Friday, April 23, 2010

Pallickyal Bharanikavu temple with amazing means of transportation

Cycle; to be more specific BSA SLR cycle was the one I used for riding to School. I made the cycle jump high on the stairs, swing on the corridors and participate in neighbourhood racing competitions. I felt cycle was the best medium of transportation. Later I got a bike and then started the era of high speed journeys. I believed it was the best means of transportation. This continued further to racing bikes, Cars and buses. Vehicles were and are always a craze for me.

(Photo credits to thedesignblog)

I visited my grandparents last week and saw people running towards the main road. I followed them and saw crowd on the road side. There were groups of people dancing in the middle of the road with flower vase on their shoulders. They were balancing this vase without a support from their hands and appeared as an advertisement for fevicol “Mazbooti ka jod hain, tootenga nahi” (sorry “chootenga nahi” in this case).

They were following by a group of 10 people playing drums and some tableau. Three elephants with two men each on their back were an attraction for the people. I realised then that elephants can also be a great means of transportation. I asked my Aunt and understood that these were the part of the Utsavam to be held at a nearby temple named pallickyal bharanikavu temple.

“Ulsavam”, called in Kerala is an annual festival celebrated to restore the divine powers of the deity, by performing pujas and rituals. These are followed by fireworks, illumination and art forms.

I went to the temple at 6 PM; met the goddess and discussed some personal issues. This time the temple was full of people. Goddess seems to have developed a new device that could record the prayers of all the fellow followers and she can use if for future reference. She is fed of doing multitasking jobs and understood the importance of technology in life. Vishvakarma has opened a new IT division that supplies devices to the God and Goddess. He completed his course at IIT with a MBA in infrastructure and human resource management from university of heaven.

The utsavam started with Kacheri(a group of people singing carnatic songs) and some old grandfather’s gathered around the stage. The ground appeared full with the children and some teenagers wearing tight, torn jeans and T-shirts exposing valuables.

Children were busy spending the money they receive this day for purchasing ice-cream and hydrogen balloons. Ladies were busy in purchasing cosmetics and teenagers in watching them buy these things. Group discussions were held among old woman who were discussing about the serials and neighbourhood quarrels. They have such regular sessions during the day called as “ayilkootam”. The concept of ayilkootam started to make the ladies busy in preparing dishes and other needy items and sell them to nearby shops making a profit of their own but later this ended as a venue for neighbourhood competitions and quarrels.

Utsavam started by 8 PM when the sun went for dinner and sleep. It was too dark with mild illumination by the decorative lights and fireworks that were lit after a gap of 10-20 seconds. Goddess was brought on the shoulders of the priests dancing and entering the temple. After that a series of folk dance groups occupies the space on the ground and people gathered to see their unique skills.

The main attraction were the elephants decorated with nettipattam(decorative headdress) and umbrellas. I managed to capture some images in the night mode. The elephants lined on the ground and people started moving back making way for the elephants. They appeared gigantic bodies emitting the royal spirits. Elephants later entered the temple and tableau’s filled the ground in their absence.

The celebration was nice and I was happy to witness it. I have got an instruction from my mother that I should not go home by bike. She is feared whether I will encounter another accident. I expect to convince her soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is mustache a symbol of global prestige? An eye opener by bloggers exposing reality

The title of this post fulfills its purpose through your comments. It will be an eye opener for the readers written by bloggers. It is a different post than my ordinary posts and will help me take a decision.

I was at a temple in Tamarakulam village in Alapuzha district of Kerala, walking with my grandmother, visiting each god and goddess. Grandmother maintains a good relationship with them and kept chatting for hours. I think they were discussing about the climax of regular TV serials, reality shows, and neighborhood marriages. Finally we are out of the temple and walking towards home.

While walking an aunt noticed my grandmother and started chatting, enquiring about her health. She saw me and asked where I was studying and for which course. My grandmother replied that I am an engineer and working in Cochin.

The lady started on my face and asked “Is it?” I was happy to hear that I still appear young as a college boy.

We continued further and met another lady who spoiled the happiness with her exciting question. She enquired my grandmother whether I was her son in law. This time I was the one to stare at the woman with the question “enthu kudumbam ithu saar” (I like this dialogue by the tamil comedian).

So the conclusion from both cases is that people cannot judge age by the way others appear.

I am asked by several friends in South, colleagues and relatives why I do not let my mustache grow? They insist that I should grow my mustache. My mother does not support this debate and she says that it is not the right age for me to grow mustache.

So I decided to keep this question in front of you guys and ask you what you feel about the idea of growing mustache.

There can be several theories on why people grow mustache? I think the following:

A. They want to be a successor to Veerappan.
B. They cannot forget gabber singh in Sholay and Crur singh in chandrakantha.
C. They are following the South Indian movie stars.
D. People believe that man-ly behavior can be generated through mustache.
E. They want the mustache to act as a shield, filtering the eatables and liquid before entering the mouth.
F. It will help people appear matured
G. People think mustache is a real sign of Royal prestige.

I would appreciate any theories that make you think why people grow mustache and a comment on me growing one.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Changing the Morals from old stories with real time experiences and remixed versions

This time he was focused on the objects in front of his eyes. He headed on the highway leaving behind each house and vehicle on the road side. He was noting very old houses, reminding him of the ones he saw in the old movies. Everywhere the multitude of small balconies attested to the demand of cleanliness, as no one ever appeared on them except to hang their laundries. He continued his journey on the highway that was sparkling high, with its never mended and ruined whereabouts. The roads appeared as if they were constructed keeping in mind the scarcity of water that may arise after centuries. Road had two to three big holes capable to handle 4-5 liters of water. It was a marvelous depiction of the Indian engineering capabilities.

(Photo credits Team-BHP)

He was about to reach Harippad with an auto rickshaw riding besides him. It was not 10.30 for the old grandfather and grandmothers in kerala to start running in front of the roads, crossing them without noticing the traffic, showing their gymnastic abilities, however it was late for him to understand that this town was famous for the careless people. As he moved towards the highway he saw himself on the ground with helmet out of his head, his byke on one leg and the other leg on the hot silencer.

He used his mental strength to understand that the auto driver took a right turn without considering the fellow bike rider. The bike rider had no way to stop the vehicle and it hit hard on the auto making him fall aside in the middle of the highway road. He got up and took his bike and walked towards the road side to see the damages, the Michael Schumacher in Auto rickshaw had caused to him and his vehicle. He was surprised to see the broken side mirrors, bent handle, scratched leg guards, and jammed gears, brakes and torn foot rest.

He searched around for the cause of the accident and found the person, dressed like Dhanush in tamil films wearing a shirt above a T-shirt, with a pappu-munna smile on his face. The bike driver had no words to convey to the auto driver and he started searching for a nearest workshop. People around the roads, especially girls started staring at this boy with the bike as if he was a hero returning from an action stunt sequence.

He found a nearest workshop and the owner took the bike and gave it for repairing. The auto driver was not visible even within the reach of binoculars, made especially for James bond 007. A fellow person witnessing the incident took the boy to a nearest hotel and purchased him some cold water and said him to relax. He asked him whether he need to go to a hospital but the boy nodded his head to signify that it is not necessary.

As an anxiety the boy raised his pants to find whether he was fine and was shocked to see the legs burned from bottom to top. The top flesh had left his skin on the right leg giving him a slight pain. The left leg was paining at the little finger and appeared as if it was broken. His entire body started paining within no short time. He managed to carry his vehicle home and applied an ointment purchased from a medical store on the road side.

I do not think it is necessary for me to say, but you can understand that the boy was none other than me. The burn was severe and the pain started increasing with time. I went to a nearby hospital with my grandfather where the doctor wrapped my left leg with a tight bandage. A beautiful nurse applied 4 heavy injections on my worthy locations passing a cute smile as if to ease the pain after her work. Everything appeared like an action movie and I felt a troublesome feeling when the nurse moved her hands roughly on the wound that was caused due to the burning from the silencer. The pain cannot be described and the feeling expressed that happened during this real-life-story.

The outcome of the accident was wounds on the legs, smile from the beautiful nurse, serious issues with the vehicle and an eye opener and correction to the moral from old stories.

The moral of this story is that “ Riding safe is not the only thing a vehicle driver should take care of , rather he should also try to make his fellow drivers understand the fact.”

Friday, April 2, 2010

Memorizing a fools day and introduction of Anjali

Yesterday was an April fool’s day. My sister tries several tricks to make me a fool on April 1st. I forget my mobile at home that saved me from being hoodwinked. I went home and saw her message that says “Happy Birthday” :). I navigated several websites and went through the orkut profile where I found that my “college love” got married recently. I am happy, a bit sad but this is not April fool news!

I understand you are not familiar with my sister. My sister Anjali is a beautiful girl, a bit childish and sensitive who loves me a lot. Her interest lies in clothes and traveling. We used to quarrel whole day when we were at home but now I miss her and her mischievous conduct.

(My sister Anjali)

The quarreling used to start with television serials. I still remember that she liked some cartoons named “Dora” and “Power puff girls” which were merely puppet shows in my view. The victim of our quarrel was the TV remote control that used to fall and rise several times from the tiled floor. The only cartoon we enjoyed together was “Tom and Jerry”. I liked action movies whereas she was happy with comedy movies. My mother wasted half of her energy shouting at both of us and now complaints about the absence she experiences when I am far from home.

Everyday my father used to bring eatables when he returned from his office. Each item had to be shared equal as my sister would always compare the shares before they are divided. She never complained if I get a small piece or equal share but would start a quarrel if things are vice versa. Our choices were opposite in some cases as she like to eat spicy foods and I loved sweet dishes.

I remember the last time when my sister and my mother visited Kerala during her vacations and her eyes filled with tears on the departure. She said that she misses me at home and everything appears boring. She says that now she has complete control of TV and nothing has to be shared but she is never satisfied with what she is enjoying now.

I was also a teacher for her; a strict teacher. I used to teach her mathematics and she would get a pinch for every wrong calculation she made carelessly. She always made some mistakes and the final result of teaching session will be her loud cries.

Her favorite childhood dialogue was “amme njyan ini enthu chaiyana”( Mom, what should I do next). If she decides for something she would leave people after getting that accomplished. This habit prevailed from her childhood, when she was a baby and would sit on the ground crying and beating her legs until the thing she wished was granted. Now things have changed and she has become more matured but the incidents still prevail in my memories.

Our quarrel was in words and slight pushing but we never had a cat dog fight. I remember my friend Utsav who came to college with scratches on his face. We thought that it was due to his encounter with some cat but later came to know it was a result of the quarrel between him and his sister. I was really astonished to see the love both had for each other.

I hope all sisters and brothers quarrel and they may be even severe than Utsav and his sister but their love from each other is unquantifiable and extreme.
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