Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is my favourite day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

5 March 1992, was the day when my sister was born. That was a nice morning and I was too small to express joy the way elders did with hugs, shaking hands, laughs etc. I could only show a mere smile on my face watching my sister in the hands of nurse. I was alone at home and it was good to have a partner in creating disasters. I have seen her grow from the day she was small as a mouse until today when she has reached my shoulders. I called her on Saturday night at 12 to wish her birthday. She was very angry last year for me forgetting to wish her. History is the subject that I hate the most and so are dates, which I never remember or say do not wish to remember. Not a big gift this time, she requested a headphone for her nokia mobile. “She never demanded any gifts and I have never given any” that would be an apt description for the birthday synopsis.

Ah! I forget to tell you her name... she is Anjali. She is fond of colourful clothes and travelling. She would never be satisfied even if she buys the costliest attire in the city. The moment she sees anyone wearing a dress being admired then she starts realising hers as a wrong selection. I hope this would be applicable to majority of women. When she sees a new movie, the actor becomes her favourite. She would change favourites every day. :) Oh! That is my favourite song, that is my favourite cake and so on...

We would do everything from stealing the dishes prepared by Amma to destroying house with drawings and scattering things. She would break glass, remote, toys and parents will reproach me. I was happy at not letting her have the scolding though I was never in the background where the incidents would happen. During celebrations, many sweets are prepared and packed in big boxes, hidden to avoid children reaching them to finish. We would plan on strategies to acquire them. We would take turns and move in and out of the rooms with pockets filled with sweets and nankeens. Amma always complain about the “till ke laddu” vanishing from the day they are prepared.

Not everything was a laugh and play. We would fight for television as my interests were action movies and hers were cartoons and serials. The cartoons I hate the most were “dora” and “shin chan” (I do not remember the complete name). I still remember the girl with bob cut and small hairband always murmuring “hamne kia.. hamne kia...” she was called Dora. Shin Chan was a boy whose mother would always scold him. Our Quarrel would start with words and end in fight. Amma later implemented timings that we have to follow where each one would get schedule for watching his favourites.

I was asked to teach her and clear doubts. I would always hit her with a scale or hand (gently) to make her concentrate and study. She would react to this with long hourly cries and decision on quitting my classes. We were not the study maniacs and thus most of our time would be spent in games, mine with cricket and outdoor games whereas hers with hide and seek, lagori etc.

With food and eating habits, we both are opposite. I like crispy and sweet recipes whereas she likes salty and spicy dishes. We would always exchange samosas for gulab jamun and jalebis. Amma would equally distribute the dishes on celebrations and she would look for the portion that has more volume. It is nostalgic to remember our childhood fights and quarrels.

Amma was always complaining about both of us being together at one place but now she misses me at home. Now a day I feel hard to find words for writing and thus am away from blogging... small or large post does not matter right? What matters is expressing feelings :)


  1. Very touching, My Belated birthday wishes to ur sis, even i was like u with my younger sister, now we are living 10,000kms from each other, distance may separates us, but never the love inbetween the siblings na..

  2. @Priya - Thanks for the comments priya. Yes you said it right... love does not follow distance and barriers... it flows smoothly

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to ur sis Anjali, I know how it feels to be very far of from the family, but even I stay far of in Uk and get to meet my parents once in a yr :(..but ya now I feel distance doesn't matter as long as feeling and our childhood memories are fresh within us ...its like a treasure box of memories hidden deep within our heart!

  4. @Sushma - I will convey your wishes to Anjali. I understand how you feel being far from the family. At least I can visit my parents whenever I need... You said it right... memories are the links that makes the bond stay stronger.

  5. Nicely written, ur love for ur sis is in ur words.. me too love my two younger sis's love them..sisters r always grt!!

  6. @kalpana - Thanks for the comments. Nice to read that you like the post.

  7. What a lovely post. I hope your sister reads your blog :D

  8. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    Belated Happy Birthday To Anjali!My Ettan's Birthday was on 6th March!
    We are always so fond of our siblings!
    Your post is the best B'day gift you could offer to your sissy,darling!
    My three brothers and one sissy......a strong bond of love!:)
    Convey my best wishes for Anjali's exam too!
    So,Big Bro,when is the party?
    Hey,my b'day is coming up!Don't forget!
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  9. Happy b'day Anjali..I have two younger brothers...both settled in TVM...and both are 6 footers...they tower over me and always play big brothers with me....having a sibiling is the greatest gift one can have...

  10. Belated happy birthday to Anjali. yes it is really hard to say in one corner and dear ones are on the other end. I think your birthday is also coming this month? This post is really touching abhi.

  11. Belated birthday wishes to your little sisy and advanced wishes to you ;)

    Guess what!! you, me and your sis all belong to the same zodiac :)

    Lovely post. So touching and nice to know about your relationship with your sis. I always wanted to have an elder brother who would take care of me but never mind god has given me an elder sis who does the same :)

    Lucky you, enjoy and take care of her :)

  12. nice abhi..Belated birthday wishes for your sister.Now your nostalgia created a nostalgic feeling in me reminding me of my brother and me.we never express each other's feelings ,but we love each other a lot.

  13. Great post abhi..Belated B'day wishes to ur sis..well, was nice to read about ur sis and ur childhood days..May god bless u both!!

  14. abhi- here's wishing ur sister all love, happiness & peace; ur story got me very nostalgic , i hav an younger sister too and i'm reminded of all the good times we had as kids, wishing u both the very best

  15. My sister...That's one among the best things that has happened to me...
    But mine is an elder sister...an age gap of 9 years,,,,,
    So..more than a sister,she's my mother,guide,counselor and also a very good friend..
    Now she lives in B'lore..We miss each other a lot..
    But when a person gets away from us(physically)we realize his/her value much more..That's wat happened b/w us..We stopped fighting for trivial reasons...
    Such a loong comment!I know...If I write about my sister...there're no word limits....
    Ur post made remember me all those sweet memories...
    Wishing ur sis good luck:))

  16. Belated birthday wishes to your sis, Abhi..Lovely post and nice to know about your relationship with your sister..god bless you both..And yes, Advance birthday wishes to you..

  17. Very sweet article! Many good wishes to Anjali!

  18. What a touching story. Happy birthday to your sister.

    Does she read your blog? :)

  19. Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments. I was very busy for past few months thats why could not visit your blog.
    Convey my best wishes to your sister. May all her dream come true and I wish her a very very long life. Very nice and touching post. Your sister must be very lucky to get such a nice and loving brother like you.

  20. Belated Birthday wishes to your sister:) Beautiful pictures and I am sure very fond memories for you!!

  21. touching and belated birthday wishes to her :)

  22. abhi, wishes to your sister, for a wonderful, fun filled life ahead :)

    i wasn't able to comment from IE. using FF now.

  23. Sweetest post ever. I wish my bro would write something about me on my birthday. Wait, never mind. I don't, because I know he'll be writing about how much I bullied him when we were young.

    Best blessings to your darling sister!!

  24. Wish you & your family a very Happy Holi.

  25. Aw! such a sweet post. Did she read this post? Birthday wishes to her.


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