Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sunday Wedding in Kottarakkara... Marrying?

There are many people gathered here with, all pink, green, white and red sarees... White mundu and shirt. They are here to attend the marriage of Vidya and Jayasankar. I do not know Jayashankar personally but he appears to be good guy. Unlike the other characters in a marriage, he did not appear nervous. The worst parts I feel in these marriages are the videographers who gather around the bride and the groom filling most of the space, preventing the attendees witnessing the marriage. People say they help the family to see the marriage even after it is over and a minor interruption is permitted. I have mixed feelings on this topic.

I think I have covered many marriages in my blog but this was a bit different. I was asked by the relatives to shoot the video, interesting isn’t it?

The groom came early as always and sat on the stage after completing the dakshina rituals. The videographers were shooting every object they saw on the stage, even the bananas. An old grandmother sitting beside me was chatting with me about her son and his house warming ceremony. She was very fast in conveying her ideas and the interesting part was that she did not know who I was. I like such talkative people who are open to express their ideas. The groom was still on the stage twisting his hands to spend the time. He was of course nervous but he did not let it be exposed.

Women were passing comments on the groom comparing him with the bride. They always have complaints about the couple, no matter whether their families feel similar.

The stage was in front of the temple door with the couples facing the idol. The idea could be that they get the blessings of the god and spend their life happily.

I rotated the camera onto the direction where some of the people were pointing. Women with lamps in their hands were coming out of the temple door. They were all walking in a single row. I focused my camera onto the woman leading the line she was my aunt. Vidya is the daughter of her husband’s sister and according to the Hindu culture; she has the privilege to lead the marriage.

The women were all dressed in colorful sarees with flowers in their hairs. They crossed the stage and headed towards the stairs leading down to the other side of the temple. This queue of women with lamps in their hands is referred to as “talapoli”.

After some time the bride came with her father. He was wearing a red shirt holding her hand who was dressed in blue saree. The girl came to the stage and bowed before the audience. She looked at me, smiled and then bowed. I felt good to see a main character of the event bowing her head before me. Nandu was also besides me who was holding a mobile and jumping here and there to capture as much as he could. I spent most of my time capturing videos and Nandu's photographs are borrowed to share in the blog.

The priest came and did some poojas and then the marriage started and got over in few minutes after the groom placed a chain and a garland over the bride. Men are often observed with their hands shivering while they put the chain with a taali on the women, but in this case, it was a difference.

Bride is seen is different dresses during the marriage. She does a fashion show for the videographers and the photographers. I wonder how they could handle all this.

During the marriage ceremony, the rain god was bathing and the water stared filling the grounds making the ground worst to stay. After the marriage, the couples moved towards the hall where they could relax themselves in umbrellas. People standing at the end of the stage covering rushed inside as soon as they noticed water droplets making their attire wet. Nandu pointed at a girl sitting at the corridors of the temple and said that it is the one who was suggested to me for a marriage. He saw his mother discussing with some family members relating the girl and me and soon leaked the news to me. He as a brother passed the first test by giving me ample time to find some reasons to escape the marriage suggestion which could be introduced by my aunt before my parents.

We left home soon after we had the Sadya(term used for the serving in Malayalam marriages). The day was busy but I enjoyed a lot.


  1. Enjoyed reading you post..first time here and must say you have a lovely space..Nice wedding photos..Congrats to the newly wed couple...

  2. lovely post abhi,enjoyed reading each and every word of it... attending marriage is so much fun at times,get to meet lots of people,..lovely pics there & bride looks always beautiful...

  3. Visiting your blog after a long time. Very nice and interesting post with lovely wedding photos. Its always a great enjoyment, excitement and lots of fun to attend marriage. Enjoyed reading your post.

  4. I am here after a long gap ,nice photos and well written

  5. Wish you and your family a very Happy Janmashtami.

  6. The bride looks so pretty!! Your posts are always very interesting to read.

  7. Beautiful pic and writeup..enjoyed the read as always :)congrats on newly weds.

  8. Good to see a kerala wedding after a long time. I have mixed feelings about videographers as you call them. I love to have a recording of a special day but hate them it they block the auditorium. Is like rain. You don't like it when it muddies the road and you have to walk to where ever but if it does not rain for a while we are on our knees praying for it to pour. I think we should fashion auditoriums in a way where it can all be achieved with minimul disturbance. :) Just for the sake of a debate.. I understand the difficulties of having it all managed.

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment. Awaiting for your new post.

  10. oru kalyanam koodiyittu kore kaalamaayi.. i was thiking of my wedding when i saw this post..aake otta pradakshinamayirunnu..groom shud reach from calicut to guruvayoor temple. as im frm thrissur we reached 1hr before muhoortham..muhoortham aduthittum chekkan ethiyittilla..all wr tensed.dden at sharp muhooortham time they reached.. avade ulla aareyengilum samayathinu kettendi varum ennu vicharichu poyi.. :)


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