Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey! Tripunithura Athachamayam 2010 and now Onam

Jesus Christ was on the cross with his hands tied to the ends of the plus sign. He wanted to ask for some water or to get someone scratch his head but due to the ethics of his character, he kept mum. A drunken old man who was staring at the Christ started commenting. Jesus Christ was tight-lipped without responding to the words of the spectator and people were busy watching his appearance. Soon the volcano erupted and Jesus Christ said to the old man, “Let me finish the tableau and I am gona cut you off”. I remember this funny moment from the Athachamayam in 2009.

Athachamayam 2010 had more interesting tableaus and dance forms. I was attending an onam celebration when I saw Vipin moving outside the hall. To my question, he responded that the Athachamayam has started and will soon be crossing the North Fort Gate (Vadakkekotavathil). We were late and most of the dance forms have already crossed the way. The sun was showering his rays as never before and people had to depend on their umbrellas for shelter. I managed to split a queue and find a location from where I could capture the celebrations in my mobile. Athachamayam 2010 marks the start of Onam in 2010.

Janardhanan is busy surfing the internet. He has switched the speakers to their maximum volume playing the songs from the new Tamil movie Endhiran. I can hear them piercing the doors of my room crossing my ears with music “summa viduma”. I had idiappam as breakfast from a nearby uduppi hotel in Tripunithura. It is raining outside and Indian flags on the stores and auto rickshaws appear flying free passing the message of peace, freedom and unity. I logged into my Facebook account and saw many Independence Day wishes. I created the face book account due to the insistence from Gopu. I try to find time using it though I do not post much.

I managed to get inside the umbrella of a women standing beside me to keep me out of the hot sunrays. Women smiled at me to my intrusion with welcome. There were people gathered on both sides of the street watching attractions cross their eyes one after the other, making an unforgettable presence. To the people of Tripunitura, Athachamayam means a lot and they do not forget to attend it each year. I am lucky to witness these celebrations and I am sure I will not get these benefits in years to come.

(Puli kali dance by children)

The climate was too hot that was irritating the children performing the pulikali. Some of them had their makeups washed and tied scarfs over their head to avoid direct rays of sun.

(sun hitting hard on children)

(Tableau by National cadet Corps)

(Tableau of NCC)

(Amman thullal.. I think this dance form is called Amman thullal, not sure)

(This was a creative form of artistic presentation)

(Soorpanaka the sister of Raavan)

(Grass dancers and fishermen)

(peacock dance form)

(flower vase dancers)

(I figured that they used CDs to decorate it)

(dance form by another group)


(Karate demonstration)

(This karate is from the shotokan karate association)

(This ghost appears to be the maveli :) )

(Depiction of Britishers in India)

(march against drugs)

(Tableau on diseases)

(The Jumping dancers - They were seen rotating and revolving their bodies)

(This dance form resembles to the avatar and his bison aapa... not sure)

(This is dragon dance with people holding it from bottom)

(Elephant and the king tableau)

(Devi tableau)

(Monkeys playing tabla)

(This is Mahabali also referred as Maveli)

(This is a tableau featuring the change in society)

(Tableau depecting the problems of Farmers)

(children are trying to find a way between the athachamayam celebrations)

(Tableau on the plane crash that happened recently)

(Tableau on Accidents that are caused due to carelessness)

(tableau by Bharat petroleum)

(Tableau of a king killing a rakshasha(deamon))

(Otamthullal dance form)

(Tableau of Ganapathy)

(Tableau by Tripunithura Police in support of their night patrol)


  1. Atthachamayam photos kollam. I like the way you put the things. Onam is arrived,are you going to be in kerala.

  2. Fantastic picture post :) Lovely. You have take us to the occasion just as ever :)

  3. Eh? I don't recall that story about Jesus Christ in the bible...but haha, I can't even pronounce this occasion, but it looks like great fun! :-)

  4. *********--,_
    ,--;_/*******HAPPY INDEPENDENCE*_/*****.|*,/
    \__************** DAY **********'|****_/**_/*

    Wonderful pictures. Lovely occasion.

  5. Lovely post abhi and beautiful pics too...

  6. thanx for sharing the celebrations with usw

  7. it might have been so wonderful to attend this!

  8. Hi,I recently came across your blog and I have enjoyed reading.Nice blog. I thought I would share my views which may help others. I will keep visiting this blog very often.we can reach INVIGO

  9. Abhi, maine aapka nayaa blog dekha, I am still seeing Tripunithura with your mobile lens ;) ggod telecast boss.

    Avinash(aur kaun?)

  10. Wow... That is such an amazing collection of Onam pictures! Glad that the celebrations have not died..

  11. Beautful Pics :)

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