Friday, November 12, 2010

Engineering Miracles - A new dimension to Animal conservation by Kerala Government

Engineering was my passion...ok that is a “3 idiots” dialogue. I liked engineering and thus become an engineer. However, I never knew that North Indian states partly impart knowledge. I always believed that Bombay and Maharashtra board were better for studies in India. I had to change my views after coming to Kerala. I heard someone saying during my engineering career, “We engineers create for future human generation”. Engineers appointed by Kerala government have surpassed these by creating miracles that also consider Animal conservation apart from the human aspect.

It was 5 Am and few animals were travelling along the Tripunithura Chotanikkara route. It was partially dark and cold. Pappu and Munna are visible at the tollbooth collecting the money from the people who happened to cross the museums antique piece (the bridge). The elephant was busy speaking about his Sabarimala trip and how long he and his friends used to walk when he go to the temple. The ant was riding on the elephant and enjoying the majestic ride. He says that his ancestors were part of the Cochin Royal family and used to steal sugar cubes even from the Kings room. Deer were moving swiftly, shaking their body, and teasing people in the cars and buses. The Lion asked the deer as to why they are doing so and are not afraid of the people. Deer says that their species come under the wildlife protection act and even a minor injury on them can cause problem for the human beings. The dog did not like the remarks from the deer as they were commenting on his master.

The elephant was feeling thirsty and was looking everywhere for the water. He could not find it anywhere and was sad. All were tired by now and were in need of some water. After walking for some time, the ant saw a small hole filled with water and asked the elephant to give him some time to drink it. He asked the elephant to be patient and said that Kerala government has taken complete care for them. After walking for five minutes, the dog saw a small hole on the road filled with water and he was happy to satisfy himself. They crossed the hill palace road and the elephant started running. All the animals were afraid and joined him assuming some hunters were behind them. The elephant stopped on the way and all were amazed to see a large hole on the middle of the road filled with sufficient water that could make and end to the elephant’s thirst.

I was watching the animals drink the water and asked Jk about the condition of the roads. The holes, big and small filled the road. Jk said that they have been built specially by the kerala government in consultation with the efficient and experienced engineers keeping in mind the expectations of the animals apart from the human beings. He said that they are part of the new technology only implemented in kerala that generates random holes after two months of the new construction. These roads are filled with special materials that grasp the climatic change of nature and mould themselves to suit the needs of the passengers. During rainy season, the roads adapt to the condition and automatically create small to large holes that could satisfy the water necessities from ants to elephants.

Kerala government devised this unique technology in consultation with the engineers who were working on soil and irrigation projects. Each engineer and all the other members of the political party were paid good amount for inventing, advising and implementing this idea. Contractors were selected through tenders who could guarantee that appropriate proportion of tar, sand and rocks are added to yield the result. Special care was taken that no extra amount is spent on the roads that could increase the hardness and decrease hole creation. The amount extra to each assignment was given as an appreciation to each member. Charter accountants and finance managers from different parts of the state were invited to plan the investment on the project and the appreciation procedures.

Jk says, recent studies show that majority of the roads in kerala are changing to this technology and it is not far when the entire state will be capable of feeding animals. Other states do not seem to have adopted this technology and the animals are reported to be starving due to insufficient water during their travel.
A loving heart, efficient workforce and experienced leaders are the ones who make our ecology stable. It is not far when kerala will change into a complete wildlife conservation unit. Expecting to see such miracles soon.... (kalikalam alathe entha? ... (its all micracles of kaliyug))


  1. Ah satire and pulled off so well!

  2. Abhi,

    Our gods own country's road conditions you have put it correctly. Love the write up.

  3. Nice Article very useful for me.Thank you

  4. Haha! Well written Abhi!
    This is not only for Kerela but in my town also Government are this caring.... you will find little muddy ponds here and there during rains and I think in my state it not for wild life but to block print your good old dresses while you are on your way office or back home....a maddy muddy fashion parade on roads!

  5. You are an engineer and a writer! The is well-written on an important subject-environment!

  6. At first I was thinking, what kind of wacky technology is this? lol. Obviously I'm slow...

  7. Very informative...!!:)
    Kerala is showing huge care to wild life and not a bit to human life?/!!!!!!!

  8. Nammude road Aanakenkilum use aayallo..he he...nice pics

  9. Hi Abhi, how are you doing? how was your diwali...actually had taken a short break from blogging,had been out with my family so couldnt find time for anything else...

  10. First time to ur blog.Enjoyed the write up.Indeed this is kaliyug!Now im off to read ur other post...

  11. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.
    Very beautiful and informative post about an interesting subject. I liked it and enjoyed reading it very much.

  12. Hi Abhi,

    Thanks a lot for your information about my blog.
    I have removed few widgets from my blog. Do you mind checking my blog if you can open it.

    Thanks again for your feedback.


  13. LOL!

    That was too good...

    But do we have such Engineers ( I mean the roads) only in Kerala?


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