Saturday, June 18, 2011

Water bodies throttling in Cochin – Visual extravaganza

Cochin is surrounded by water bodies, and that is a known fact. Cochin is now within water and that is an unknown known fact. You get up each morning, brush your teeth, bath and when you step outside the gate, the shower starts though you have already completed a bath. This isn’t a small shower that can be adjusted using your hand but a shower that is a property of the god’s. I was as lazy as the laziest person you might have seen in your life, and my not so washed, dirty bike was an indication of this. Owing to the fact that I am lazy and could not be corrected, the god’s decided to shower and clean my vehicle… that could be a thought right? But I do wash my clothes daily so there isn’t a point in making them wet. It is not as funny as it is to read since you never expect the water and it all happens suddenly.


Yesterday I was happier that I am and I selected special red colored shirt and black trousers for the office. The boots purchased from Mochi, Mumbai were shining as if I applied the complete camel bottle on them. The day was pleasant and I decided to go to office by bike. I had hardly crossed the bridge on seaport airport road, when suddenly the rain started. I had no shelters anywhere around the street. I decided to be beneath a tree on the left side of the road. In no time I was wet from head to legs not even leaving a single portion dry. I went home and then used the car for travel.

After a long tsunami there was a break and I was at Tripunithura to purchase onion, potatoes, Brinjal, tomatoes for preparation of a mixed vegetable recipe. On my return I took the path that cuts right from statue junction leading towards the icici ATM. I could notice people moving slowly and thus it took long to reach near the ATM. I tried to take a look and see what’s happening ahead causing the road block. This is what I saw…

The road was filled with water and people were finding it difficult to cross it with their vehicles. The shower two hours ago was severe enough to cause this calamity. Some police vehicles with fat uncles were seen jumbled and unknown as what to do in the situation. Big holes were covered by water that was another problem for the people who happened to be a victim of them. Children were having fun splashing water on each other. I saw a person carrying an umbrella while riding a cycle, this could be a measure to tackle unexpected rains avoiding rain coats.

It appears this would continue for another two-three months and a kit with raincoat, series of socks, shoes and clothes would be required. Using cars for short distances won’t be economical and when the traffic is in its severity. Let us hope for the best.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Truth behind social network addiction, unleashing Facebook, Twitter, Blogs

I stared blogging a year ago with the intention of recording each and every moment of my life, happiness, sadness, friendship, experience, mistakes etc. It was not long for me to enter the stage where I had a lot of people expressing their views on the writing, way of writing. I thought it instills happiness in people when they read it. I was interested in some blogs for which I was a regular user to get updates. My interests were cooking at a stage and thus I referred some food blogs. It was later like a game in which you write a comment, you get one back… someone writes you a comment and you reply them back. A question for all would be that how many of you read the articles completely? Most often seen comments are oh nice!, very good post, was interesting, some even wrote about hotels in Dubai and PHD degrees. This isn’t about all but the minority/ majority who also play their part in the game for better performance. You see blogs getting 120, 150 comments… ah! Are they all reading your posts, hmm...? They need a favor in return. Is this what we intend by blogging or we all wish to receive guanine comments.

facebook, blogs, twitter

I am not interested in passing statements but you never expect your friends to ask you to read their blogs and not to forget in leaving comments. I apologize for being part of the group that I had to satisfy with an intention that they would be happy to receive a comment. But for them as I understand the concern is not receiving better comments but more comments. Someone said to me that their friend, a fellow blogger receives 60 comments recently which is much higher than her/his count and intends to increase it to 120. I won’t comment as everyone has a goal that is associated with their blogging.

More than a means of making friends and sharing experiences, blogging has become a market place to sell products. Is it a status symbol to show to your friends/colleagues? I hope no, I see many bloggers holding blogger meet and yes it is an act of sharing joy and meeting the ones you see online… this indeed has some good aspects but isn’t used by everyone as expected. You expect sincere responses, not a lot of responses… ok that’s what I intend. To be precise you even don’t expect responses if people aren’t able to conceive your thoughts or they aren’t interested.

I have seen many people leaving their blogging because they are no longer interested in passing false comments or don’t get time to carry the normal activity of writing blogs as they have to write comment on others. Hmm… This isn’t focused on anyone but me who has experienced the unexpected aspects of blogs.

Facebook is indeed a book exposing your face. Surpassing Orkut it has emerged to gather your lost ones, to build a stronger bond. People use it as a means of sharing their photographs, memorizing moments, tying a knot of friendship virtually, staying connected. Now another aspect is that this is an amphitheatre where you get a lot of people gathered at a single place not physically. You distribute promotional materials, introduce yourselves and sell an opportunity. Not all but some use it for attracting more users to their blogs/profession. I aint speaking a lot on this as I hope my intention to make one think; are we using it “a better” is conveyed.

I thought to share some views on Twitter but I hope that is not required. Everyone can ask why they are on twitter and you have the answer.

We all intend to express, kindly don’t sell.

Note: This post is a personal opinion from a blogger and please don’t consider it as a means of criticism.
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