Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ernakulam KFC broke hearts, reached KR bakers for heart filling dinner

Ajay is now in Ernakulam. He is the son of my Aunt who accompanied me to Ernakulam this weekend to celebrate his vacations. We went to KFC Cochin with a plan to have a bucket of chicken. Kentucky fried chicken started its branch in Ernakulam recently. KFC Ernakulam is in the left hand side while moving from Vaitilla to Edapally. KFC Ernakulam occupies two floors of the shopping complex whereas the rest is used by gold suppliers. “We”, the usage consist of Jk, Ashok, Dileep, Ajay and I.

We entered KFC and Ashok ordered two buckets of chicken. We managed to find a suitable place on the second floor. There were many people in groups, chatting and enjoying the chicken by KFC. We started taking chicken pieces one after the other and soon found the bucket empty; however none seemed to satisfy his stomach. Dileep confirmed his dissatisfaction through his weird facial expressions and they were further iterated and confirmed by Ashok through his words. Ashok suggested visiting another hotel named KR bakers near Vaitilla, Cochin for completion of the process for dinner.

Jk was last but not the least when it came to opinions. He reported his feedback with a comment that KFC’s bucket is not worth a purchase and further added his comments praising the bucket he uses at home for bathing. I as always have no opinions and feedback, however I was also half filled when it came to satisfaction. It was a new experience for Ajay and he thought preserving his position by keeping mum.

Ashok mentioned his KFC meal three times a day continuously for months while his stay in Singapore. He said that there were no hotels available near to his residence and he had to depend on KFC meal. He soon become fat and started experiencing serious health issues.

We were able to catch the attention of the people in KFC Cochin through our laughs and jokes. Jk suggested to start a small store in front of KFC that serves good food, and that can satisfy the people who are out from KFC enjoying their in-EXPENSIVE food. I am sure none of us enjoyed the KFC chicken and the bucket but we were able to spend the time creatively laughing and remembering old incidents.

We went to KR bakers and ordered one full tandoor chicken. Dileep, Ashok and I ordered roti while Jk ate Naan and Ajay was satisfied with parotta. While the food was getting ready we restarted our chatting session which was halted at KFC. Ashok mentioned his experience about the taxi drivers when he was in Mumbai. He said that 90% of the taxi drivers in Mumbai are guanine and charge the amount as per the meter readings. Dileep said that the travelling in auto rickshaw is worse in Tamil nadu.

The discussion was further focused on Mumbai and life in Mumbai. Each of us shared their experience with the people. Ashok also happen to mention a rare incident that took place when he was in Delhi. He said that he was dropped to the Delhi railway station by an auto driver at 50 rupees and during his return he was asked for 100 rupees by another driver. He started negotiating; however no positive results were noticed and he decided to move in search of another driver. A police man watching this situation called Ashok and enquired the problem. After identifying the cause he personally helped Ashok travel in the Auto with the rate he gave when he came to the railway station.

The dinner was heavy but we enjoyed it. The month was very busy and I missed my kitchen completely. I plan to resume the operations by next month.


  1. Nothing much to comment as am a Veggie :P Good to know that you enjoyed the Desi khanna over the much hyped up Videshi khana :P

  2. Even i love kfc chicken, but dont have it often as it contains a lot of fat, can have it once in a while...i prefer MC donalds instead,but best is our indian restarant.....

  3. For me KFC never...:-(( glad that you enjoyed KFC food...

  4. I too don't go for KFC kind of foods for a whole meal, these are not filling and adds only a extra calories...nice to know that there are people like me :)

  5. so finally KFC has arrived!

    KFC's can charm u only for the moment... nd initially I never liked it's bland taste and the only saving item was the coleslaw...

  6. KFC oru sheelmakenda,its very addictive..Mahi was a gr8 fan of these,athinte result blood workilum kandu,so ippo kfc once in a month only,here KFC and Mc Donalds r next to mt home.,so control vidathe nokkanam..he he...

  7. i too agree with Vrinda...its really addictive..pakshe kaanumbozhe ullil odi kayaran thonnum.. :)ippo pine kochine nokkalaayathukondu thrissurinu porathu pokaane tharamilla..

  8. Oh yeah, so true..All these fast foods are quite addictive and will kill you eventually,lol....

  9. its very tasty


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