Thursday, February 3, 2011

An introduction to Video testimonials on cooking – an ISI mark

I am a person who likes to read recipes and adventures that others come across while an attempt to cook. I started cooking few years ago and since then I am a constant reader of several blogs and magazines. I see many recipes in blogs with beautiful pictures that appear tasty and delicious. It is hard to imagine how they would taste until you prepare them or someone prepares it for you. I used to comment in many blogs that their recipes appear tasty though there is no reference on the taste or their voice mentioning the popularity of the dish.

Either the cooks or their husbands might know whether the dish is tasty. I was at Nagpur when my mother prepared my favourite Payasam(porridge) for me and I thought why not to start a kind of testimonial video explaining the taste of the dish. The thought appeared logical to my sister and she shot a video starring the payasam and me with my comments on the payasam “dal payasam”.

It appeared funny to me when my sister captured the video testimonial idea but I enjoyed watching it after I reached Cochin. I think it would be a variety for the wives/ unmarried women/ boys”who cook” to get a testimonial from their husband/ parents/ friends either video or text to showcase what they prepare is 100% consumable, “ha ha” like an ISI mark. : )

What do you think, Is it logical?


  1. I could not hear the audio properly. It is feeble. ButI am sure you enjoyed the payasam.

  2. Nice video abhi, am sure payasam was very tasty...

  3. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    What an idea,bahanji?:)
    Cool!I could not enjoy the video fully.:(
    Hey,dal paayasam is my favourite.I love it.
    Before tying the knot forever,be an expert in cooking!
    Convey my congrats to behana.
    Then yaar, a free suggestion...
    Make dal payasam and gift it to your valentine!:)Sweetness lasts forever!
    What an idea Anu?
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  4. Sounds like a great idea. And looks like you had fun while executing it.

  5. ha ha ha :) thats a super cute idea Abhi :) Liked the video a lot and the way you explained and could not stop laughing in the end made it really cute and nice :)

  6. Always amma's best dishes, dal payasam looks yummy. i think credit goes to your amma for making it and you are only taste tester in this episode.

  7. @Chitra - I think my sister was holding the mobile from a distance so voice is not clear. The light entering from the opposite direction made video appear dark.

  8. @Sushma - Hi, Thanks for the comments... yes the payasam was tasty, anything amma prepares is tasty. :)

  9. @Anu - Shiv sena kelkanda... valentine and valentine gift ... :)

    Actually the idea was not my sister's, It was mine. She only tried to capture the idea.

    So congrats Abhi... "ok accepted"

    regarding the tying of knot... if I need to be an expert cook, then I will try to imitate as if I am not.

  10. @Mridula - Yes it was kind of fun.

    @Swathi - yes the payasam credit goes to amma. This time the diet was restricted to non fatty dishes and I could not have much from amma :(

  11. @ Nithya - Actually I was not ready for the video Nithya. My sister asked me to pose for one and after 3 takes we were able to get it to this level. She was asking me to continue the speech and I had to stop her... so ending made it funny :)

  12. Wow that is a good idea ! Nice video .

  13. OOOOOhhhh cha!! I am not able to watch this viedo.. Here youtube is baned.. any way hope you enjoyed the payasam...

  14. Idea kollam keto.... wish u a happy weekend Abhi.....

  15. Adipoli abhi..enjoyed watching :-) pinee payasam kandittu kothiyaittoo..

  16. hehe..good idea..I think I should start a blog with this video testimonial concept.hey hope this is not patented yet!Lol:) If it is ,then I could consider you to act!what say??

  17. Couldnt control the urge to grab the bowl from u!
    Love this payasam and ur idea.

  18. Cool! The sound was not very stable payasam tastes delish!

  19. Thanks so much for the encouragement shown Abhi , it made my day actually :)

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