Friday, February 25, 2011

Are we fashion sensitive or fashion intensive, a broader outlook from Cochin

Let us fly to the top where we could see people from a bird’s eye perspective with features to zoom in, zoom out, changing angles, and identify entities. I am 150 feet higher to where I was standing few minutes ago, everything happened so fast that I could not remember the motion. I can see birds flying below me, passing strange glances, worrying whether we have cage for them in the air. Let us take a closer look at the people on the ground and see how they differ from their predecessors. Here, it is dark above with the smoke emitted from the vehicles and factories. I wonder how the aerial beings adjust to such environment.

Look there is a group that resembles schoolchildren from the attire walking on the streets. It is not possible to view them perfectly so let us zoom in and inspect. Boys have military cut with some bunch of hairs left unattended on the forehead and the back, close to neck. I hope the barber forget to cut their hairs, or oh! This is the new fashion. They have lean body structure... seems mothers do not feed children or that too is part of the fashion, mm... It is hard to identify the gender when far away. They have bags that touch their legs at the back, resembling a new outlook to the traditional tight fit bags. The shirts are waist fit with broader stylish collars. Girls have hairs with small ponytails and others with rat-eaten designs. They have loose frock sized attire with traditional lowers cut-short in height. Most of them have earrings pierced at many ends in the ear, I doubt their hearing ability... kidding : )

Do you see the young boy standing near the Yadav bhel puri thela? How can you..., as I am the one at the top. He may be 23-25 in age, wearing jeans that resemble the chudidaar pattern of girl’s salwar. His t-shirt fits best to my five-year-old cousin brother, exposes his waist, and even lowers on minor turns. His hairs are cut to medium with some in the front long pointed like a porcupine (they call this as spike cut). He wears shoes that are similar to the ones in the Cinderella movies.

These are all part of a lower fashion trend, the higher being the exposed ones I can see in the market opposite to the bus stand. Fellow travellers with a smile on their face are worshipping a boy. Let us see what is so special with him. He is selecting vegetables to purchase and... ha ha ... haha... another fashion miracle :) He wears a jean that is loose enough to encapsulate two equal sized people of his weight. His fashion sense skips his pants off his waist exposing the valuables (oh! let us make it clear, the undergarments). This is not a very new trend but an amusement to the public.

Fashion trends for the bulgan (German beard) and twisted moustaches were in practice since decades but the one I see near the ATM is unique antique required for Indian museums. The man (aged 28) has a beard that starts after his chin and does touch neither the lower lips nor the ends to the ears. Moustache is neither visible nor could be thought was existing. He has his pants folded to three times at the bottom with shoes worn by Aladdin in the cartoon series. He should be termed a maestro.

The women near the NM restaurant has her hairs bob cut and windows attached at the back, upper top of the attire. She wears a red coloured sari with minimum pallu and blouse sleeveless. She is thin at the feet and fat until then. Her heels could have enabled the shoemaker to make two separate shoes. She has an iphone and a bag decorated with shells. The man near to her might be her husband or colleague wears a straight striped shirt with portions bulging outside near the tummy so strong that it has moulded his belt to u-v shapes creating a new fashion. He has no hairs left to create any fashion. :(

The woman waking at the sides of Bismi electronics wears a jeans and T-shirt. She has a goggle on her head and phone in her ears. She is yellow-pinkish white in skin and black in attire. A carrying case attached to her shoulders hold a small baby, a new version of the corporate, high class, mother-baby relationship. She wears a so-called slipper (for high-class women it is branded sandals) red in colour, thin and no heels; almost similar to the paragon chappals I use at home.

Fashion trends keep changing but I think they should be comfortable for the ones who wear them and the ones who watch. We can be fashion sensitive or intensive, differs. I am not against any of the above mentioned trends.

It is getting hot here, so let me come down and have limejuice. Do you have similar experiences that I have not mentioned in the post? It would be informative to read them.


  1. Thank God, you didn't notice what I do to my beard :P the only hair i love to experiment otherwise i hate mousch and hair on my head :P So for years am sporting close to bald look

  2. @Lakshmi- I should have flown a bit higher to see what is happening at your location. Better luck next time, right? :)

  3. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    Each one craves for recognition and attention...One imitates the film actors,sports personalities and role models..
    We forget that fashion should be comfortable and convenient...But we tend to please the public...The general public wastes money to be with the modern world...really sad....
    Elegant and graceful should be the mantra while going fashionable....
    Wishing you a beautiful evening,

    A few pictures/photos could have been added.

  4. Lovely Writeup loved reading it Abhi, I think its basically according to the trend, fashion , age we all move looking at one another :)

  5. Fashion trends are different, some people doesn't care about age and do makeup like when they are young. other are simple don't care much of fashion. when i go to india, my sister in law's always tease me for wearing 5 year back churidar fashion. what i can do I go only after 5 years. what ever i get for one trip will become old by next time..

  6. Yep bascially its depends upon the trend and age..enjoyed reading..We guys are totally quite out of fashion especially our Indian dresses since we come to India only after 5 or 6 years..

  7. Yeah fashion to me is comfort and personality-appropriate. I prefer to wear an outfit that will suit my physical appearance and my attitude. One shouldn't get influenced by an outfit the other person is wearing. Each body is different,so dress according to your body.

    Loved reading your post. Esp the place where you said he has no hair left to do something. That was hilarious.

  8. Hey nice post :) yup I agree and have seen all the styles that you have mentioned.

    You just forgot to mention that even guys pierce their ears.. and girls infact pierce everywhere. I just cant stand such stupidity called fashion.

    Fashion is beyond dressing these days. Girls follow zero size and boys six packs. They all look obviously unfed and unhealthy resembling a toothpick.

    On the other hand I Admire spiked hairstyle similar to Aamir khan and also like guys trying out different styles of beards. Thats the only choice for guys to experiment and its welcome if it suits them.

    And for girls, its all in the variety of dresses they get. I simply adore the new style of salvars like Anarkali(which is actually the age old style of mughal emperors) then simple kurthis with leggings and so on. There is so much that a girl can choose from and its all upto how it looks on her. :)

  9. You know what I wonder sometimes? How would my students be 10 years down the line? They are 10-12 year old right now. What their sense of fashion would be? But more than that what would be their sense of study?

  10. nice read abhi -comfort and elegance should dictate style tht's what i beleve; no point in being part of the rat-race !

  11. :D yes, can't agree more..Nowadays, I think guys are more after fashion than any other time before:-)

  12. Nice writeup abhi..i think its depends upon the comfort and trend..Btw cool pic-ttoo

  13. I don't think there's much of a fashion trend among Americans...most of them are pretty practical and just wear comfortable clothing. But then of course there are the fashionistas, but I really can't be bothered with keeping track with whatever they're wearing. So long as it looks presentable and has no holes, I'm fine to wear whatever. :-)

    In Singapore, we had to wear school uniforms...but students will still find ways to be "fashionable" like loose high socks, or scrunched up skirts!

  14. Fashion is something beyond my seems the less you wear, the more popular you are will be...and people start wearing the underwear outside...I really don't get it. So is music. Things are getting so different..

  15. Hey , i am doing a blog on fashion in Kochi. just came across your post and found it interesting. I am tagging your post on my blog, hope thats not a problem at your end. Since my blog is all about fashion and this post of your's is apt thats why the tag.



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