Monday, March 21, 2011

A sleep could change anything

I am trying to write a post and read a blog but all tries and no success. I open the compose window of blog and close it, start browsing blogs, reach them, read them and never post comments. Last week I decided to wake up daily at 6 Am regardless of when I sleep. I continued this and I could notice insufficient sleep as a reason to my hesitation in reading/ writing. I believe sticking to this schedule for long would enable to manage the “signals to mind,” indicating they need no sleep. I understand that a predefined schedule/ routine are necessary to lead a better life and thus I am working on it. I did no phone call to my father, did not attend Mayank’s call, did not buy new toothpaste :) though I bought three different types of “Pears soap”, and attended the gymnasium once or twice this week.

12 March 2011 made me one year older than the age I had before that day. Phone call from friends followed by Facebook messages and mobile SMS started my day. I did not inform the roommates about my birthday and skipped the party and celebrations. Anjali and Anju were the second to wish me with Atul being the first. I was conversing with Atul at 12 AM discussing their after marriage life in Pune and new food habits. I was surprised to hear that Aditi would prepare food for him and they would take dabbas (Tiffin) to the office. He used to eat outside even when he was with parents.

Amma called me to wish, followed by a loudspeaker session with wishes from her students and the neighbours who gathered at home. It was the best gift I could receive for the day. My eyes were filled with tears (khushi ke aasu – tears of happiness) and I responded to their wishes with a thousand thanks. It is on your birthday that you realize of getting older... but not that old to be worried. I grew moustache to create an effect of getting older but friends asked me to remove it as it looks odd and I am not too old to grow it “their comment”.

When I was with parents, the birthday would start with visiting temples and payasam. It has been months since the gods saw me in their pavilion or I wished them a morning. I have some idols here at the home in Ernakulam and I worship them daily and apply the bhasm considering it as a Prasad by the temple. You will not believe that this post is in the draft zone for nine days with me deciding whether to post. Laziness has no medicine though baldness could have one.

At 9 Pm, my friends asked me to come in the hall and I saw a big black coloured cake with writings in white “Happy Birthday Abhi”... They somehow came to know about my birthday and gathered to celebrate it. They concluded the day with celebrations that I would remember for years to come. Followed by video sessions ended the day.


  1. hey, belated birthday wishes for you abhi! have a wonderful, joy filled life ahead :)

  2. Belated wishes to u Abhi is the heat in kochi??

  3. @Nisa - Thanks Nisa. It is very hot here... I would be in the office during the day and thus not affected by the hot weather... :)

  4. Man, seems u had a wonderful birthday..

  5. @ Priya - yes it was good. Enjoyed it. :)

  6. Belated B'day wishes Abhi. look in that photo.:).
    Sleep deprivation can definitely have adverse effects. For me it is irritability and fatigue.

  7. @Chitra - thanks Chitra... Atleast you recognized I am smart ;)

    I am also working on maintaining a better sleep routine.

  8. Thanks for all your lovely and encouraging comments.
    Wonderful post. It seems that you had a blasting birthday.

  9. @ Babli- thanks for the comments. yes I enjoyed the day. :)

  10. At 9 Pm, my friends asked me to come in the hall and I saw a big black coloured cake with writings in white “Happy Birthday Abhi”... They somehow came to know about my birthday and gathered to celebrate it. They concluded the day with celebrations that I would remember for years to come.
    How wonderful! Many good wishes from me too!My son is also 12th March born!

  11. @Kshama - Thanks Kshama and nice to know your son was also a 12th March born. Wish him a belated birthday.

  12. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    Belated Happy Birthday!May God Bless You To Have Many More!Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
    I wonder why people having names with A should wish you in the wee hours?:)I never knew or my name would also have been included..again with A.:)
    So,first Anjali's b'day and then big bro'!That was so touching,Abhi,Amma's students and neighbours joined her to celebrate your b'day.Lovely.
    ''When you're with someone
    With warmth to share
    And kindness to extend,
    Someone who really knows you....
    Then you know you're with a Friend.''
    I'm happy you have many good friends.You look good in this snap.
    And you can wish me on time,yaar.Tomorrow is my Special Day!:)
    Wishing You A Wonderful Evening,

  13. @Anu- Thanks for the comments Anu... Wishing you happy birthday in Advance... All the lucky people have birthday in March... why is it so ? :)

  14. Belated Birthday wishes to you, hope u had a wonderful Birthday!

  15. my belated wishes abhi and hope u have a great year ahead !

  16. Belated Bday Wishes!!!

  17. @Priya, Sushma, Neeya - Thanks

  18. Belated birthday wishes to you Abhi, Hope you had a wonderful day.

  19. Wish you a belated happy birthday. Good to hear that you had a great time.

  20. @Swathi, Angies, Mridula - Thank you very much

  21. hmm..sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration..belated birthday wishes to care!


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