Friday, July 16, 2010

Is there anyone for a strike?

I wrote the previous post on the way people have changed and their impatience causing accidents. While I was completing the article, I got a call from Dileep that his wife is hospitalised and going through an operation. The phone call was not clear and we were not able to know the cause of the accident. Jk and I rushed to the hospital as Dileep was alone and none of his relatives lived nearby. We figured the hospital and found Dileep with his son waiting for his wife to shift to the general ward.

We asked Dileep about the whereabouts of the accident and the cause. His wife was travelling in a bus to home. She enquired with the conductor about its stop at the Tripunithura bus stand and found that she has to be out at the next stop. Bus stopped and she was getting out through the exit door. Her leg was on the bus, and the vehicle started to move with a fast pace making her thrown to the other side. The rear wheel of the bus was soon on her legs and she was badly injured.

Kerala private bus

Dileep’s son Parthan is a naughty boy who was jumping on the bed and running on the floor. He was small enough to understand the situation. Dileep told me that his son has a habit of reading books and often writes stories. He has also started writing poems. Jk took Parthan and started chatting with him asking about his school and his daily life. I saw the boy, repeated the same set of questions unknowingly about his conversation, and got a reply “please ask others, this is repeated”. Children are smart!

Dileep’s wife was now in the general ward. Jk and I bought some food and water for her. She was explaining the tragedy and the careless behaviour of the bus drivers. She is an Ayurvedic doctor and it happened while she was returning from the hospital. A junior doctor accompanying her saw the incident and took her to the nearby hospital. She was pleased that the injuries were limited to her legs and that she was god gifted to escape from injuries in the head.

We came outside the room and Dileep narrated about his encounter with a reporter from a well-known newspaper. Dileep got a call about the incident from the junior doctor accompanying his wife and he rushed to the hospital. After arranging the operation, he was waiting outside the operation theatre when he heard a sound “tell me whatever you know”. Dileep moved his eyes towards the point from where the sound came and could see a man, drunk with a white mundu(dhoti) and a foul smelling shirt. He introduced himself as the reporter for x newspaper and started asking weird questions. Dileep told him that this is not the right time and he is not interested to talk with someone drunk. The man replied that they have the rights to ask anyone and at anytime and that does not matter whether he is drunk. Dileep said that it was hard to get rid of him.

Someone standing besides narrated a similar incident that happened few weeks ago when a child died due to a private bus. It is a serious issue and people should react against such incidents. We can see regular nonsense strikes that cause problems to everyone and that do not have a proper cause neither solution. There is no strike against these rash and irresponsible drivers.

Are people sleeping? Is there anyone for the strike?

I saw news coverage in several newspapers mentioning the incident with Dileep’ S wife who tried to make the issue big but I am not sure whether this gets a result.

Earlier when we used to leave home, our parents used to say please ride carefully but now they say, “Please be careful of the fellow riders”.


  1. ya very true, these bus drivers esp drive so rashly,they think the road just belongs to them.,,its no use actually telling anything, i dont think it will change ever....

  2. I totally agree with u, u are absolutely rite..they never change..

  3. It is sheer luck that she got with injuries only to the leg. However the driver's and conductors have no sense of any feeling towards their work. I don't think we need to strike for this cause. Strike is not solution for anything only to cause disturbance to public and public property. I wish there should be harsh rules so that for this carelessness they will loose their job. Then automatically they will be careful.

  4. Hi Abhi, very happy to see ur comments after a long time. Hope ur doing gr8!

    These rash drivers they never change even if we take great precautions during travelling, we do get injured at times. Hope she gets recovered soon.

    Like Swathi said strict punishment like loosing their job or cancelling their diver licence should be implemented.

  5. I am happy that your friends wife had a lucky escape. Unless the laws are strict and it is implemented it cannot be solved. We are always in a hurry and multitasking (with the urge to pick up the cell phone anytime it rings). Hope that everybody realize that safety cannot be compromised at the alter of urgency.

  6. Oh no! That sounds like a nasty scare...I'm glad your friend's wife is okay, and nothing worse happened. I hope this scared the driver enough to be more careful next time...and hope he tells that to his driver friends, too.

  7. Yep i am in for a strike....This type accidents has became a part of mallu's daily life..But i think traffic system has improved much better these days,but bus drivers attitude never change... Anyway Akku liked that bus pic..

  8. We need harsher rules.. right now none of them are punished..

    They also need to regulate the Private buses.. I do not think so many of them need to be on the road. There should be a gap between these buses so that there is no mad competition and specific places where they ought to stop while loading and unloading passengers.


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