Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another entry with Aval Vilayichathu – Abhi video Special

It is 11 PM and I am tired to write a post. However, I feel that this has been in the mind since weeks and should be on the blog. Let’s keep this post simple as I have a video that would explain most of the details. As always, I used my mobile for a video capture and thus there would be problems with hearing the sound. Please use your headphones or a speaker for a better performance. A CAUTION is always better before an initiative. I was with my grandparents on the day after vishu (the new year of Kerala) and it was long since we had a day together. We were in Aunt’s home when my taste buds sent messages in ‘Morse code’ to my brain and as always it responded slowly indicating my mouth to request grandfather for the preparation of Aval vilayikyuka. This was said to be his special recipe and I planned to have this in bulk for Ernakulam. I took a bus that cost me 8 rupees up and down to reach the market and purchased all the ingredients. By 12 we were ready for the preparation.

It was not possible to have a small vessel for bulk preparation and thus we opted for a large vessel (we call it charuvam in Malayalam). Keeping the vessel on the stove and depending on the LPG made no sense and thus grandfather suggested using the bricks to create the old age stove. With Grandmothers calculations and comments coming from across the fence somehow made me arrange the bricks to enable placing the vessel.

Ammuma (Muttashi) grated the coconut and friend them in a vessel. Appuppan(grandfather) was busy preparing the jaggery. I shot some parts of the video while others were by my first and second brothers. Aunt helped stirring the final preparation. In simple words, we all were involved in the activities. So that was a group effort ;)


Coconut: 4
Beaten Rice: 4 KG
Jaggery: 3 kg
Sesame seeds(white): 100 gm
Curry leaves(Karivepella): 10-15
Cashewnuts: 500gms
Kismis: 500 gms
Gram(kadala parippu): 250 gms
Ghee: as required


1. Heat the jaggery in some water and keep stirring until it becomes a stage where it turns like thread.
2. Clean beaten rice and put in a vessel.
3. Fry cashew nuts, sesame seeds, kismis in ghee.
4. Pour hot jiggery into the beaten rice and keep stirring until it sticks on each piece of beaten rice.
5. Then drop the entire ingredients one after the other and keep stirring.
6. Last and most important step. Take some in a plate and enjoy eating.

Some flaws with the video:

1. I did not remember the English names for most of the ingredients and thus used Malayalam words for them.
2. Voice was not clear and had to amplify it. Used some open source video editing software.
3. I forget to wear a pant and was wearing a dhoti
4. My non-technical, no sense, no photo expert brother took some parts of the video that made it appear dark and not so clear.
5. I did not ate the final preparation to tell you the taste.


  1. Nalla ruchi yulla aval vilayiachthu. pinnae abhi nalla voice. cinemayil oru kai nokkiyaloo

  2. @Swathi - Athu veno? Cinema was in preoblems the last year... repeat chaiyano (Prathsandhi) ;)

  3. why did'nt you eat the preparation? and i agree with swathi u do have a good voice - RJ ing is a possibilty !!!!

  4. @Priya- Thanks Priya. Let's see if radio mirchi could accommodate ;)

    I ate the preparation but forget to take the video :(

  5. Abhi, I enjoyed the video. Makes me remember the old times when we used to help our grandmother.
    Feeling very nostalgic. The preparation was awesome. Ur grandfather is also good in cooking...
    I see two Uruli and One Charuvam. hehehe.
    Avil vilayichathu with Palayankodan pazham is super combo.
    Anyways keep up the good work...

  6. @Suhaina- thanks for the comments. Seems the video has uruli. Actually I am not aware of all the terms used for the olden age vessels :)

    Nice to read that you like it.

  7. Totally agree with Priya,u have a wonderful voice,aval vilayaichathu tempts me a lot,would love to have some rite now..u r blessed to have grandparents like this,i miss mine..

  8. Hey thats a very nice video. So natural and good :)

    So sweet of your grandparents to make such lovely dish for you :) Sounds yummy :) Will try it at home.

    But its so new to see curry leaves used in sweet!!

    And buddy, your flaws dint show up at all. Realx, its a nice a video :)

  9. I agree to a lot of them above. You have a nice manly voice :) slightly like Kamal hassan ;)

  10. @Nithya - Thanks for the sweetest comments. Nice to hear my voice resembles Kamal hassan. What else do I need as an appreciation.

    Again thanks Nithya.

  11. We also make aval vilaychathu but do not use curry leaves.That was a beautiful presentation. Loved seeing your grand parents.

  12. @Chitra- Thanks for the comments.

  13. Nice to visit your blog after a long time. I liked the video very much. You have a very sweet and lovely voice. Excellent post.

  14. yummy and the inclusion of your grand parents makes it more beautiful!

  15. Lovely post and great video..enjoyed watching it..Loved your grand parents pics..
    This dish looks new to me but it sounds delicious!

  16. That was a beautiful post.. Loved the video.. I should agree with the ladies..Nice voice .. It definitely is nice to work as a family.. so much fun ..

    New to ur space and Happy to follow u.
    Do visit me as time permits

  17. Thts a wonderful post Abhi had a good time viewing it..Thank u so much for the wishes:)

  18. Wonderful Post and Nice Video:).Loved your grand parents pics..

  19. yumm yumm yumm..I love this recipie ..Even we make this recipie mangalore side.But so much efforts from your grandparents side was so much credible!

  20. Great job Abhi :-) And as everyone says, you have a great voice ,ketto :-)It was great watching your grand parents preparing it..why didn't you eat it? I love to have this with idli and pazham..and also as a snack as it's own :-)

  21. Thanks so much Abhi for ur lovely wishes will surely convey it to my son .. I agree tht good wishes are one of the precious things which we earn in our life:)

  22. You forgot to wear pants. Hahaha! But thanks so much for this post...it is fascinating to get a real-life "experience" of another culture. The video made it even more personable, as did the Malayalam words. :-)

  23. enjoyed watching ur video..pinee i do agree with all above comments..nalla shabdam, Adipoli aval vilayiachthu..

  24. Hi!

    Im your follower!

    I really like ur blog! Keep up the good work!

    Do visit mine too at http://aliascreativelife.blogspot.com/


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