Friday, March 26, 2010

Aloo ka paratha by Abhi, Experts are back to the kitchen

After a long gap from the kitchen and cooking, yesterday we decided to cook something delicious. My cousin who is now in Cochin suggested the idea of aloo ka paratha. I am lazy these days and that is a reason I suspend cooking for some time. I called Jk and we left office early, bought vegetables and wheat flour for cooking aloo ka paratha. My new house mates started staring at me as if they doubt my expertise in making paratha. I convinced them that I have proven experience in making them and they will not be dissatisfied with the final output.

Let’s see what the ingredients were for the preparation. This was made for 8 people and I have marked the quantity accordingly.

1. Potatoes (aloo) – 1 kg
2. Onions – ½ kg
3. Green chillies – 250 gms (I normally say the shop keeper to give it for 5 rupees : ) )
4. Curd (2 packets of ½ litre)
5. Masala that includes red chilly powder and turmeric powder
6. Salt to taste
7. ghee
8. Wheat flour

I gave the potatoes to Nandu(my cousin) and asked him to remove the outer covering. Potatoes should be boiled until they are ready to be smashed as paste. I chopped the onions and then heated them on mild fire and oil. After they were light brown, I added turmeric powder, grated green chillies, red chilly powder to it and heated it until they were ready to make way for the smashed potatoes to enter. These were further heated adding salt to give a better taste to the stuffing.

The process of making dough out of the wheat powder was not hard and took another 10 minutes to get soft. The utensil was not capable to handle 1kg of flour so I repeated the process once again until the entire flour was used. It is idle to keep the dough closed with a lid in a container for 10 minutes so it turns softer.

I used chapatti maker to make aloo ka paratha. I plugged it to the power outlet and kept it for six minutes. The chapatti maker is idle for a month and I expect it needs a warm up. The next process was to stuff the ingredients cooked into the dough and cover it so no pieces escape the covering. This is a process that needs real time expertise and it will consume most of your precious time.

The dough with the stuffing is then dipped into wheat flour and placed in the chapatti maker for final preparation. Heat both the sides for a minute and you have the aloo ka paratha ready for consumption. We placed the paratha on a piece of paper and applied ghee over it. Ghee can be applied depending upon the cholesterol levels. My age and health permits the use of ghee :)

This process continued until I had 32 parathas ready. We also invited Dileep to taste the delicious (really yaar they were delicious) parathas.

After the preparation of hot parathas, curd was served in round and flat bowls with salt as required and all enjoyed the tasty parathas. In my house all do not prefer cooking inhouse and thus the utencils were limited. The hunger never permits waiting and thus we managed newspapers as a base to handle the hot aloo ka paratha while others were busy with plates.

I ate 8 parathas and this continued until my stomach was completely satisfied. Dipping aloo ka paratha in curd… mm… the taste is still in my taste buds. This was a nice experience and as you know sharing adds an extra value to your cooking. Satisfaction is not in seeing your recipe turn into the desired output but, watching other people enjoying it.

Though my representation lacks, when compared to other food bloggers but my enjoyment and satisfaction has no comparison.


  1. wow perfect to have it for breakfast anyday....yours have come out really perfect and pics are really nice as usual...i usually dont add onion, i do it in a simpler way, but your version seems very nice so will try it out next time...

  2. Aloo parathas look perfect and yummy!

  3. The parathas look nice and soft...Done a commendable job ...

  4. Hmm, Boy meets kitchen! Good job Abhi. Looking good.

  5. Hey thanks..perhaps only u r the one who visited my other blog..I read ur other article and that’s why I was asking u to start painting again..Left a comment there too i rem long back..I have started again after 10 or 12 years ..since my father thinks pretty much the same as yours (1st study , then everything else :P) . My only stress busters !!!

  6. Hey,
    Check the "this" link in my post. That will take you to her Jello Recipe.

  7. Hey thats so nice of you. Paratha looks fantastic and I promise it looks damn tempting. Yummy. Neat in shape and color. cool man.. great job. :)

  8. Looks so good and wonderfully done. Perfect finish!!!

  9. Hmmmm I never venture into making chapatis, parathas, call it a roti block. Thouh I am good at making crispy dosas, rice and sabjis ... :) Pics look tempting! Yummy!

  10. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    Aloo Parathas are my favourite.I appreciate the struggle[may not be as you enjoy cooking]you have taken the yummy parathas.
    Great satisfaction,the net result.
    One advice-it's not healthy to put them in news paper-carbon is injurious to health.
    Yes,curds complete teh combination.
    Keep experimenting!They will be the best memories to cherish!
    Wishing you more time in the kitchen,

  11. Wow...looks like you did a great job...the rotis have come out so perfect and good...actually my skill levels with chapathis is still in the learning process...I am still try to make the perfect rotis!

  12. what are you talking about? your representation of this dish ROCKS. I'm totally drooling.
    Btw, what is wrong with your site? When I tried to get in, my computer warned me that your blog might be a malware site....huh?

  13. Re: Sophia


    I am not getting the malware message.
    Also please check the report from google

  14. Wow! Yummy.. Have to try this today..

  15. hi thx for visiitng my blog,anyway ur paratha absolutely perfect!

  16. Superb parathas..nalapaachakam gambheeram :D

  17. can't believe how you managed to have 8 of them ;)

  18. Hi...roti is perfectly done and must be tasted yummy. As Sophia said, I have encountered the same problem but now it seems alright....

  19. wow ! first time visitor here :) ...was searching for paratha maker machine and finally found your link from the images, so u made this with a chapathi maker ?? wow...correct me if iam wrong, u first stuffed the filling in the dough ball, and then sealed it from all sides, then put it in the heated machine and pressed the machine as you wud do to make chapathis in it and you got this perfectly shaped paraha which just has to be tossed once or twice until it gets cooked right? pls email me or respond to this comment as iam in awe of what u posted here ! thanks ! (from a lady with hands suffering from mild tendonitis )

  20. @Roopa - Yes you are right. The masala should be stuffed inside the dough and then pressed and heated in the chappati maker.

    It is very simple and requires less efforts and time.


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