Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When pain triggers… aaaah!

A small child was peeping inside the glass door trying to catch my attention. When I look at her, she runs smiling to the other end where I could not find her, and again, she continues the exercise. On the way, many people hit her trying to distract her but she was interested in my looks and smile. It was the last time she turned back when a leg bigger than her size hit her. She fell back, I rushed from my chair but saw her mother approaching her. She stopped crying as soon as her mother hugged her but still her eyes had tears with a mild smile on her face that were staring at me.

I asked the woman in the reception as to how many minutes I would have to wait to see the doctor and she replied fifteen. I was in a clinic to see a dentist as my tooth was paining severely. This was the second time I am facing such a pain and it feels intolerable. Doctor advised during my first visit to perform a root canal; however, I went to Mumbai on the day when it was planned.

Prithviraj, Dileep and the other Malayalam actors seemed too fat and small from the position I was viewing the television. The doctor has arranged a small room with Air conditioner and a 40 inch LCD that makes his patients feel comfortable and forget the pain. A woman appeared on the screens wearing a small frock; I think that might be her childhood dress that she loves the most. She started gossiping and finally played a song.

I logged from my mobile into blogger and was about to start writing a post when the woman called my name to meet the doctor. I went inside the door and saw a figure coated with a white caftan and a mask on the face. She asked me to relax on a flat chair and pulled a light above my head towards my mouth. Taking a big tool in her hand, she asked me to open my mouth. Tic… tac… thum… tishum… she started hitting my teeth and asked whether I was feeling pain. The first answer that came out of my mouth was aaaah! I do not wonder why people consider them as a symbol of horror. Similar to any underworld killer, she had many sophisticated tools. She gave me some medicines and asked me to report on Thursday for root canal and not to skip it this time.

There were ample medicines to keep me busy all the time. I finally thanked her and left the clinic. During these days, I was away from Blogging I tried several recipes and most of them worked well.

I got a comment from Radhika that the woman I would marry will be happy sitting idle having me prepare all the food. Dileep supported me saying he wants to avoid a curfew situation when wifes goes for a strike. : )


  1. Hope your feeling better now, was nice reading your post after a long time, dishes you prepared seems really good...

  2. Hi abhi, thanks for your lovely comment,always happy to read it...from my blog you can try paneer bhurji, and paneer stir fry or red hot potatoes, very easy yet very delicious , i ll give you the link, try whenever your free and let me know whenever you try...




    Was nice reading your comment as always,do keep visiting when you find time, i know its really very hard to be in touch as you are in IT field where there is lots of pressure...but try to be in touch, take care...have a lovely day ahead...

  3. Hello Abhi, nice writeup, not bad ah..a guy like you can prepare such a decent meal, keep it up!

  4. Don't worry about the tooth pain, there are always lots of " pain killers" are available. I know hard, but still no choice.
    Yes you are good cook, it will be wonderful help to your future wife. Help her whenever possible.

  5. Hi abhi..Sughamanoo?? that looks absolutely delicious & as awalys great post..Keep up the great work...kandittu kothi varunnu..yummyy.:)

  6. Hope you are feeling better now. Get well soon. I am praying to God for your speedy recovery.
    You are an amazing cook. What a lovely and yummy dish. I feel like having it now.

  7. Hi abhi, in chinese cuisine they use lot of sauce to make it sweet,tangy as well spicy, all these sauce when mixed with veggies gives a very nice taste...

  8. Dentist...yake...been there and I know exactly how you feel. ehemh...you should not have tasted these fried stuff...that would probably bring you back to your dentist soon..too soon.

  9. Hope your tooth ache will go away soon and you will really not skip the root canal this time.

    The dishes look yummy.

  10. Hi Abhi, Hope the pain is now at ease, take care.

    from those pictures i can make out two recipes one is puttu and other is vermicelli payasam but what are the other two recipes????

    Kid looks so cute:)

  11. Please collect your award from my blog.

  12. When I read your post, I always feel like I'm right there with you. What a sweet little girl...I can still see her half-dried tears!
    And haha, a man who can cook is always a good catch! ;-)

  13. Everything looks so great! First time to your blog. Love it!

  14. Very nice write-up!!!!
    Hope u'l be well soon...

  15. so glad to see puttu here, my all time favorite ;)


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