Saturday, April 17, 2010

Changing the Morals from old stories with real time experiences and remixed versions

This time he was focused on the objects in front of his eyes. He headed on the highway leaving behind each house and vehicle on the road side. He was noting very old houses, reminding him of the ones he saw in the old movies. Everywhere the multitude of small balconies attested to the demand of cleanliness, as no one ever appeared on them except to hang their laundries. He continued his journey on the highway that was sparkling high, with its never mended and ruined whereabouts. The roads appeared as if they were constructed keeping in mind the scarcity of water that may arise after centuries. Road had two to three big holes capable to handle 4-5 liters of water. It was a marvelous depiction of the Indian engineering capabilities.

(Photo credits Team-BHP)

He was about to reach Harippad with an auto rickshaw riding besides him. It was not 10.30 for the old grandfather and grandmothers in kerala to start running in front of the roads, crossing them without noticing the traffic, showing their gymnastic abilities, however it was late for him to understand that this town was famous for the careless people. As he moved towards the highway he saw himself on the ground with helmet out of his head, his byke on one leg and the other leg on the hot silencer.

He used his mental strength to understand that the auto driver took a right turn without considering the fellow bike rider. The bike rider had no way to stop the vehicle and it hit hard on the auto making him fall aside in the middle of the highway road. He got up and took his bike and walked towards the road side to see the damages, the Michael Schumacher in Auto rickshaw had caused to him and his vehicle. He was surprised to see the broken side mirrors, bent handle, scratched leg guards, and jammed gears, brakes and torn foot rest.

He searched around for the cause of the accident and found the person, dressed like Dhanush in tamil films wearing a shirt above a T-shirt, with a pappu-munna smile on his face. The bike driver had no words to convey to the auto driver and he started searching for a nearest workshop. People around the roads, especially girls started staring at this boy with the bike as if he was a hero returning from an action stunt sequence.

He found a nearest workshop and the owner took the bike and gave it for repairing. The auto driver was not visible even within the reach of binoculars, made especially for James bond 007. A fellow person witnessing the incident took the boy to a nearest hotel and purchased him some cold water and said him to relax. He asked him whether he need to go to a hospital but the boy nodded his head to signify that it is not necessary.

As an anxiety the boy raised his pants to find whether he was fine and was shocked to see the legs burned from bottom to top. The top flesh had left his skin on the right leg giving him a slight pain. The left leg was paining at the little finger and appeared as if it was broken. His entire body started paining within no short time. He managed to carry his vehicle home and applied an ointment purchased from a medical store on the road side.

I do not think it is necessary for me to say, but you can understand that the boy was none other than me. The burn was severe and the pain started increasing with time. I went to a nearby hospital with my grandfather where the doctor wrapped my left leg with a tight bandage. A beautiful nurse applied 4 heavy injections on my worthy locations passing a cute smile as if to ease the pain after her work. Everything appeared like an action movie and I felt a troublesome feeling when the nurse moved her hands roughly on the wound that was caused due to the burning from the silencer. The pain cannot be described and the feeling expressed that happened during this real-life-story.

The outcome of the accident was wounds on the legs, smile from the beautiful nurse, serious issues with the vehicle and an eye opener and correction to the moral from old stories.

The moral of this story is that “ Riding safe is not the only thing a vehicle driver should take care of , rather he should also try to make his fellow drivers understand the fact.”


  1. Haioooooooooooo... :( Take care Abhi. :(

  2. Oh thats sad, do take good rest abhi, take care..

  3. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    It's really sad!I just can't look at the photos!
    Abhi,take care and take complete rest.
    I was wondering where have you disappeared.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

  4. Omg, Abhi its really sad to know...WIshing you a speed recovery and take prayers are with u my bro..:)

  5. Abhi,

    Sorry to hear about your wound. Nothing we can do every year people elect bunch of politicians thinking they are going to get good road, electricity and other essential daily life thing, however, they have no time to take care of anything other than filling their pocket with money. Resulting roads become small ponds and innocent people falling into them like poor cows and other animals.

    Praying for a speedy recovery.

  6. Abhi,, Sooo sad paa take care of urself u met with an accident went to hospital n did sighting the nurse,,,,,hmmmmmm!!!!! first time here to your blog i saw you in few food blogs everybody is women's n u will be guy surprise to see u,,i taught u got food blog after came here only know ur personal nice collection of memories...Take care of urself .

  7. Thank God you are safe Abhi... pray for a speedy recovery..

    the bike looks good and the color very good but can you sell it and use some other ways to move arnd? the Kerala roads are becoming more dangerous each day, specially for the 2 wheelers and drivers are ruthless...

  8. Really scared to see the wound...anyhow you're recovering, do take care Abhi....

  9. Hope u recover fast and get back to normal.Take good care of yourself.

  10. OMG...Take care Abhi..Get well soon
    Autorickshas are the the major reason in making the city traffic so horrible..

  11. Hello, my first time to ur blog. U have very interesting blog.. happy to follow u..
    take care:-)

  12. Helllooooo!!! Abhi... hw r u ter ?..hw s ur leg pain n injuries?..btw am not swathy ,,my name is are always thinking about Swathy ahh..

  13. oh no! that's bad.. always hated this auto drivers quick turns. btw should say you wrote it so well and wonder how you managed the humor even at this point!

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