Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hitting hard on the Cerebellum – Finding hidden treasures

I was feeling cool air on the face and I gather the woolen sheet to cover my head. It is cold outside and to get up in the morning is like asking you to appear for history exam. Amma woke me up with a long thin stick, hitting me hard on the legs. I suddenly jumped from the bed and saw her pointing her finger towards the bathroom “go and get ready for the school”. I managed to fix my legs on the floor and walked towards the stand where my toothbrush was kept. Half sleeping, I applied the free flowing Colgate toothpaste on my shining teeth and begin to rotate the brush up and down like the advertisement on doordarshan. Amma placed the vessel with hot water and soon I was ready to comb my hairs. While I started to eat the breakfast, comes a sound “Abhilesh”…it was the “autowala bhaiya” who was shouting from outside. I can forgive the fact that he does not pronounce my name, but not for the breakfast that I had to leave on his call. He hanged by bag and basket on an iron hook attached to his auto where the other bags and lunch baskets were placed. Waving the hands to Amma and listening to her all time dialogues “bye, take care... may god bless you”, I sit at the back seat of the auto.

I was studying in Modern school located at civil lines, Nagpur and it took almost an hour for the auto to reach there. The auto driver was a wise man and he stuffed children like the vegetables in sandwich prepared by Hardik’s mother. We used to play antakshari and sing songs on the way. I can hardly remember everything but there used to be a lot of Auto’s gathered in front of the school. Our uniform was sky blue shirt and gray half pants with no tie like the American adopted schools. Students gathered on the school ground with the sound that came from the loud speaker. Then started the morning prayers and as it finished we moved to the classes.

I was always waiting for the lunch bells to ring so I could rush to the playground to play with friends. It was not an electric bell but an iron plate hit with a wooden stick. Children used to skate on the ground and some were busy skipping with their ropes. We used to hit each other with a ball where one had to hit others from a fixed position and the one who receives the ball continues. There were yoga periods where all gathered and it was all fun. I think it were on the Saturdays when we wore white shirt, white trousers and white canvas shoes. The principal was Neeru Kapai and I remember her broad signature on the blue mark sheets provided on parents teachers meet.

The sports day was nearing and we were taken to the ground for PT (Personal Training) with the left-right marching, headed by a girl/ boy holding flags representing four different house. I think I was in Ruby team and also participated in dance, running competitions. I remember we were taken to the ground and it was a one day event and my friend who was unable to stop his stomach irritations destroyed the pants and the ground. I don’t memorize his name but that incident often comes in mind.

There were two optional subjects, kathak and tabla and I opt for kathak with feet hitting hard on the ground “tha thi thai, thak thi thai”. I don’t know why I selected kathak, might be some of the friends were in the group. It has nothing to do with the girls ;)

I am at Nagpur for the vacations and happened to find the old school photograph hidden inside an album. I posted it on facebook and found a lot of friends who were with me when I was in fourth. Most of them are married and some have kids. It was great to see them all and I never thought it would be possible. Some of them resemble the old faces but most of them have changed a lot, tall, big physique.

The vacations would last until 31st and I think I could discover many nostalgic gems.


  1. Lovely post.. it makes me remember my childhood :)

    You look absolutely the same but for the height and weight :P

  2. Abhi,

    You made me to go back to my childhood days. Nice post.I remember amma dressing me for the photo session in the school.

  3. Which one is you in the picture? Lovely post.

  4. @ Mridula - See this link. This has me tagged.

  5. Wonderful post Abhi.. U brought back my childhood memories...

  6. Such a lovely post abhi, reading this i really went back to those tension free golden days too...unforgettable memories...

  7. nostalgic and still in doubt why you choose kathak ;)

  8. School days are the best time in one's life, and how I wish we could realize it then ;-)Great that you could find that lovely pic :-)

  9. Nostalgic..
    But still Kathak stands out!!!

  10. Excellent post abhi!! The memories of my school life still sprout on me.…School life were truly the most innocent days of my life, in fact in everyone’s life..


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