Friday, April 2, 2010

Memorizing a fools day and introduction of Anjali

Yesterday was an April fool’s day. My sister tries several tricks to make me a fool on April 1st. I forget my mobile at home that saved me from being hoodwinked. I went home and saw her message that says “Happy Birthday” :). I navigated several websites and went through the orkut profile where I found that my “college love” got married recently. I am happy, a bit sad but this is not April fool news!

I understand you are not familiar with my sister. My sister Anjali is a beautiful girl, a bit childish and sensitive who loves me a lot. Her interest lies in clothes and traveling. We used to quarrel whole day when we were at home but now I miss her and her mischievous conduct.

(My sister Anjali)

The quarreling used to start with television serials. I still remember that she liked some cartoons named “Dora” and “Power puff girls” which were merely puppet shows in my view. The victim of our quarrel was the TV remote control that used to fall and rise several times from the tiled floor. The only cartoon we enjoyed together was “Tom and Jerry”. I liked action movies whereas she was happy with comedy movies. My mother wasted half of her energy shouting at both of us and now complaints about the absence she experiences when I am far from home.

Everyday my father used to bring eatables when he returned from his office. Each item had to be shared equal as my sister would always compare the shares before they are divided. She never complained if I get a small piece or equal share but would start a quarrel if things are vice versa. Our choices were opposite in some cases as she like to eat spicy foods and I loved sweet dishes.

I remember the last time when my sister and my mother visited Kerala during her vacations and her eyes filled with tears on the departure. She said that she misses me at home and everything appears boring. She says that now she has complete control of TV and nothing has to be shared but she is never satisfied with what she is enjoying now.

I was also a teacher for her; a strict teacher. I used to teach her mathematics and she would get a pinch for every wrong calculation she made carelessly. She always made some mistakes and the final result of teaching session will be her loud cries.

Her favorite childhood dialogue was “amme njyan ini enthu chaiyana”( Mom, what should I do next). If she decides for something she would leave people after getting that accomplished. This habit prevailed from her childhood, when she was a baby and would sit on the ground crying and beating her legs until the thing she wished was granted. Now things have changed and she has become more matured but the incidents still prevail in my memories.

Our quarrel was in words and slight pushing but we never had a cat dog fight. I remember my friend Utsav who came to college with scratches on his face. We thought that it was due to his encounter with some cat but later came to know it was a result of the quarrel between him and his sister. I was really astonished to see the love both had for each other.

I hope all sisters and brothers quarrel and they may be even severe than Utsav and his sister but their love from each other is unquantifiable and extreme.


  1. Good to know about a brother-sister love-hate,mostly-love relationship. I don't have a brother, but always wished I had an elder brother who would pamper me with love and gifts.

    And your sister is indeed a very beautiful girl.Growing up and drifting away is always painful. I miss not being close to my parents or younger sister. But that is life and we all have to be content with what future has in store for us.

  2. Brother-sister relationship is a very spl bond, i can understand how your sis must be feeling staying away from you..i dont have a brother but i do understand what it is to stay far away from your loved ones....and happy easter abhi

  3. Dear Abhi,
    Good Morning!
    After coming from Sree Ayyappa Temple,I feel fresh and energetic.Your love for Anjali and parents reflect so honestly.You reminded me my ettan who is in dubai now.I have three brothers and one sissy.Ettan being the eldest,is always so caring and loving.He always gets us the best of gifts!his selection so pretty.Amma has written a poem for eetan.I always Achan and Amma love ettan or aniyan,more!
    Now,if I don't stop here,this will turn out to be a long post on my childhood memories!:)
    Anjali looks pretty and cheerful!May God bless you with strong bond of love and care!
    By the way,let your college love have a beautful future!
    Abhi,move forward and keep the memories in a treasure box.:)They will still give colour to the moments of loneliness!
    Wishing you a Happy And Wonderful Easter!

  4. That is true brother sister bond is very special... even I have a brother younger to me and we used to always fight for the TV remote ... your sister looks very beautiful :)

  5. Very true. I miss my sister badly. She got married two years back and since then it life has been so boring. I did have fun for the first few months after she left. The room was mine, the computer was only for me and so on.. Loved all the attention at home. But later I realized all the fun had gone. At this moment after reading this post, I am feeling so nostalgic and lonely :(

  6. hope your sister sees this! actually its very sweet even though i see a fight after she reads this ;)

  7. A single kid myself always loved to have a brother or sister.After reading this post i feel more. Missed reading ur post for a long time Abhi.Had been on a vacation to India!

  8. a sweet sister to complement a sweet brother! May God bless you both..

    ur fights reminds me of the ones that my children have.. the only difference being that the daughter is the eldest and girls can really be bossy!

    guess all of us had our share of fights amongst siblings.. but blood remains thicker than water :)

  9. Long live all the brother-sister relationships on earth! :)

  10. I always used to envy all my friends who had elder brothers :-) Your sis is a beautiful love to her..and happy Vishu,though a bit late :D

  11. thanks 4 this cheta , i never thought that u loved me so much, my friend abhirami enjoyed reading this...., and she is suggesting 4 a better photo....... any way it is really a cool one... love u and miss u a lot....


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