a kid again, I'd have fun too!

  6. oh thts such a difficult to travel in such are u Abhilash..its been a long time since I came to ur blog hope everything is fine at ur end:)

  7. Oh god monsoon! Traveling when there is flood around is tought. But I love the monsoon and love watching the rain with a cup of steamy chai. Ah! I am looking forward some rain in Chennai coming Nov/Dec

  8. This is a very common scene every year here in Mumbai.

  9. The same thing happen in mumbai also. but we need to take some action for saving water. and save life for people. thank you.


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