Saturday, January 23, 2010

Living with a couple of Nerds

I spoke with my friend, a couple of days ago. He is shifted to a new location after transfer of his job and he is living with new room mates. He was entirely sad and narrated his story in a gloomy way. He says he misses his old friends at Hyderabad and that the days were really memorable. He mentioned that the new companions are serious people who are not interested to co-operate or share resources. I asked him to be free with them and try to adjust in the way they live their life. The problem he faces most is that some of them are arrogant and they behave odd.

This article is not intended to introduce the sad story from my friend. I never watch any sad movies neither I have interest to share sad contents with the blog readers. This blog shares my daily life whether bad or good. If it could spread some knowledge I am satisfied.

My story is also same as my friend, the difference being I have room mates who are not the so called nerds. : ) I miss my old room mates and the locality where we were living. It was a land of temples with calm atmosphere and temple bells ringing in a sweet melodious music spreading the positive energy. This is not the first time for me and, now I am used to this atmosphere, however this time I am caught.

My new house-mates are silent Santa clauses who cannot sing any Christmas songs, but they plan to change me into one.

This place is too big, with AC, TV, Geezer, Wardrobes, Washing machine, modern kitchen, watch dog, car porch, etc but I feel it as a jail where I have been sentenced for 16 years imprisonment. Like every convict I have a separate cell, in which I have to spend my time. This house appears like bait for the rat where this human rat has to enter at 6.30 PM and leave by 8 AM.

To be frank I haven’t killed anyone for which I have been sentenced so severely. All the things in the home appear dead including the people. I am used to active atmosphere, laughing people, funny pranks, hefty music and I am almost running in a reverse order. I will have to practice yoga and meditation to live here.

Hope everything gets well soon. Do you have any suggestions for adjusting with the new atmosphere?


  1. Wow...thats sounds sad...may be you can try to enroll yourself in any classes or a fitness center to get away from the place for a few hours at least.

  2. Re: Gita

    I started going to Gym to get some hours reduced in the daily schedule.

  3. Come on try to change them.. just be what you are.. listen to music, play pranks and show them what they have missed in their life.. may be they will start liking it and change too. :) spread your happiness. :)Escaping from being at home is not a permanent solution. make it into a place that you like :)

    I know its easy to talk but hard to do.. just give it a try.. lets see :)

  4. Re: Nithya

    Thanks for the suggestions Nithya. I tried this re, but did not work. I feel like I am changing into something different, a spiderman without a spider bite( sorry a mad man). :)

  5. oh thats really bad...through ur post i have know one thing that ur a very active person who wants to explore everything,plays pranks and a very humorous am sure if they stay with u they too will enjoy ur company and might change as give them some time to adjust,am sure they too will understand u and vice cheer up and keep smiling...

  6. Re: Sushma

    Thanks Sushma. I will wait for the right time to arrive.


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