Sunday, January 31, 2010

Honest chicken curry that revealed some important secrets

I visited gymnasium only once in the previous week and cooked once in previous one month. I am sleeping late and the same happens when I wake up so I miss the Gym. Reasons for not cooking the food are lack of time and laziness. I have a lot of reasons for not doing the activities I did daily; however I could have changed my habits to make them possible.

Shalini from “diminutive corner of my mind” tagged me with the so called honest scrap and said to mention some honest points about me. I already received this award prior from Mythreyi but did not write any honest points at that time. Here I will compensate it by listing few honest things about me.

Some honest points aka secrets about Abhilash

1. The person whom I love the most

Ans: Amma (My mother). She is the person I love a lot and care for. There is no other creature in this world as kind hearted as a mother. Even a father (man) would never sacrifice certain things for his son/daughter as a mother (woman) would. And that is one among the reasons I respect woman, as my mother is one among them.

2. My favorite eatables

Ans: Aloo ka paratha with curd, Conju theeyal(prawns theeyal), gajar ka halva, tilli ke ladoo. My mother prepares them very well and I love eating them. I have been having worst food after I started working in Cochin. These comments are applicable to hotels (No motherly homes).

3. My favorite chef

Ans: My mother. I hope no one can prepare better than that, at least for my taste buds.

4. Qualities in boys I search to call them good friends

Ans: unselfishness, Kindness, Ability to accept faults. I hate people who cannot keep words and who react different according to situations. I love active, laughing, frank and adventurous people.

5. Qualities in girls I search to call them friends

Ans: Maturity and ability to take decisions. My father was a late 70’s guy and never encouraged boy-girl parties and discussions. Further to my mothers insistence I started studying and made myself away from girls. (Ok, not everything but something is true yaar). Girls in my college used to call me “Einstein” :) This fact was revealed by one of the girls who discussed this with me in final year farewell party.

6. My favorite childhood movie star

Ans: Mithun. Oh! Sorry Mithun da. I remember the dialogue of my friend Mayank, who insisted to add “DA” in front of Mithun.(His words were as follows… Mithun nahi Mithun da bolne ka)

7. My dialogue during college days

Ans: “Kyun re, happy bday hain kya?”…

This dialogue was often used in front of the people who reacted rude and used to show their influence in the college. Happy bday hain kya(Is today your birthday?) signifies the intention of warning the listner that things may go wrong.

In north India, we used to hit the birthday boy at his back for the numbers equal to his age (This was called birthday bump). The speaker of the dialogue intends to ask the listener about his willingness to have some bumps.

These were some of the honest things about me. I am not ready for more, the reason being 11 Pm and I feel sleepy.

Today was a very busy day for me. I watched all the 7 movies in the series “police academy” and cooked food at home. I got a comment from Mythreyi on my previous article which detailed that she hasn’t seen any recipes in my blog since long time. So I decided to prepare something and chose Chicken pepper chops as the recipe for preparation. I am not planning to describe the recipe as she already did it once in her blog.

I went to the nearby market and bought 2 kg’s of Chicken. Then started the process of cooking which lasted for few hours and finally I was able to taste chicken and chapattis.
Mythreyi’s article had the chicken with gravy. I reduced the amount of gravy and made it thick so I could have the masalas well spread over the pieces. I am thankful to god that all went right otherwise my stomach would have gone for an emergency and 300 rupees, in air.

Nothing was wasted in the process of preparation, as the left over’s of chicken while cleaning were given to Pappu(the dog in the house). I remember his eyes staring at me when I gave him some bread pieces last time. The house owner said later that the dog only eats non vegetarian and avoids chapattis and other eatables.

I never make any mistakes in adding salt, pepper, chilies and masalas(no kidding boss). My mother once said to a women asking for my marriage that I am going to marry after 28 years. A woman replied from a group saying she has a girl for me who could prepare good food and looks nice. My answer was that I think I don’t need a marriage as I can cook well. The lady passed some serious looks on me saying ladies are not only for cooking or cleaning. I understood the ball is in woman’s court and I escaped from the place.

I am signing off for today and plan to meet you the same time tomorrow. I have to heat the chicken so I can have it for the morning.


  1. Was nice knowing few honest things abt you..u write really well and make it really interesting for others as well...and chicken curry looks very delicious...

  2. Coming to your blog after a long gap .Nice to know about you.Not bad you have cooked well.

  3. Nice knowing few more about u Abhi...chicken curry looks tempting and delicious...

  4. Nice to know about your college days!

  5. I can smell the chicken curry from here... captivating. Will visit you sometime in ernakulam and have a bite ;)

  6. Oh my, i was under pressure what u would write about my chicken pepper chops anyway no false comments:) Thanks Abhi curry looks good.

    Actually at the very first glance when i saw the dog's photo, i was bit confused;)

  7. It was nice reading about you...that's one tasty dinner...looks good :)...I like the dog in the picture too, cute!


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