Friday, February 25, 2011

Are we fashion sensitive or fashion intensive, a broader outlook from Cochin

Let us fly to the top where we could see people from a bird’s eye perspective with features to zoom in, zoom out, changing angles, and identify entities. I am 150 feet higher to where I was standing few minutes ago, everything happened so fast that I could not remember the motion. I can see birds flying below me, passing strange glances, worrying whether we have cage for them in the air. Let us take a closer look at the people on the ground and see how they differ from their predecessors. Here, it is dark above with the smoke emitted from the vehicles and factories. I wonder how the aerial beings adjust to such environment.

Look there is a group that resembles schoolchildren from the attire walking on the streets. It is not possible to view them perfectly so let us zoom in and inspect. Boys have military cut with some bunch of hairs left unattended on the forehead and the back, close to neck. I hope the barber forget to cut their hairs, or oh! This is the new fashion. They have lean body structure... seems mothers do not feed children or that too is part of the fashion, mm... It is hard to identify the gender when far away. They have bags that touch their legs at the back, resembling a new outlook to the traditional tight fit bags. The shirts are waist fit with broader stylish collars. Girls have hairs with small ponytails and others with rat-eaten designs. They have loose frock sized attire with traditional lowers cut-short in height. Most of them have earrings pierced at many ends in the ear, I doubt their hearing ability... kidding : )

Do you see the young boy standing near the Yadav bhel puri thela? How can you..., as I am the one at the top. He may be 23-25 in age, wearing jeans that resemble the chudidaar pattern of girl’s salwar. His t-shirt fits best to my five-year-old cousin brother, exposes his waist, and even lowers on minor turns. His hairs are cut to medium with some in the front long pointed like a porcupine (they call this as spike cut). He wears shoes that are similar to the ones in the Cinderella movies.

These are all part of a lower fashion trend, the higher being the exposed ones I can see in the market opposite to the bus stand. Fellow travellers with a smile on their face are worshipping a boy. Let us see what is so special with him. He is selecting vegetables to purchase and... ha ha ... haha... another fashion miracle :) He wears a jean that is loose enough to encapsulate two equal sized people of his weight. His fashion sense skips his pants off his waist exposing the valuables (oh! let us make it clear, the undergarments). This is not a very new trend but an amusement to the public.

Fashion trends for the bulgan (German beard) and twisted moustaches were in practice since decades but the one I see near the ATM is unique antique required for Indian museums. The man (aged 28) has a beard that starts after his chin and does touch neither the lower lips nor the ends to the ears. Moustache is neither visible nor could be thought was existing. He has his pants folded to three times at the bottom with shoes worn by Aladdin in the cartoon series. He should be termed a maestro.

The women near the NM restaurant has her hairs bob cut and windows attached at the back, upper top of the attire. She wears a red coloured sari with minimum pallu and blouse sleeveless. She is thin at the feet and fat until then. Her heels could have enabled the shoemaker to make two separate shoes. She has an iphone and a bag decorated with shells. The man near to her might be her husband or colleague wears a straight striped shirt with portions bulging outside near the tummy so strong that it has moulded his belt to u-v shapes creating a new fashion. He has no hairs left to create any fashion. :(

The woman waking at the sides of Bismi electronics wears a jeans and T-shirt. She has a goggle on her head and phone in her ears. She is yellow-pinkish white in skin and black in attire. A carrying case attached to her shoulders hold a small baby, a new version of the corporate, high class, mother-baby relationship. She wears a so-called slipper (for high-class women it is branded sandals) red in colour, thin and no heels; almost similar to the paragon chappals I use at home.

Fashion trends keep changing but I think they should be comfortable for the ones who wear them and the ones who watch. We can be fashion sensitive or intensive, differs. I am not against any of the above mentioned trends.

It is getting hot here, so let me come down and have limejuice. Do you have similar experiences that I have not mentioned in the post? It would be informative to read them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amusing the Amusement parks, A Veegaland experience

It is Sunday 20th January 2011 and we are in front of Veegaland amusement park. It is hardly 15 minutes journey from home and there is not much traffic on the streets. I could see people walking into the park wearing Bermudas and t-shirts. Arun and I were on a bike whereas Melvin and Anup on another. We parked the vehicles and moved towards the ticket counters. The security guard said that the counters would open for distribution by 10 Am and park expects more people on weekends. We had to wait for another 2 hours and thus decided to conduct a photo session.

The entrance to Veegaland has a big dragon with face green and mouth wide open that showers water. There are small red coloured flowers on both sides with an elephant attached veegaland logo on centre top. We had dosa and parota as the breakfast from a hotel near the park. I tried sambhar and it tasted like age-old tomato ketchup. I kept the sambhar as it is and adjusted with coconut chutney. I assume the hotel uses the same sambhar for years adding vegetable to it daily.

The campus has trees cut in different shapes and plants grown around rocks. There are small shelters constructed over wooden structures that span around the verandas surrounding the entrance. A group of people arrived on a mini bus with registration Karnataka. It had few girls in “kutti chaddi’s” and T-shirts, boys in undergarment exposed jeans and jackets. The so-called fashion keeps changing with people wearing less each day, might be a step towards expense reduction or attraction. I am planning to write a post on this topic. I remember amma and I travelling on bike when she saw a boy with hair grown like girls and beard without a moustache, jeans torn to the lower edge and exposed garments. Her dialogue was, “itinonum veetil chodikyanum parayanum aarum ille?”(Don’t they have anyone at home to see and shout)? : ) I remember amma asked me to remove the “kada”(a bangle shaped accessory wore by panjabi’smade of steel, silver or gold) on my right hand when she met me at the railway station saying”ithu enthada cheenachatiyude pidi kaiyil itekunne, remove it”(why are you wearing the handle of frying pan).

The ticket counters are closed and we were waiting in front of it to collect tickets and be the first one to enter the park. Anup and Melvin were busy teasing a friend who said that there would be long queues for tickets and we need to be early to confirm our entry. LED was arranged on a wooden base that indicated the rates and the start timings as moving text. “Welcome to veegaland” was the text that keeps on appearing after regular interval. A small television was placed above counter number five that featured the slides and rides inside the park. People started arriving by 9.50 AM and soon it was a queue. Around 10.30 AM opened the shutter of counter number four with an uncle asking the quantity of tickets we had to buy. The tickets cost 500 rupees for adults on weekends and 380 rupees on weekdays.

We started with a twisting flip ride that rotated and revolved with us like a ball. I could see my legs above and head below that used to move faster imitating a feeling of being hit on the poles places around the ride. I closed my eyes and waited for the ride to stop. Finally, we were on the ground with eyes popped out and forehead sweating heavily. I decided not to take a second chance for the ride. The last time, almost two years ago, I was on a similar ride and I had everything on the floor that I consumed in the morning.

The most interesting ride was with small cars that moved using the steering and we had to hit each other in force. We made several turns on the ride and it was fun. We decided not to stay for long on the rides and moved towards the water section of the amusement park. Several slides ended inside water with people sliding on a slanting surface using a rubber mat. We organized competitions as to who would be the first to arrive and who will be the one to reach far. Some people joined us for the competitions and it was like remembering the old childhood days. Balloons filled with air capable to handle four people at a time moved around slides filled with water and dropped in a pool. There were numerous slides and not sufficient time to try them repeatedly. However, we managed to try the ones that were very interesting.

At 1.30 PM, we moved towards the pool where artificial tides were created that were high and covered the head. I drank water many times due to improper jump timings on the arrival of the tide. We were in the pool for an hour and then moved towards the locker room to change the dress. I could not capture the photos in the pool as it was prohibited and we were almost wet to try a mobile capture.

We ate chicken biriyani in the lunch and then moved to the other interesting rides. Laser light show and waterfall dance were worth a watch. They lasted for 15 minutes inside a big theatre with surround sound. 4D studios were featuring a show and we rushed to attend it. We were provided glasses and the seat moved along with the movie. It was a nice experience and we enjoyed a lot.

We ended the show with snacks and photo session. The trip was enjoying and we spent a complete day without a moment feeling bored or irritated.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Love stroke, it is Mayank Prakash Patel this time

I was suffering from heavy cold, sneezing continuously at five SIPM (Sneezing Instances Per Minute) and decided to take rest. Prepared Chana Curry and chappatties for the BrUnch(Breakfast + Lunch). I purchased a thick woollen Jacket with a cap attached when I was at home and wore that to create a warm effect. I think you know more about me than my mother, updated about things happening in my life and my friends.

(Besides me is Mayank)

Mayank Patel; Complete name is Mayank Prakash Patel who was with me since fifth standard, a smart and handsome personality who strives to take care of his friends and loved ones. He is working in Hyderabad and recently called me to update his marriage. He calls me and says that he is planning to get married soon though the dates are not declared. It is an inter caste marriage and the families agreed for a peaceful celebration. He is Gujrati and the girl is Sindhi named Bhakti Kalyani, a citizen of Nagpur working in Pune who resembles her twin sister (Bhavana, if I recall the name) in appearance, tall to 5 feet 4 inches(uh! might be high heels), fair in complexion.

I remember the days when Mayank would come in front of my house always wearing clean jeans, T-shirt, sporty shoes, a cream coloured jacket, a handkerchief tied on his forehead with helmet above it and few books in his small twisted bag making him resemble the secret agents in English movies. He had a CD 100 Bike that perfectly adjusts him for short tours. His pouch inside the bag has everything from comb, nail cutter, blades to multi coloured pens. He was a movie database that has the latest updates on actors, actresses, directors and their latest ventures. He could speak non-stop for a day without letting us feel bored.

Atul Sadhu is the person who started these twisting stories of love marriage. He has injected the love fundas in the minds of polite and humble Indian Citizens. I hope you remember Atul on whom I wrote a long post on December 2009, whose marriage was one among the biggest 2009 marriages for me. He is referred as Love-guru by Mayank and married the most intelligent girl in his college, though no one knew about this, at least not me. Atul is settled happily in Pune and often calls me to shift my location to Pune and marry a girl; he needs a high dose of scoldings.

It is 11 AM and I received a call on my mobile. The women introduced her from “More” (A supermarket owned by Birla) and started reciting the rates of potato, cucumber, carrots and tomatoes. I heard her politely and she ended the call asking “won’t you come here sir” and I disconnected replying “yes sure why not”. Companies have started marketing their products with rates and offers updated to customers 24X7.

We were sitting in the benches that were the centre of the sixth standard classroom when the principal twisted Mayank’s ears as if he was stuffed in cotton making the hands feels better. Ear twists, slaps, head shots, chock assassinations were all some minor dosages for improvement that we used to get on a daily basis. Mayank was talkative from the moment I met him though we came closer during the engineering days. His favourite actor was Shahrukh khan and most of his early attires reflected the actor.

Mayank said that Bhakti Mayank (ok later, the so referred woman) would be shifting to Hyderabad soon. Atul updated me on the recent happenings on mayank and said that he never expected Mayank would be married because of love. However, I certainly that doubt it would be Atul whose footwears were left for Mayank to wear.

I am happy the day, I see my friends happy, sharing the joy they experience in life, the plans they make for life. I am happier to attend another marriage and witness the inter-caste rituals; provided they happen on the same day and at a distance, I am reachable.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

An introduction to Video testimonials on cooking – an ISI mark

I am a person who likes to read recipes and adventures that others come across while an attempt to cook. I started cooking few years ago and since then I am a constant reader of several blogs and magazines. I see many recipes in blogs with beautiful pictures that appear tasty and delicious. It is hard to imagine how they would taste until you prepare them or someone prepares it for you. I used to comment in many blogs that their recipes appear tasty though there is no reference on the taste or their voice mentioning the popularity of the dish.

Either the cooks or their husbands might know whether the dish is tasty. I was at Nagpur when my mother prepared my favourite Payasam(porridge) for me and I thought why not to start a kind of testimonial video explaining the taste of the dish. The thought appeared logical to my sister and she shot a video starring the payasam and me with my comments on the payasam “dal payasam”.

It appeared funny to me when my sister captured the video testimonial idea but I enjoyed watching it after I reached Cochin. I think it would be a variety for the wives/ unmarried women/ boys”who cook” to get a testimonial from their husband/ parents/ friends either video or text to showcase what they prepare is 100% consumable, “ha ha” like an ISI mark. : )

What do you think, Is it logical?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Biggest and deadliest ice cream festival in Cochin - Tripunithura

The frequency of incidents happening in my life has increased while the tendency to write and read has reduced. Have I become the same kid behind whom my mother ran with a stick? On the other hand, maybe I am lazy again. There was a time when I used to write once in a day, and then it reduced to an article in 5 days and now two posts a month. The concept of sharing my daily incidents in life, “Life at Abhi” seems vanishing. This is no confession to the readers who occasionally arrive at the blog but a confession by me, to me for not meeting my plans and decisions. I am not a busy jack but a lazy Mac who brushes teeth once a day, baths twice a day and eats thrice a day. I am... PIRATED...

Last week Gopu sold his old laptop for a 15 grand and we planned to celebrate this with an ice cream, may be a Rajadhani special. Gopu and I headed towards the Rajdhani Ice cream parlour when Jk asked us to try a new store that is open near the bus stop. The guard greeted us with a piece of paper distributed as an advertisement to the newly inaugurated shop. We entered the shop and started mugging up the menu, reviewing it many times searching for the ice cream that was the highest in price. I found one written 150 rupees and I marked it for an order while Jk was still busy with the list. Gopu was sweating in front of the Air Conditioner imagining the bill we could generate on his profit.

We were about to order when my eyes went on the piece of paper given by the guard that had an attractive offer. It was written in bold letters “Fill your tummy in 30 minutes for 100 rupees; eat as much as you can”. I called the shop manager and enquired about the offer at which he explained that the offer includes all ice creams and shakes in the shop that are included in the menu for just 100 rupees, provided we maintain the 30 minutes schedule and completely consume the ones ordered. He further added to place an order for a new ice cream as soon as we finish one. He was very happy at his explanation and said that no has ordered more than two ice creams in 30 minutes duration.

We called the waiter and said that we would like to opt for the 100-rupee plan. Gopu and I searched the complete book and ordered two to three costly ice creams. While ordering the waiter added “you will have to complete whatever you order so be cautious or we shall claim extra”. Gopu looked at me with an anxious, angry expression as if the waiter has challenged us for our capabilities. Gopu said “aha! Angane anengil varatte, kanichu taram” (let it come, we will show you).

The waiter gave us a card with start timings written on it and the time-finished left blank. He asked me to look at the corner, pointing on an old-fashioned clock with its minute hand on six. I folded the sleeves of the shirt and Gopu adjusted the tummy. Jk smiled at the manager who was very happy to have successfully conveyed the history of the store and its offers. We started with the first ice cream and ate it like a fluffy cake. In 3 minutes, we placed another order and the waiter rushed inside to bring it. This time it was a bigger bowl with three scoops of ice creams, one green, other yellow and red. We took another 7 minutes to finish it and ordered an ice cream shake. The manager’s face was changing pale watching us eat the costliest cold ice creams like bread. The clock started running fast and we ordered one after the other. Five minutes remaining, Gopu and I ordered the last ice cream. Jk finished the competition with a shake.

We managed to finish our bowls in time. The scores were I with six ice creams and one ice cream shake, Gopu with five ice creams and one shake, Jk with two shakes and four ice creams. The manager was completely blank with his mouth touching his feet, eyes dull and eyebrows flying from his forehead. We all came out of the shop like the players back after winning the world cup tournament. Gopu looked at me and asked if there is a chance to call an ambulance. : )

Though it was a heavy ice cream festival, it is not possible to explain the enjoyment in words. At last, we proved that no one could defeat us at least in eating. : )
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