Friday, March 25, 2011

Robbing in-house assets, the mango thieves are back in town

It has been long since we had an adventure or did something crazy. The people who steal from others are called thieves but what would you call the people who try to steal from their home? It was Sunday and we were bored, watching movies and playing caroms. Oh! I forget to tell you about our caroms game mania. It was four years ago that I and some of the friends purchased a big carom board and that was kept for long in the store room. We recently discovered it and then started the round of competitions. Anup suggested playing cricket and we defined the rules for the game with one tip out, direct shot out, bounce to neighbor’s boundary out and four over’s match. We played two times with four of us one after the other. Finally, with a bouncer from Anup; the ball went to the roof top from where the return was impossible. We thus decided to drop the play.

In Ernakulam I haven’t seen children playing cricket or other outdoor games on the streets. Tripunithura has a cricket ground where Sreeshanth often comes to play cricket. He lives near to my home. Most of the Malayalam actors can be noticed in this locality who either come for a movie or for visiting temples. During the last Thripunithura ulsavam, Malayalam actor Jayasurya was seen sitting on a ground inside the temple. I also took couple of photos along with him.

It was evening and we started feeling hungry. Arun gave a suggestion to eat mangoes and he said that the tree behind our home has juicy mangoes. We decided that we would have mangoes to satisfy the stomach, at least for an hour.

The mango tree was high and we did not have a wooden stick to drop them, which was the safest way. There were two methods left; either to throw stones on the tree or to jump on the roof of the bathroom attached to the neighbor’s house. Throwing stones could result in hitting the glass window of the neighbor and thus we had to climb the roof.

(A video demonstrating the attempt of mango theft)

Arun is an expert in jumping and climbing… Seems he had some commando training in his dreams :). My friend Mayank used to jump the similar way on the balconies and roof tops like an athlete whenever our ball was stuck and we were unable to take it. Arun took a step back and with a jerk started running towards the roof. With a one meter gap between the wall and him, he jumped liked a Complan boy, placed his hands on roof top, swing his body “U shape” and he was on the roof, standing cool.

Though we were trying to grab mangoes from the mango tree within our premises but we were on the roof attached to neighbors. It was similar to a thief robbing his assets. Melvin referred us, ‘the mango thieves’.

Arun’s performance was interesting and thus I decided to try jumping. This was my first attempt and I was not sure to make it the “Arun way”. I ran and jumped to hold the roof but was unable to move forward due to the fear of falling down. Then Anup gave it a try and succeeded. He even placed his goggles as soon as he reached the top.

Hmm... It became a prestige issue for me, guy with gym body, six wala pack and no athlete… “thu hain tujhpar”(arnt you ashamed) said my andar wala Abhilash(the abhilash hidden deep inside me). Now I had to reach the top and at least get a mango. I folded my shirt, collected the confidence I had kept aside for the PMP exam and jumped like a tortoise and somehow managed to get on the roof. Hurray! “Abhi, now you are a star”

I waved my hands against the invisible audience and bowed to welcome their claps. I grabbed a mango from the tree. Putting your efforts for a mango make it taste more than anything in the world. The taste is still in my taste buds… “mmm…”


  1. ha ha ha.. thats a cute post :) And you little monkeys are performing stunts ah!! nice video :) And good to hear some malayalam from you :)

    I am sure those mangoes would have been tastier than the store bought ones :) There is a saying "thiruttu maangaiku suvai adigam" meaning stolen mangoes are tastier :) lol. :)

  2. @Nithya - :) Thank for the comments. Actually that wasnt my voice, it is Anup's commentry.

    yes the mangoes were tasty than the store bought ones, atleast it is from the tree beneath which we drop the leftovers of delicious dishes :)

    thanks for the tamil comments... "kattu thinnal swadu kannum alle?" :)

  3. Haha soo funny..i know those mangoes would have tastes more than we bought from markets na, coz we put loads of efforts to get them na..Btw love that live commentary by ur friend(vendaa vitto vitto)lolzzzz,that too while ur performances, especially the sound effects..Lolzzzz..

  4. nice ...It's such a delight to have a mango this way!It's yummier than that plucked with the long wooden stick with the beak.:)Good job Abhi.

  5. Thats a funny video though I didn't understand a thing but was fun to watch..You are so lucky to have mangoes right from the trees...ha!

  6. Very funny!! I also like the picture with the Mango yellow and the rest of the pic B&W

  7. Evide kore kuranganmar undu alle. I miss that juicy mango. still i am happy with what I am getting here. Thanks for showing climbing abilities.

  8. @Priya - Priya thanks for your lovely comments. It was not taken intentionally but come out to be something worth remembering for the future when I have white hairs on my head and beard... I am planning to have a beard when I am grown for that :)

  9. @Raji - Thaks Raji. The mangoes were ripe and we did not expect that. We thought Arun was kidding... :)

  10. @Suman - Thanks for the comments Suman. I will try to add english subtitles for the words.

  11. @Shri - Thanks Shri for the comments. The pictures were captured using my mobile. Melvin is a great designer and he is responsible for the black and white effects...

  12. @Swathi - I thought we would resemble Ninjas... but no problem if you feel we were climbing like monkeys :) I wonder how the monkeys would be feeling to have delicious mangoes and fruits everyday....

  13. I agree, plucking fruits from the tree had been such a part of my growing up in a small town! But I have never tried it in ages now.

  14. gee abhi=- i had a big smile watchg the video and all ur antics in getting the mango ! nice video dude

  15. @Mridula - thanks for the comments.
    @S - thanks
    @Priya - Happy to hear that you liked it :)

  16. Hehehe very funny...i know those mangoes would have tastes more than we bought from markets... even i want to do that...

  17. @ Rumana - Thanks for the comments. When we attempted this we were very hungry and that made the taste increase... :)

  18. ha ha ha....first time here...n I could not stop laughing...I definitely have to say it's a gr8 way of eating mangoes n everybody should giv it a try at least once! 'am still laughing...........

  19. Enikkum oru manga....
    Manga kakkanum ithreyum stunt...o....
    It was nice listening to your malyalam.Where's this in Tripunithura?.
    I first stayed near the Royal cricket ground at tripunithura.

  20. Thats a good post.. mangoes taste perfect only if stolen so agree!!!

  21. v funny....its like a naughty child is back again with his mischivious skills , beware:-D...lucky u to get hold of the mango:)

  22. @sonali pradhan - Thanks for the comments and yes it is a good idea of eating mangoes, provided it is not in others property ;)

  23. @Chitra - Njangal ellathinum stunt aanu... whether it be mango or life ;) "super dialogue isnt it"

    I was living in a palace near the poornathrayeesha kshetram two years ago.. now I live near the chakkankulangara temple :)

    Temples everywhere and I live near it... "kannan de aduthu sahavasam aayal kattu alle tinnu"(If Lord krishna is nearby and with me then don't expect such thefts as a miracle) :)

  24. @kalpana - thanks kalpana.

    @Sushma - You are right. If I would have missed my position while jumping for the mangoes, then it would lead me to fracture.

    I was always a kid... and yes mentioning me as a naughty child... I really like that :)

  25. Dear Abhi,
    Good Morning!
    I was waiting to watch the video to leave the comment.My net was giving lots of problems....
    And early in the morning I could see the adventures you guys!Cool!Hey,you must cheer up more,clapping and shouting!
    What a way to get the mangoes!Moovandan mangayano?Mouth watering,looking at the photos!
    A good catch!A good shot!The sweetest mangoes!
    Abhi,I enjoyed this tasty and fragrant post!:)

  26. @Anupama - Thanks Anu for your sincere comments. I dont know what type of mango it is but it was sweet :)

    I am sure India will win this match.

  27. abhi, innu ente kothi kittiyittu diarrhea urappanu :P The mangoes that we get here in US is not good :(..and of course the stolen mangoes tastes much more better than any store bought ones ;-)

  28. @Gulmohar - Namitha, nammuku istaullavar kannuvechal onnum sambhavikyilla :)

    Thanks for the comments. I understand that you wont get the taste of home abroad. Hope you come to India during the season when mangoes are grown plenty.

  29. oh so you already started getting ripe mangoes?! we are waiting for 'em!

  30. SO you had an exuberant experience of stealing mangoes and eating:)

  31. Plucking fruits from trees and eating gives us real enjoyment is fun :)

  32. Njan angottu varunnu...I will there during Vishu.I mean TPN.
    My family- husband working in Engg. college , me a soft skill trainer+ jewellery designere. Mon engineer, padichathu Eroor Bahavan's and TKM Kollam. after working in for a sw major he is doing mba now. 1 yr. complete aayi.
    As we have no friends here we just go and VISIT VARIOUS TEMPLES IN AND AROUND AND i GET AMPLE MATERIAL FOR MY BLOG:)

  33. Abhi,
    Even I am not sure where I will be heading too as I have to visit my Brother in law's and sister's place too. I am going to be there only for a short period. Iniyum trips undavum.:)

    Chitra ennu vilcha chechi addressing doesn't appear good in blog. kanumbol chitra ennu vilikarathu.aamayekalum prayamkanume...eniku. then my email is given on my Jewel Art'spage. eppozhengilum mail cheyyenmengil you are welcome.
    So we'll meet some time in future.
    Ente Vishu Aasamsagal.


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