Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Am I holiac? Refreshing the old memories of Holi celebration in 2011

It is 6 Am and as usual, I was on the streets with a brush in my mouth searching for my friends to discuss the dreams I saw at night. The streets were empty and the atmosphere was cool with mild air passing, touching my ears and chin. I was studying in third standard and we were staying in Sangole’s house for rent. Sangole was a old Appuppan(Grandfather) who had a kutoosan(a villain character in Malayalam comic series mayavi) look with each of his sentences resembling Gabbar(Villain in movie Sholay). Sangole’s grandson rakesh was my good friend at that age and we used to do all the mischief together. I could not find any of my friends on the street and was worried as to what could have happened to them. Soon I could sense something happening around me and in few minutes, I was in a pool of coloured water.

I understood it was holi and that was the reason for none to be on the streets. My attire was full of colours and I was drinking the coloured solution. My teeth and brush were all red in colour. It all happened in few minutes and was shocking but I enjoyed the morning bath once I regained the details of the situation. Rakesh, Golu, Monu and Chinu all were the same colour as me. The big boy gang of Anshul, Munna, Gopi were picking people from the streets and dipping them in the coloured water. As you might know that, it is not pleasant to see ourselves being dirty but was enjoying watching others dropped in the tank. It was the first holi I could remember.

I was in Modern school Civil Lines and we would travel by auto. The auto wala bhaiya would come in front of the house and call “abhileesh”; he would always pronounce it wrong. Celebrations would start a day before the holi and we would be wet when we reach home. Children in auto rickshaw would use the water bottle and pour water onto the children in other autos. Most of the times this would happen on Saturdays when we wear white dress.

The holi when I was in fifth was a bit different. Now we were in our house in Wardhaman nagar and the locality was full of children. We would fill balloons with water, colours and would aim on the travellers. I remember the action sequence that occurred in front of the hospital with me chased by a gang of boys in a jeep. I was on a cycle and they were throwing balloons on me. I luckily escaped them and thus was happy on my driving skills. It was when I got my bicycle and we used to do all the action and stunts the machine could handle.

I would often visit my friends with their mothers serving chana and aalo poha on the holi day. We had big syringe shaped devices that required filling the colours with a pull and would shower the colourful water when pushed. Amma would not entertain people using colours or friends inside the house during the holi celebrations. She was not used to colours, liked enjoying it watching us play, and eat. The difficult part of any holi celebration was the evenings when we would try to remove the colours applied on the body. They would hardly leave the body and amma would put her complete effort to help us get rid of them.

Years passed and holi changed its nature from dry and medium allergic colours to varnishes and clay. People changed the meaning of the celebration using awkward ways and alcohols. Holi celebration was no good when I reached engineering and left with namesake. I am missing holi since few years after I come to kerala. My father called me on the day of the holi celebrations of 2011 and said that it is not LIVE as it was years ago but still they gather in gang and celebrate their way.

I was planning this for the day of Holi but you know this lazy jack will not do this when required :)


  1. For me also Holi has become more passive but yes there were times when it was a major festival.

  2. Thanks for your motivating comments.As you have written holi is not as it was years ago .You write so well taking a simple topic .Though I read your post regularly ,I am too lazy to comment.

  3. good write-up as usal abhi ! there was a time i was crazy abt holi, i still love the festival but like u said celebrations are taking a whole new ugly meaning !!

  4. and abhi u r welcome to come over n enjoy the biscuits with a steaming cuppa !!

  5. Lovely Write up Abhi..I am sure ull parents were missing u a lot:)

  6. @Padhu- Thanks for the comments. Even if dont comment I would be happy with your presence. But after receiving the comments it adds a extra smile to my face...

    @Maridula - yes, with the increase in IT and the workaholics things have changed.

  7. @Priya - Thanks priya.

    @Sushma - Thanks Sushma. Yes my parents would be missing me.

  8. Great write-up as usual..enjoy reading your post every time I visit..those are really old good memories..

  9. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    It's always a lovely passtime cherishing the childhoodmemories,specially of festivals.Last year I did a post on Holi...Too busy catching up with deadlines and submissions..I am resisiting myself from writing posts....
    Here it's a grand celebrations and I enjoyed the sweet called Bhujiya-njouri..
    May your life fill with all bright colours and try to gift a colour to all the people you come across....:)
    Wishing you a beautiful evening,

  10. First time here, like your writing style..will be back soon

  11. I've only been in India once for holi (typically we would go in December) but I still remember how much fun it was. It's sad to hear it's no longer the same, at least in your part of the country

  12. Enjoyed missing all these beautiful moments since a long especially festivals...Wat a golden memories..

  13. Abhi,
    Nice post about childhood memories, as i grown up in kerala, there is no holi there, only hindi movies they show at that time has hoili songs etc. I am not exposed to that festival. sure each festival has its own importance.

  14. I have never celebrated holy :( but from what all my friends and you say, I get to know that its one of the best fun filled events. Wish I could celebrate someday :)


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