Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Porridge athava Payasam mega festival at home - Amma's swantham prepration

Today the lunch was from a hotel in Cochin. As a change I ordered rice (the big one called as boiled rice) and he brought some vessels with curries and kuttan(sabji). The usual curries namely moar, sambaar, mooru curry, rasam etc. I was upset and thought it is a practice to have lunch and I should satisfy my stomach with whatever I get. I could see one more vessel, a small “kutti” one and to my surprise it was the payasam (kheer or porridge). Now I was really happy to see my favorite in the eatables.

I completed my lunch and had the porridge so that the taste remains in the taste buds and I could enjoy it for a couple of hours. Sorry, forgot to mention that I washed my mouth very well. : ) when I mention about payasam and my love for it I should not forget to mention the weekly payasam festival we used to have at the home. Now when the festival comes into picture, I should also mention about the taste of my family members.

My Father and sister are fond of the dishes that are too spicy whereas I and my mother like sweet items. I hope you would have guessed who could be the visitors of this festival. Yes, it was my mother and me. My mother says that when I was a child I never eat things without insistence of my mother or shouts from my father. She says that I always would eat porridge from my childhood without any issues and would always ask for another plate of it soon. She never prepared any professional porridge for me in the childhood, rather she will pour some milk in rice, with jaggery finely chopped and coconut grates, however I liked it very much.

Later when I grew up, we started making porridge every week and after the introduction of daal and bulk sugar scheme, it raised to 4-5 times every week. I understand you would think what this sugar and daal has to do with this Payasam. In my house it was decided to purchase sugar and the grains in bulk to save money and avoid frequent visit to shops. My neighbor had a daal mill and we purchased daal in sacks of 50 and 100 kg’s that will last for a year.

The preparation schedule was really funny where I would look at my mother and give indication about my father leaving the house after his daily lunch. She would then wave her hand and we will start the works for the porridge preparation with me doing the initial works like grating coconut and cutting balls of jaggery into small pieces. We would use sugar most of the times and each time it would be a different payasam. I am sure if my mother would be blogging then we would have a lot of pyasam recipes. We have almost tried all sorts of payasam.

After a couple of months my father realized the shortage of sugar and other household items and he thought to find the cause. With the help of the detective of the house(My sister Anjali) and his skills of intuition he came to the conclusion that I and my mother are the roots of the problem. He ordered to reduce the habit of making porridge and we did it for some weeks.

We later resumed it but I miss my mother a lot and the nice days we had at home. Amma!!! Mm… I love the tasty food made from her hands. Do you miss the same?


  1. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    your love flows and overflows to Amma in each post.really feeling so nice..........who won't miss the delicacies made by Amma,Abhi?Amma used to make payasam once a week.
    enjoying your posts as one can feel the sincerity.
    That is how you developed the taste for cooking?temple payasam is so tasty.everyday we get it here.for teh last weeks,attending the marriages,I was enjoying payasam.parippu prathaman is my fav.
    Wishing you a wonderful trial on different items,

  2. Mouth watering post a person like me with sweet tooth.

  3. All the posts show how much you are missing your mom. Wish you get a break and meet her soon. Of course miss my mom too and waiting for my kids break in June :)

  4. Even i miss my mom's food a lot,its been so long since i met her also...i really miss my family so much that i cant express that in words...but it was nice to read ur post abhi...well written as always...

  5. Lol! loved how you and your mom connived to make payasam. Even though it was not for foods the way relationship between father and daughter and mother and son happens I share with you. My Dad (he passed away) and I would get together agains mom and bro. Keep blogging.. it was fun reading your post

  6. Payesam looks wonderful and tempting. I feel like having delicious payesam now itself. Tell Aunty to send payesam for me.

  7. Nice pudding. Nice space you have got here.

  8. Yummm...love payasam and at my home it's my father who makes n kinds of payasam...All my payasam recipes are from him :D

  9. Payasam luks incredible, too good.

  10. Mmmmmmmmm abhi I miss my mom too and offcourse here dishes too.. lovely post and enjoyed reading.

  11. Weekly payasam festival does sounds good! nice reading about the mill...we don't see any mills these days...I too remember my granny feeding us with a similar milk porridge :)

  12. Of course we all miss our moms more now than ever..I guess the appreciation came a lil late in my case I should say!!Anyway enjoyed reading the post!

  13. Hi Abhi,
    Everyone loves payasam, that too mom's preparation with lots of love mmmmmm.
    Wish u could meet ur mom soon and enjoy her delicious foods....

  14. I am longing for mom's parippu vadas and payasam and appam ...and be it even chutney; it tastes heaven if made by her!

  15. Made me smile througout! Heeheee especially the scene that you and your mother get into payasam preparation as soon as dad leaves home :D Sweeter than payasam!

  16. I can understand your love for your mother.For everybody it is like that .I too miss my mother.
    You write so well.

  17. Abhi,
    I miss mother lot. I love the payasam amma makes I think every mom is same they love their kids very much.


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