Monday, January 25, 2010

Story of creating hill top’s and cycle seats as learning grounds

Learning has no fixed place, no fang shui, no Vastu and no Shastra. Children can be seen learning in tree shades, in study rooms, school verandas, balconies and even below street lamps (some famous person is believed to be studying below street lamps). I used to sit on the top edge of my staircase, or the bicycle or the top roof of my house to study. I will sit on the carrier and keep the books on the cycle seat and will start reading loudly with my legs always rotating the paddles in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. I had a habit of reading loudly, making myself distract from the children playing on the streets or the sister watching television. I never understand anything when I sit on a chair with book kept on the table and eyes pointing to the letters on the pages. I was not able to understand the reason until now. : )

There is neither a start for learning and nor an end to learning. The more you learn, the more you become knowledgeable. Learning and gathering knowledge does not mean a collection of some unusable items in a database that can never be used for something creative and just for mere retrieval in some General knowledge tests. Learning means collecting and implementing. Our ancestors are believed to be monkeys, thousands and thousands of years ago. From that instance to here, we have travelled a long journey, collecting knowledge and applying it for our future generations so that they are not any monkeys who jump on trees and climb hill tops with a long tail.

Studying is not a hard process if you are really interested in doing it. Children often find it hard to grasp their historical monuments, year of great events, dates for birth and death of great personalities etc. It is not that some have great brains while others have a small one; but I feel it is the mentality of everyone that leads to his ability to grasp knowledge. You can see some children who are weak in studies but can remember entire lyrics of a song, can remember a face to draw, can remember names, birth and deaths of film actors, remember teams and records of cricketers etc. This means that they have brains but they are not interested in what they are learning.

Studies should be introduced to children as a means to make them capable of asking and answering what, how, when, where, which, will, but, etc.

I loved drawings, pictures and colors and always used to be with it. Apart from drawings I was interested in playing cricket, flying kites, video games and several domestic games with friends. I was satisfied with each and every outcome that originated as a result of my hands and brushes. I used to hate figures (maths) and dates (history). I thought why to learn when an old man died or what his wife cooked last winter or what Alice did in the wonderland. I would rather use that time creatively in my drawings or play outside with my friends. My parents become irritated about me, who was always involved in drawings or playing with friends and they introduced a slogan “Drawing, playing go back”.

After several protests (Quit drawings and start learning), dandi march(beating with sticks, hands), compromise talks(please learn my son and I am going to get you a new video game this year), non violence(crying to make me change my ways), I finally decided to quit drawing and playing(not completely but partially). Pappu can try to become pappy, but he will ultimately be pappu, right? I was not called Pappu but I like the name Pappu.

So finally I decided to move on the path of ultimate nirvana (learning and studying) shown by my parents. I tried to learn but my brain always hates the equations, dates, histories, geographies, civics, chemistry, etc. My mother decided to train me through sticks, sweets to make me change my mind and some how or the other I started eating equations, formulas and old king and queen stories. I was not happy with what I was doing as this was something out of my crazy and happy life.

Then Akash joined me to college on bicycle. He was a studios guy who even discussed about studies in the journey by cycle. He tells me to ask him questions and answers them on the journey. He would then repeat the process for me, who did not learn anything. I went home that day and started learning the first lesson so I could answer his questions while on the journey. This started continuously and I was becoming closer to studies and learning. I am very thankful to Akash for his efforts that made me enter the arena for learning and giving me the confidence and inspiration to learn.

Still equations and formulas were a problem for me. I was not able to learn the IC’s, their pins functions and all appeared hard to learn. I started drawing IC’s and pasteurizing their functions. This helped me to memorize them for long even without reading it again. I used to take a singe copy to the college and used to read books. Sometimes a single page used to serve the purpose of taking notes for all the subjects. I only draw pictures and wrote something in 1- words to remember their use. This habit enabled me to remember things for even long than the others reading and memorizing could. I knew what the next point in an answer should be and what is the next equation or next solution to any puzzle. Everything was using drawings and pictures.

I met a lot of people in my life who have new ways of studying things and memorizing them. Vikram was one of them who used to remember anything once it’s narrated to him. He had a very great IQ power. He used to concentrate on the words of the narrator and used to match them with something existing. In this way he could recall it anytime. This helped me in changing my ways of learning and adapting his style to group with my existing one.

The person whom I thank the most for my studies is Mayank. Mayank was a boy who was not a person with great IQ, neither a genious but he had a will power to do hard work, try and try again. He never accepted defeat and used to study until he understood it well. He gave me a lot of inputs in my studies and guided me to new ways of learning. His greatest quality was that he always exchanged knowledge and information and never felt wrong in telling others how to learn things. He says “Knowledge increases when you share it”.

I still have those pictures in my mind. It is necessary for each child to understand the best way he can learn, making learning an interesting session. Also a good friend is always necessary to understand what you need and how you can do.

Try to become that friend for your child or your sister/brother and find his hidden abilities which can be molded to lead the objective. Every child is a genius provided you give glucose (right direction and guidance) and welcome his creative ideas.

Haaaaapy republic day to all.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I will definitely send mutton cutlet to you through courier.
    You have written very beautifully about the process of learning. I always feel that learning is never-ending. Learning is a continuous process. Not only the children can learn from elders but elders can also learn many things from the children. You are looking very nice and fresh with a lovely smile in your photo.

  2. Re: Babli

    Thank you for your comments. I agree with you that elders can also learn many things from children as learning is a process of mutual sharing.

  3. really lovely post are right there is always something to learn from children and others, and no age to learn anything either..keep up the good work..

    cheers and do visit if you can

  4. what a coincidence..I was talking to my friend a few minutes back ,and she was telling me about the people who have influenced in making her study the subject she hated the most :-)That's so learn something new everyday !! Happy Republic day !!

  5. Beautiful writeup abhi!! Each and everyday we learn something new and it continuous..I think it has no ending..isn't..
    Happy Republic Day!!

  6. Lovely write up Abhi. That is true learning never ends.

  7. Happy Republic Day Abhi!...these some very good friends you have, great guys! I love the painting you have posted beautiful..I love it :)

  8. Nice post abhi, v learn new things everyday i feel,it is just a never ending process...

  9. As always nice post boss!!!
    It had been long time since you had posted a recipe, what happened to the chef in you:)

  10. You always have such nuggets of wisdom. I agree, that you can learn anytime and from anyone, even children. I'm still learning. Well, I'm still young, but I honestly don't want to stop learning even when I'm 90 years old!

  11. Nice write up abhi.. truely learning never ends until the last moment of our life.

  12. Lovely post Abhi! Enjoyed your learning curve narration. Learning is an on-going process and what is needed is to initiate an interest in learning.

  13. You are totally right all those people when we grow up who inspired us are definite god sends... Nice post...

  14. A great post Abhi.... thanks for the parenting tips :)


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