Friday, April 23, 2010

Pallickyal Bharanikavu temple with amazing means of transportation

Cycle; to be more specific BSA SLR cycle was the one I used for riding to School. I made the cycle jump high on the stairs, swing on the corridors and participate in neighbourhood racing competitions. I felt cycle was the best medium of transportation. Later I got a bike and then started the era of high speed journeys. I believed it was the best means of transportation. This continued further to racing bikes, Cars and buses. Vehicles were and are always a craze for me.

(Photo credits to thedesignblog)

I visited my grandparents last week and saw people running towards the main road. I followed them and saw crowd on the road side. There were groups of people dancing in the middle of the road with flower vase on their shoulders. They were balancing this vase without a support from their hands and appeared as an advertisement for fevicol “Mazbooti ka jod hain, tootenga nahi” (sorry “chootenga nahi” in this case).

They were following by a group of 10 people playing drums and some tableau. Three elephants with two men each on their back were an attraction for the people. I realised then that elephants can also be a great means of transportation. I asked my Aunt and understood that these were the part of the Utsavam to be held at a nearby temple named pallickyal bharanikavu temple.

“Ulsavam”, called in Kerala is an annual festival celebrated to restore the divine powers of the deity, by performing pujas and rituals. These are followed by fireworks, illumination and art forms.

I went to the temple at 6 PM; met the goddess and discussed some personal issues. This time the temple was full of people. Goddess seems to have developed a new device that could record the prayers of all the fellow followers and she can use if for future reference. She is fed of doing multitasking jobs and understood the importance of technology in life. Vishvakarma has opened a new IT division that supplies devices to the God and Goddess. He completed his course at IIT with a MBA in infrastructure and human resource management from university of heaven.

The utsavam started with Kacheri(a group of people singing carnatic songs) and some old grandfather’s gathered around the stage. The ground appeared full with the children and some teenagers wearing tight, torn jeans and T-shirts exposing valuables.

Children were busy spending the money they receive this day for purchasing ice-cream and hydrogen balloons. Ladies were busy in purchasing cosmetics and teenagers in watching them buy these things. Group discussions were held among old woman who were discussing about the serials and neighbourhood quarrels. They have such regular sessions during the day called as “ayilkootam”. The concept of ayilkootam started to make the ladies busy in preparing dishes and other needy items and sell them to nearby shops making a profit of their own but later this ended as a venue for neighbourhood competitions and quarrels.

Utsavam started by 8 PM when the sun went for dinner and sleep. It was too dark with mild illumination by the decorative lights and fireworks that were lit after a gap of 10-20 seconds. Goddess was brought on the shoulders of the priests dancing and entering the temple. After that a series of folk dance groups occupies the space on the ground and people gathered to see their unique skills.

The main attraction were the elephants decorated with nettipattam(decorative headdress) and umbrellas. I managed to capture some images in the night mode. The elephants lined on the ground and people started moving back making way for the elephants. They appeared gigantic bodies emitting the royal spirits. Elephants later entered the temple and tableau’s filled the ground in their absence.

The celebration was nice and I was happy to witness it. I have got an instruction from my mother that I should not go home by bike. She is feared whether I will encounter another accident. I expect to convince her soon.


  1. Wooow!!Abhi,,nice writing about utsavam held in ur grandparents town hope u enjoyed the celebration and hear ur mother's words and take care of urself while driving the bike..

  2. Abhi,

    Njan ithu vayichapoll or kuti ayi thonni. It brought back the memories of utsavam at my father's place. I remember one funny thing happens during one of utsavam days. My cousin,me and aunt went to watch kathakalli story was about Mahabharata. When Bheema character appeared with small Gadda( His weapon)my cousin asked aunt "He is big, why he carries a small gadda". Aunt told him, he didn't get time to buy big one. At that time i didn't felt funny. Now remembering that i will laugh.Anyway nice write up.

  3. Oh My !! oru pooram kanda kaalam marannu...this time also I'll miss them since we are going home only in June :( thanks for sharing those pictures, Abhi

  4. Love the tech-savvy goddess :)...great pictures Abhi...thanks for sharing all these awesome celebration pictures.

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  6. lovely post abhi, ...where are you?not to be seen now a days..

  7. എല്ലാ ഉത്സവങ്ങള്ളും ഒരുപൊലെയല്ല.... ചിലത്‌ ഇങ്ങനെയും ഉണ്ട്‌.......

    ....എനിക്ക്‌ മാഷിണ്റ്റെ ബ്ളൊഗ്‌ ഇഷ്ട്പെട്ടു.......... എന്താ മാഷിനു പണി??

  8. Great pictures and lovely post!!


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