Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is waiting a problem for you and sometimes a necessity

I hope no one likes waiting, be it for a train ticket, exam hall ticket, collecting results, waiting for a movie to start, passing the time watching advertisements or waiting for someone expected. I do not like waiting even for 5 minutes. If I were the only creature in this world to have this habit, then earth would be the best places to live in; however, things are not as I expect. Today everyone is in the middle of a competition where he wants to be the forerunner than other by an advance step. Even in a competition, one can win only if the other loses. Accidents are reported regularly in newspapers and one of the reasons is people want to be faster, not even waiting for the regulatory traffic signals. Even if we try to be faster, there are times when we have to wait and the story starts here.

I reached Tripunithura railway station 15 minutes ago and was waiting for the train to arrive. It was Saturday and people filled the railway station. It appeared as if the entire town was there. I was expecting the train in 10 minutes when crashing my dream comes a message from the old broken loudspeaker, “We are expecting Venad express to be late by 75 minutes”. I thought that it would be better to visit my grandparents by tomorrow morning. While I was planning to leave home, it started raining unexpectedly. I had no raincoat, neither an umbrella and the only option left for me was to wait until the train arrives or the rain is over, whichever happens first.

People were busy chatting in the railway station and soon the roof started leaking with small droplets piercing the steel sheets. The gaps started increasing and soon the droplets changed to a bigger waterfall model. I saw a woman sitting on a bench in the platform besides the place where the water was showering with its full power. Everyone started moving away from the waterfalls except her.

Soon the rain becomes heavy and she left her position. I still remember her face that turned red watching the water touching her saree. I took my camera and shot several pictures of the roof leaking and the woman waiting besides it. As I said, people are always competing. As soon as they saw me taking photos a series of Sony, Samsung and Lg cameras were out. The woman was the topic of interest than the leaking roof of railway station. Roofs follow a rhythm and soon all of them imitated each other like companions leaking themselves more heavily than the latter.

I was in Mavellikkara as my sister was there with Aunt. We left for grandmother’s home in the morning. I received a call from another Aunt that her children will be waiting in the bus stop and I will have to pick them to home. Anju and I reached the bus stop and saw no one there. We came to know that the bus expected to reach was unavailable and the kids will be travelling after half an hour in another bus. We have no option other than waiting, as the kids were not able to figure the home by themselves.

Now I realise that waiting could be so boring. Anju do not speak much as I do and I had to bring new topics for discussion. Even though there was neither music system nor the laptop but the nature had enough to go through and spend the time. The light travelling across the trees appeared beautiful and worth watching.

After waiting for one hour, the kids showed their faces and then we decided to walk home. My grandparents live in a village that does not have regular service of transportation and legs are the best friends during such times. Ajay had his pocket filled with chewing gums and he shared them with us. Soon started the competitions to see who blows the bigger. I often find myself smaller when I am with the kids. They have a lot to say and to ask.

The day we visited the temple and as usual, I prayed and was soon outside. My sisters were busy inside the temple and Aunt chatting with some relatives whom she met in the temple. There was again no option for me rather than to wait for the entire family members to say “good bye” to the god.

This Sunday I was at Noufals marriage. Noufal lives with me in Ernakulam and his 2x7-love service ended in a marriage. We reached the auditorium by 12 Pm with no food from the morning. The stomach was crying for food and thus we greeted Noufal quickly and planned to head towards the lunch hall. Noufal’s brother asked us to wait as the hall was already fill with the people. They served us juice and we had to wait another 25 minutes. Waiting for the food to arrive, imagining its existence is interesting.

As soon as the hall was free, we headed towards the dining table and saw ghee rice and fried-roasted chicken. We attacked the food with eyes open and stomach empty. Soon the stomach filled its dark rooms and we felt tired. Though waiting was tiresome, the result was fantastic.

We were too tired to drive the car and thought to take rest before leaving the auditorium. I passed the time taking photographs. Gopika is Kavitas daughter who was dressed in red and had several matching colours to fill the background. She was happy to travel so long not bothered about the time she spent waiting in the auditorium.

As mentioned, there are instances where one is forced to wait. It is good to be fast but at the same time, it is always recommended to avoid damages.


  1. Interesting write up Abhi, Sometime waiting will do some goood. As this photos and writeup. I can't say i like waiting, one time my flight was canceled after 18 hours waiting in the airport due to some snow. So it happens in every once life.

  2. I dont bother to wait, that too meeting my family after many years even my flight gets cancelled or watever...Lovely clicks and i enjoyed reading..

    Btw ur q'n about brown rice, yeah exactly the same rice i used for making those fritters..

  3. Hi abhi, so nice to see your post after a long time...very lovely & interesting post...


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