Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rat as the ultimate knowledge-gaining source – A real story

I have a lot to speak and write when I think about the time I was in engineering. I was not a bookworm and never used to study 24x7 a day. My mother would insist me to study during the nights but I always like to study during the day. The maximum time I allotted for my studies in the daytime was 1 hour if I have it after my college hours. I go to college by 7 Am and would reach home by 8 Pm. Most of the time after college was with friends playing PC games, cricket, etc. I would have my regular dinner, it will be 9.30 by then, and I feel sleepy and start dreaming in no time. There were times when I would only start studying 4-5 days before the start of exams. My mother insists me to wake up at night and I would sleep holding books in my hand. She was always worried about my studies and me. Then one fine day things changed when a stranger entered our house.

It was 3 Am and I was busy dreaming the game I played a day ago and started working on strategies to demolish the enemy’s tank. The enemy was near me and I started firing bullets on them. I was able to kill most of them but one managed to escape the sight and shot in my leg. I woke breaking the dream in middle and felt as if something was really happening on my feet. I assume it a dream and decide to go to sleep. It was 5 minutes and I felt something jumping on my legs and wake up again. I switched on the lights and saw a rat jumping from inside the bed sheet. I do not like rats and took a broom, and started hunting for it. I started beating everywhere I could until my father asked about the noise. It was 4 AM and I felt the efforts in catching the rat as useless and went to sleep.

The next night I woke up suddenly and it was the same rat... mm... Ok might be other but they all look alike. I considered it would be afraid and will not repeat it. To my surprise, it again made me wake up and ran to the top. Now it was not possible to sleep without destroying the rat and thus I drafted different plans for its execution. I tried rattrap, poison etc. However, none of it worked. The poison I kept disappeared but the rat was still there. I felt as if the rat was challenging me.

The rat did not stop its mischievous pranks and started jumping on me. I was not able to sleep and thus decided to wake up. It was boring to be awake and sitting idle. Thus, I took my books and started reading. This went and I would get up at 3 Am each morning and go to sleep by 6 Am to get rid of the rat. The time in between was spent reading the books and completing assignments.

My mother came into picture and she did some tricks and rat did not appear again. Even though the rat was gone but the practice continued. I still feel the rat is the source of the knowledge I collected from the books. I was so fond of reading the books that I have completed a whole book of Software engineering by pressman in 5 days time.

We all need to understand that nothing is impossible in life. What we need actually is a rat that could keep us torturing, removing our laziness and making us active. Always try to be after the rat rather than thinking about the things that you think unfeasible in life.


  1. hey first time to your blog and i really loved the way u write- simple ,fluid and so real! thanks to the rat for your Bodh Gaya moment!!

  2. Abhi, everytime i come here, am awestuck to see ur write up, enjoyed reading..

    Btw regarding the offer, i'll surely join with u to taste them, its k for u:)..but unfortunately dunno who will think about this tasting event..Well lets see..

  3. lol..that's a great rat then,huh? which made you read and learn :-)

  4. lovely write up abhi,...enjoyed reading it as usual

  5. hi Abhilash, thanks for stopping by my blog. Interesting story about your rat!

  6. ha ha ha.. that was indeed a cute rat :) Probably it was your mom last birth. Thats why it wanted to make you study :)

  7. Hmmm.. loved reading it. i didnt knew rats can do such nice things...

  8. Amazing you could write something about rats!

  9. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    Wow!Who's speaking?:)A wise man is awaken.....
    Between,tell me,had u not taken injection those days?
    I could feel your fear,resltlessness,sleepless nights.:)
    Hey,you're indebted to the rat in becoming an engineer.
    wishing you a lovely and rat free sound sleep,

  10. Did your mother managed to get it into your room? :D

  11. Oh man. Shivering. I would be screaming my head off. And getting a gun for that damn rat.

    Why are Asian parents all the same? always concerned about grades. I think you turned out very well :-)

  12. indeed what u say is very right

    but at moment i really do have a problem with some mice in my house, and they make sure to come out when i have to go to sleep and the running around on the floorboards I cant sleep :)

    i have been through what you write grades marks .. but i managed so i am sure you will do excellent tooo.. :)


  13. Cute story line!
    Hope we all have such blessed rats in our life so that we get the biggest gift that small things help us to achieve!

  14. Thats a wonderful write up..Rat looks so cute..I was not at all aware that rat can do so many things..Absolutely amazing.

  15. that's something good to happen because of the rat :)

  16. Lovely write up Abhi ... Good one
    Rat looks cute though ... really good one

  17. Nice writeup abhi as asual enjoyed reading. Brought a smile on my face..:-)

    Btw..I am glad you liked my version, which u combined with chicken curry from Collaborative curry.Great..nice idea!! Thx for trying & letting me know that and about the recipe index,nowdays I'm little busy with some personal works, so not able to update it, surely will do that ASAP..sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your support.

  18. Nice pics and write up and felt was part of the journey :)


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