Friday, January 8, 2010

Fulfilling unending dreams before 2012 – war of concepts, logics and belief

I am writing this post sitting on my bed, with Avinash ironing his clothes and Noufal getting ready for the office. We had a discussion on 2012 phenomenon and several incidents and thoughts came out. We saw the movie 2012 and from then my friends keep telling that the world is going to end by 2012 and their concept is that the movie has logic and the glaciers are melting too.

People try to devise their own logic behind each concept. People often fear in their life and try to find reasons for their laziness and worries. We all think in different manner but shouldn’t we think about today and leave tomorrow in the hands of future generations to come.

My sister has an eye on my mobile and she is talking about it from the time she reached college. I said that I am waiting for her to pass the college with flying colors and her reply was that the world is going to end by 2012 and why should she wait until then to get the mobile.

Avinash was teaching his brother to save money and the importance of it in life. Children are intelligent and think beyond our thoughts. His brother denied Avinash’s preaching with his concept that the world is going to end by 2012 and why should we save money. We can visit different places and eat everything before we die. Really a classic thought, isn’t it?

I remember a story named balkaran in the text book of 7th class in which a group of soldiers were conversing about some sweets. One suspected that it may have poison and to avoid it. The reply from the other soldier was that “marna hi hain toh jahar khakar kyun nahi mare, bhuk se jaan nikli ja rahi hain” (If we have to die one day then why not with a poison, I am dying with hunger). The same is my concept, if you have to die one day then don’t worry about it and live your life as usual.

Do we expect lord Vishnu to save earth as a vamana avatar or take a technical avatar and save the earth? : )

According to Wikipedia 2012 marks the end of the Mayan long count calendar which was used in Central America, prior to arrival of Europeans. There are different theories that Wikipedia suggests making 2012 as the end of human beings. You can read them here in the Wikipedia’s article on 2012 phenomenon.

I saw a black forest in Faiza Ali’s blog and wished I could have one. I wasted no time and went to a nearby bakery and purchased one. The moment the cake touched my tongue I felt satisfied fulfilling my wish.

Will life end by 2012? Thoughts are welcome.

Before my life ends I would like to accomplish some of my dreams. I thought why not to list some of the dreams here.

1. My dream is to purchase a Mercedes benz by my salary. It will take at least some years for it to come true but if life is to end by 2012 then I would prefer a ambassador modified to Benz. ;) If god adds some years to my life then for sure I will purchase it. To be a bit confident, there is nothing in my life that I have dreamed and never achieved. “Bahut confidence hain bhai”?

2. I have to purchase my dream mobile nokia n97 which I am dreaming to buy since long. I have the cash ready but again a confusion exists whether to buy the new n900 or wait for google’s nexus one to release in India. I and the colleagues have decided to quit iPhone together, so no comments on it.

3. I want to spend some time with my mother. I dream to be with my mother for at-least a month and eat the delicious food she prepares. I dream to take my mother to each and every corner of the earth and explore the food and culture before I die. I want to at least win a Sudoku puzzle faster than she do and answer any quiz more quickly than she could. A big dream but yes I can do. At least, let me believe it.

4. I have to install Need for speed and play it in networking with my friends. I did this during my college days but this is something different. Let the fun begin. I want to play it the whole day until my heart says “Abhi, you are done; now it does not matter even if you die.”

5. I wish I could go again to my college and sit with my friends to bring back the lost days, months and years. I wish I could sit in the class of Artificial intelligence once again that everyone feared to attend. I plan to propose the girl whom I forget due to my parent’s insistence for studies. I want to sit at the back benches and pass comments and enjoy life the way I did. I am confident that I would be able to answer all the questions from my teachers.

Even if the world ends I will always have 5 points whether 5 steps to cooking, 5 steps to eating, 5 steps to programming, 5 steps to exploring or what so ever.

I would not insist but would be happy if others can also list their dreams either in their blogs or as a comment in this article. May god turn, all your wishes into real.


  1. Never really thought of 2012 but thanks for sharing some of your dreams with your readers.

  2. nice dreams and wish that you will spend time with your mother!

  3. Thx for dropping by..i als used chopped greenc hilies. I avoid using red chili powder as much as possible as it not considered healthy .

  4. Interesting post,2012 was really a nice movie,true many of them get influenced by it also...everyone has to die one day so let it be now or just live ur life king size, to the fullest giving happiness to everyone u love...and just leave the rest to god to decide...and ws nice knowing abt ur dreams...

  5. Wow...nice read Abhi, trying reading Dan Brown's "The lost symbol". It says that 2012 end of world predictions means enlightenment in the world...that was very interesting. Though I dont believe in any of these, personally I feel that I should keep going on having a good time and take things one at a time.

  6. Intresting post nice write up abhilash thnx for sharing ur thoughts

  7. I haven't seen that movie yet..Great dreams , and I sincerely wish that you fulfill all of them, before the end of the world ...(I don't believe in 2012!!)As usual nice write up, Abhi :-)

  8. Hey congrats on moving to your new home Abhi! Howz ur new home and neighborhood. Hope u got settled by now and needless to say, you would have already made new friends out there:)

    As always nice post on 2012! Let all your dreams come true...

  9. Such an interesting post, dunno about that 2012, but am living rite now really very happily, thats very important na:)..

  10. As always interesting post abhi!!Nice Dream...let ur dreams come true.. I agree with namitha even I don't believe that.. 2012 is just hoax!!

  11. Very interesting and nice dreams. I wish you fulfill your dreams very soon.

  12. Nice blog, good ideas and dreams. I can save you some sweat however. I am 54 years old and will soon be living a simple life. I have owned fancy cars including bmw, corvette, rx-7- I currently drive a jaguar with burl oak walnut. I also own and fly my own airplane. In addition, I have a new Harley Davidson Nightster motorcycle and own two homes. I have played golf at the best golf courses in the world including Pebble Beach and Palm Springs. I was able to graduate from one of the best business schools in the world-The University of Southern California (USC).

    Due to the bad U.S. Economy, this year I will most likely be losing it all. And you know what, I really don't care. Having all the stuff does not make a person any more happy than when a person has very little. In some ways I am looking forward to having a simple life.

    This past year, I became a Zen Buddhist and I "got" it. Getting it was worth more to me than all the money and stuff I ever accumulated. I can now relax and enjoy this thing called life. Enjoy life as it is. But I also get that you will have to walk your path and own your benz for you to understand that owning a benz is no big deal. Have a happy dream.
    peace out,

    Madison, WI

  13. as usual nice write up Abhi.. :) i loved last snap..aladdin and bhoodham is missing in that.. :)

  14. Nice write up ABhi. Loved reading it. Still have not watched 2012. Wishes for all your dreams to come true.

  15. Nice thought, put across interestingly!
    Yeah.. even i said jokingly to my friend that we should indulge in all those pranky things (which we didn't cos we were not supposed to do)cos anyways the world is coming to an end in 2 years! U see, in heaven we shudn't be regretting! Right?! :)

  16. Reply: all

    thank you for the comments
    i accomplished one of the dreams ie. Nokia n97
    iam writing this comment on my blog from my new mobile computer the nokia n97

  17. good post! very realistic dreams. they will be fulfilled, God willing.
    why give up iphone? am planning to acquire one. advise, please.

  18. 2012 hypothesis will become one Y2K affair. Dont worry! But then nice to know your dreams ... Forget 2012, you don't have to wait for spending time with mother, visiting old college, playing NFS with friends etc.pack up bags and live these dreams :)

  19. Nice write up as usual. I don't believe in this 2012 phenomenon..Nice to know about your dreams. and yeah ..I am glad to know that my black forest recipe tempted you :)

  20. Wow so many dreams Abhi.. Let me wish you all success in fulfilling them..

    but I also hope you take your own advice to live each day and not be obsessed with some of these dreams.... the comment from one such person who had it all says it...Having all the stuff does not make a person any more happy than when a person has very little....

    as for the third one.. I hope you do it soon..

  21. Congrats Abhi...

    nice info on the new mobile.. though I am not a big fan of mobiles...

  22. like lakshmi said, let us start living these dreams now! each moment is precious. you want to go back to your childhood because you enjoyed and filled those moments. likewise you need to fill the present moments too :) abhi, the earlier accident may have helped you in some ways, to value life more, did it?


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