Thursday, January 7, 2010

A teacher’s inherent advice for 2010: Beta kaabil bano kaabil, kamyabi toh

Madhavan conclude 3 idiots with the dialogue “Beta kaabil bano kaabil, kamyabi toh sala jhak marke peeche aayengi”(man! be independent in thoughts and implementation and then see, how success tries to approach you). How true the guy says, however it depends on how you weigh the word “kaabil” (one who is independent and wise). I begin 2010 by wishing you all a happy new year and great future. Gone are the days of 2009 but still lives the memory that enables us to recollect the happy moments and understand the mistakes that we can avoid in the New Year.

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We started 31st night celebration witnessing Kanankulangara vedikettu (celebration in temples where crackers and fireworks are burnt) in Shiva temple. Streets were crowded with people and vehicles were arranged, far in reach from the explosives. There were many crackers, the size of rockets and shells placed in fixed positions separated from each other waiting to be on fire. Crackers started burning one after the other and we went to NM food corner to have a stomach-filling dinner.

It was 11.59 when my father called to wish a happy New Year. In India if you try mobiles on 31st then remember, you are trying your luck.

I don’t know how each one of us sees studies and schooling. In India children are treated as a commodity used by parents for their neighborhood and kitty party competitions. Schools and colleges has become tracks of a race where all are competing to get their children score well than the others in the race. The last result is never a child with complete knowledge rather a robot who has to run on commands. Parents never ask any child what he wishes to become but tell him what he has to become.

I remember the scene in 3 idiots where Aamir khan tells the teacher that he is not trying to teach him engineering but trying to teach him how to teach. The same happens in different schools and colleges where the teachers just come to teach the syllabus they are allocated to teach from the books. They can never explain the students where this applies or how easy it is to learn. Students never learn the exact objective of the course but act like mere USB devices that can store some predefined information and paste it wherever required.

Students should be able to understand what they are studying and why they are studying it rather than just being worried about how to mug-up and score in the exams. I hope new generations will start understanding the importance of knowledge and its importance in life rather than being mere rank holders.


  1. I don't think the pressure is going to ease till the demand and supply of job market changes. I know this is cynical more so coming from a teacher but that is what I think.

    I would also say it is easy to blame the parents, how many of us think of changing tracks after we start earning and follow our dreams after we have saved a pot or whatever?

  2. Re: Mridula

    I realy agree with you Mridula. But parents have their own reasons for letting thier children move their way as they beleive children are not matured enough to take decisions.

    But they forget one thing. "satisfaction of the children"

  3. Ya i agree to your viewpoint,parents shouldn't pressurize the children,they should just encourage & motivate them to do well...parents should be such that children should feel free to speak to them abt their problems instead of being too strict....but in certain aspects they have to be as as a daughter and as a mother i have gone through it as well..

  4. Re: Sushma

    Thanks for the comments Sushma. I agree with your view that parents should encourage their children and at the same time understand their skills and try to mould them for their better future.

  5. Abhi.. it is very difficult in the current scenario for a parent to remain calm :) the competition is very tough and none wants their child to be left behind.. but even I agree that a child should never be pushed beyond his/her limits and that parents needs to stay grounded.... we have been doing that ourselves although sometimes I wonder if our children may suffer from our leniency..

  6. Re: Happy Kitten

    I agree with your views, however why are the children competiting against other children. Why not let them score average percentile. If the child has a good IQ level he can become some sophisticated professional otherwise he can choose his own bread.

    I think each child should only be shown the way that is benificial for him. If he is not interested then parents should find out a way that matches his likes without compromising life.

    I personally feel that making money is not the only objective of life. You should live so that each moment you breathe you are happy.

  7. Its true that every child should be able to choose what he wants to become...but, I must say that parent's guidance is also a must,if parents don't guide them, they sometimes go the wrong way even if they have good IQ level. We cannot neglect the fact that there is always competition out there, in each and every, the kids should be ready to take any challenge or competition ...its ''the survival of the fittest''

  8. Re: Faiza Ali

    I agree with your views. My question is why is it necessary to be the fittest. Why cant one be always fit.

    I saw one of my friends saying, I never enjoyed the life in college and school, I never played outside like you di because I was always busy in tutions and behind study competitions.

    We forget that we are losing an important part of our life behind competitions. If we want to be with the team be average, why try to be ahead of others to be in the team?

    I think I am a guy who needs lot of explanation and advise to be convinced.

  9. A beautiful subject to debate:)

  10. Yet to see Three Idiots ...But yes I too feel that while running after material goals of our lives, at times we stop enjoying small pleasures.

  11. Re: Priya and Anshika

    Thank you for the comments.

  12. Nice way to celebrate the arrival of new year.

  13. True.. convincing or pressurizing the kids would spoil their future.. I have experience that myself.. I never wanted to be in IT field. :( anyways I don't regret for it now.. but in future when I am a mother I would never force my kids :)

  14. Re: Nithya

    Thanks for the comments Nits.
    I think you should have been a great artist like MF Husain; "NO" better than him. But you are even better being a web designer, atleast you still can picturise your creativity.

  15. Nice post..Happy New Year!

  16. im not so sure... for that im just a simple man to knowing that....

  17. kung? meron mang gantong........ nilalang ay maaring siya ay pinagpala????


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