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Is mustache a symbol of global prestige? An eye opener by bloggers exposing reality

The title of this post fulfills its purpose through your comments. It will be an eye opener for the readers written by bloggers. It is a different post than my ordinary posts and will help me take a decision.

I was at a temple in Tamarakulam village in Alapuzha district of Kerala, walking with my grandmother, visiting each god and goddess. Grandmother maintains a good relationship with them and kept chatting for hours. I think they were discussing about the climax of regular TV serials, reality shows, and neighborhood marriages. Finally we are out of the temple and walking towards home.

While walking an aunt noticed my grandmother and started chatting, enquiring about her health. She saw me and asked where I was studying and for which course. My grandmother replied that I am an engineer and working in Cochin.

The lady started on my face and asked “Is it?” I was happy to hear that I still appear young as a college boy.

We continued further and met another lady who spoiled the happiness with her exciting question. She enquired my grandmother whether I was her son in law. This time I was the one to stare at the woman with the question “enthu kudumbam ithu saar” (I like this dialogue by the tamil comedian).

So the conclusion from both cases is that people cannot judge age by the way others appear.

I am asked by several friends in South, colleagues and relatives why I do not let my mustache grow? They insist that I should grow my mustache. My mother does not support this debate and she says that it is not the right age for me to grow mustache.

So I decided to keep this question in front of you guys and ask you what you feel about the idea of growing mustache.

There can be several theories on why people grow mustache? I think the following:

A. They want to be a successor to Veerappan.
B. They cannot forget gabber singh in Sholay and Crur singh in chandrakantha.
C. They are following the South Indian movie stars.
D. People believe that man-ly behavior can be generated through mustache.
E. They want the mustache to act as a shield, filtering the eatables and liquid before entering the mouth.
F. It will help people appear matured
G. People think mustache is a real sign of Royal prestige.

I would appreciate any theories that make you think why people grow mustache and a comment on me growing one.


  1. Well..Like how long hair sets apart a woman from man, i think "mush" makes a man appear manly? Well I do like when men/actors have some fuzz on the face. The Telugu Superstar Ram Charan Teja who is about your age, has a Mush and some fuzz on the looks fabulous, i think! So if you wish to grow one you should. Don't let Mom come in the way of your personal preference.

  2. Abhi,

    Don't worry about having mush and not having one. If you wish you can have it. Without mush means they are not man if that is the case Sharukh, Akshay even amir khan will have very much problem. My hubby have it. So if you want go for it. Don't worry about others they are very much into interfering others life.

  3. Very funny theories Abhi especially the one about succeeding Veerapan!....I really don't know what to day :(..I think you must decide.

  4. Hello Abhi,
    Very good theories.....In my school n collage days i use to like a man with big big mustache,all my friends use to laugh at me saying that i like only old man's. Even i force my father have, still he don't shave them. after few years past my thinking also got changed, when it came to choose person for my life i decide that he should not have MUSTACHE. Nowadays i don't like people with mustache... So in my opinion, the person dont have mustache they look smarter then the person who's having mustache... Now the call is your's u have decide what to do..:-)

  5. You know what???!!! forget all these theories. As guys, you have the ability to grow a mush and beard, so try different styles. freak out. :) maintain them for a while if you think it suits you else remove it. I love Surya's new style. I used to admire Rob's(Pogo- mad program anchor) classic beard. Some times I even admire the little fly like bread that guys have ;)

    Beard and mush is one thing that can change a guy's appearance totally. :) It definitely does not reflect his personality and judging a person with his looks is really bad. So forget all that and enjoy. After you grow old you really cant try all these... So don't delay. :)

    Aamir says he does not resemble his passport photograph for more than six months. ;) isn't that wow.. You just have one life, then y stay the same??? experiment!!!! :)

  6. Hi, Abhi I had visited ur blog before(2days back) very interesting. Hope u have recovered from the accident.Is it HN47 that is shown in the picture??
    Travelling in Kerala has become a night mare for me when I come to India. This time I did not go to EKM from my place just because of this (for shopping and also visit some relatives.
    Regarding the mustache, according to my opinion since u are young now if u keep one, u will look very matured.That childish look will be fully lost. Ur mother will be very surprised to think "oh my son is grown up now" U can keep them around 27++ or the time when u think "OK, now I am ready to get married".
    Then ur mom will think " I must find a good partner for my son, he is very matured now". Howzz that???
    You can ask ur friends too.
    Later after marriage u can ask ur best friend(wife). Which style she likes.
    When u become older say 30+ u try to become younger my removing or even trimming it very down, or even keeping French beard.This is because of the feeling that "my good old days are over, I wish if I was still young""
    This time is not very far my friend..becoz time is just flying by..
    So I suggest try to follow what ur mom says and be a good boy.

  7. You look so different having a mustache,but there are no theories behind it, one can grow if they feel its suits them,..not a issue at all

  8. I think we use moustache than mustache which is probably American way of writing.

    Then the present moustache doesnt suit you, I think upto 30 years u may better looking and smart when clean shaven, or try the usual Malayali moustache no trimming from upper and cover fully down nose region. Present style u look like a BSc student of 1980s , not current style anyway, immediately shave it.

  9. I O is that u.. I thought some relative of urs(big brother)

  10. First thing i cldn't stop my laughing while reading the conversation between ur GM and the 2 ladies asking about,,first time u were happy next time how ur facial expression cld hv changed at that time ah,,, i can't believe that ur pic with moustache like 80's actors,,,

  11. Abhi, Hope your leg is fine by now...It depends how ur gf/wife wants to see you...:P .....

  12. your theories..I too do not know what they really are for :D My hubby is clean shaven and every time people ask him, are you here to attend the school (here they say school instead of university !)

  13. The attraction towards moustache is more out of cultural practice. Each culture had its own notion about dressing and styling and moustache is one of it. In south a big moustache is always identified with masculinity and bravado. Now with the cultural remixes, the style gets redefined... and also the notion revolving around things like moushtache.

    Btw> you look good without moushtache ;). Atleast the one in pic does not suit you :P

  14. I prefer the "clean shaven" type...mustache might be a symbol of prestige, but also "OLD".

  15. Hi bro, I am a first time visitor to your blog, visiting via Indiblogger. As far as your theory of mustache is concerned, it is bound to be there for men but your theory is very interesting and well written.

  16. What an interesting topic !!I enjoyed reading all the comments of my blogger friends above .I feel it is an individual preference.

  17. Listen to your internal voice: Do I like or not? If you like it, forget about what others say. A man has to be happy with who is is;
    with a moustache or without it.
    I grew up one. I have all kind of comments, good and bad, BUT, at the end i feel happier with my moustache.
    By the way, you looked great in that photo with
    moustache. I woulnd't change a thing.

  18. ABHI, I think you look great with a moustache.
    There is some misterious thing about it.


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