Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exploring secrets behind Marry-Age

Hey! Today I would like to discuss with you on the blogosphere about a very serious topic, rather a very important topic. I was with Sandeep and Prachika having my lunch when Sandeep started discussing the topic about my marriage. I said that I am not old to get married and I need more time to take family decisions. He introduced several questions to which Prachika gave equal and opposite answers. I was in confusion whether to go back to my childhood or jump to the 60’s avoiding such debates. Oh! Don’t get confused as I am or my marriage is not the topic of this blog post rather when should a man/women get married.

The debate continued for several hours with both of them quarrelling and introducing strong and equally logical points. The option left for me was to agree for whatever points I feel convincing. I am new to this arena and the experienced players want to canvas me sharing their good and bad incidents in life. I felt the same when a group of people attacked me for opening a bank account in their respective branches. I got clarity then, when I asked my friends as what is the best solution they think I should opt.

To understand the situation let me open the application “time machine” on my Nokia and take you back to the time when we had the discussion. So be ready... here we go!!! .... blum, blash, krum, murum... kisshhhhhhhhhh!!!

Oh! The journey was hectic. Airtel has problems in the network connection when we need it the most. I hope I should use this application the next time we receive a perfect signal. So the man with a 170 Cm height you see is sandeep and the women sitting opposite to him with a childish smile is Prachika. The smart and handsome man in the scene is the writer of Life at Abhi. So let us be silent and hear the conversation.

Sandeep: Abhilash you marry man...

Abhilash: I am too young to get married. I will try after 4 years.

Sandeep: Oh! Four more…what I say is why to wait so longer. You are young and would get a perfect match during this age.

Abhilash: ummm...I think.... (Prachika interrupts in between)

Prachika: Abhilash, please do not marry before 27 years or you will end up with an unstable life and immature partner.

Sandeep: It is not always, as you think. If a person marries at his age of 25 with a girl at 21 then they will have a child at the age of 27&23 respectively. They have ample time to plan their activities and join their grandchildren. However, if a man marries at the age of 28 he will get a girl of 23 and by the time their children are born, he is too old.

Prachika: What if the couples get a child only after 4-5 years?... they are still in the second stage.

Sandeep: That may happen rarely.

Prachika: Abhilash… if a Boy marries at the age of 25 then he will not be able to face the life consequences and most of his decisions will depend on others.

Sandeep: It depends upon where the boy was born, his surroundings, the people he normally converse with etc. At the age of 25, a normal boy can start his life.

Prachika: The important point to consider here is that when people fall inside a trap, they also wish to pull others inside for a company. So do not listen to Sandeep. I was married to a man at his age of 25, I understand what problems occur, and that is the reason I advise you to marry only after the age of 27.

Abhilash: I think to marry a girl at my age or a year less than my age. That will help us to understand each other and take equal decisions in life.

Sandeep: Hey Please do not do such mistakes! Girls mature at the age of 12 and when they reach 22 they are two times smarter than boys. If you marry a woman when you are 27 and that too same as your age then the life will end a mess. She will overtake all your decisions and there will never be a match in your wavelengths.

Prachika: I think Sandeep is right in this case. There need to be someone who can take a lead role in a family. If they try to compete one another in decisions then things would end up in divorce. That I assume a reason for the western countries to report many divorce cases. They have relationships prior to their marriage and even marry the girls older than them and the result is a divorce.

Abhilash: Why do not Sachin and wife end in divorce? I think he is younger than his wife is.

Sandeep: There should be a “love” factor before every marriage. Couples need to understand each other and then marry. In such situations, there will not be any divorce or collisions in decisions. People who marry after a love sequence live life happily. I am not speaking about the “Subhash park”, “Cinema theatre” or “tea time” love stories in India but the real love stories.

Abhilash: ?

Prachika: I am completely against it. When people are in love, everything around them appears green and like a celebration. The day they marry, they start understanding real life and then start their problems. Marriage should always be arranged to avoid such situations.

Sandeep: Were you married after love?

Prachika: No comments please… Abhilash you enjoy your life before you enter the Tsunami. At least you will be happy remembering the old energetic days. After marriage, everything appears busy and boring.

Sandeep: It would have occurred with limited people like Prachika. However, my life is still smooth and fine and I think why I did not marry early than I did to enjoy my life. Thus, I advise you to marry as early as possible. Abhilash even knows cooking so it will not be a problem for his wife. She can sit idle and there will not be any family issues like not “helping each other”.

Abhilash: Ayyo ! Why does the cooking come in between?

I assume my mobile will be switched off in 10 minutes and I forget to charge it this morning. so lets return to the current time before we are caught in this world. Shhhhh….. SO here we are back to the normal life.

You have witnessed the conversation and now I look forward to your thoughts on the topic. Hope you enjoyed listening to their views. Do you agree to them or you have different opinions on the age people marry or they should marry?

Now Let’s continue Marry-Age with your comments.
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