Monday, January 4, 2010

New test tube born species of man discovered recently in Kayamkulam Kerala

It was 12 Pm and I was on the Kayamkulam NH 47 highway looking on both the sides to see the vehicles cross the road. I saw a Honda innova approaching the end and I decided to wait with the indicators in the bike “on” until the vehicle passes me. I was on one side of the road and within seconds found myself in the middle of the road with my vehicle leaving me back and the helmet running towards other side of the road. I saw the innova crossing besides my head leaving a slight gap which if avoided could take my head off my neck.

Photo credits: The london acupuncture space

Oh! I screemed and stood up gently and found my right arm paining at the joints, waist and spinal cord appeared to be broken and injured deeply. I saw a group of people running towards me. It was not late for me to discover that a bike had thrashed me out from the road side to the middle. This bike driver did not see me in the middle while speaking to his wife and hit me hard.

The bike was on the other end waiting for the response of my injury. The bike had two small children, a man with specs and a woman that appeared to be his wife. People gathered and planned to act against the man in the bike. I convinced them that I was fine and let the man go as he is with his family. Soon the people took my bike up and made me relax and went.

I was about to leave when I saw the man approaching me. I thought he might be worrying about my health that was affected due to his mistake and came to convey his apologies. Without letting him say anything I said “No I have no issues, please you can leave”. To my surprise I saw him answering “You may not have any issues but I have a lot of injuries and my wife too in the legs”. I was astounded and stood still, freezed for a moment staring at the “test-tube-born man”. I referred him as test-tube-born since he does not deserve the rights to be born directly from a mother.

He saw the mob departing and came to make issues with me convincing him and me that it was my mistake to stand at the side of the road when he was travelling with his family. I had no words to revert and answered him that he should renew his licence if it was issued in mistake. People gathered again and he left.

I was waiting to cross the road that leads to GDM auditorium where Shehna’s marriage was scheduled to begin at 12.30. I was wearing the new pink shirt that my mother gave me during my visit to Nagpur for Atul’s marriage. The shirt got torn at the arm while I was dragged on the road. I will have to stitch it as it is precious to me.

I thought about my father, mother and sister on the other bike who would have problems if I pointed the mob their presence. I do not wonder now as I realise that anything can happen in this decade. My friend Jk rushed towards the place of incident and accompanied me to the auditorium. My spinal cord and area surrounding it was paining like the one it would after anaesthesia. Jk said me to remember that it is not us who should learn driving but also the others who surround us, so be vigilant whenever I drive or on the road.

I am thankful to god that I was not driving otherwise I would never be seen alive writing this blog. I have to take the vehicle for a small service that could repair the handle and some side joints. I attended the marriage without letting others know about my accident and the pain I was experiencing since then. I had the food and left without letting the friends know I am leaving. I reached home and applied some medicine on the joints and spinal cord, took some pain killers and slept for 2 hours.

I am feeling fine today but still persist the memory of the species of man, on whom I showed my sympathy.


  1. Thank god nothing serious happened,i hope u get well soon and be fit and fine...That man really must be heartless and very self centered to think only abt himself,cant blv some persons are like that too...came to fight even though he knew it was his mistake...what type of person really...anyways take care of urself...and wish you and your family a very happy & a prosperous new year..

  2. Thank God nothing happened Abhi, just to be sure, do go and visit and doctor. Hope you are feeling much better now. Take care.

  3. Hope u r doing well Abhi...i can imagine ur face expression when the couple responded to ur "NO.....",its ok,alkaar pala tharam,they r indeed test tube born,he he..

  4. I am so sorry to hear about this Abhi, please take care and get well soon.

  5. Very sorry to hear about this Abhi, hope u r doing well, take care..

  6. Yup... last week I was with Dileep on our way to Ettumanoor. A couple of college kids in a bike banged on our car at the rear end. And surprise, the moment we got out, they started abusing !!

    I think many people feel that the one who first starts arguing is always right!!

  7. Oh my God! Ufffs seems like you had a narrowest escape. Eeeks ... you should not have left that guy when he returned again and asked those Qs. What the heck he thinks ? This days when we go soft people take it as weakness....

  8. Very sorry to hear about this...hope you are feeling better. Get well soon.

  9. That was so unfortunate..Hope you will be fine soon..Take care Abhi !

  10. sorry to hear about accident. Hope you are fine. There some people don't deserve any sympathy .

  11. Where did my comment go?

    Hope you are alright now and thank God...

  12. I guess parents do it because of peer pressure and also, some areas like Medicine, or engineering or accounting can get you lucrative jobs.But for you to get into them, its almost like a cat fight!Now for parents that seems like a no brainer.The neighbor goes to engg college and so should we!The vanity also plays a role, I feel.Parents want to be able to tell their neighbors that their kid is well settled/smart/whatever !So there is not one person/parent to blame.Again not trying to convince anyone, just throwing my thoughts on.
    Having said that, there should always be a balance b/w play and studies..I think it lacks very much in India.
    On a lighter vein:P-I haven't gotten a chance to watch 3 idiots, should watch it soon!

  13. oh... i am happy abhi that you escaped a major accident. is your spine and all fine? any checkups? i had been quite busy these days with work and family that i rarely ventured out in the web world.

  14. I am fine Roxy.
    Nice to see you again.


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