Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do dreams come true if beleived from heart - a realistic story

Once upon a time there lived a boy in a small city called Ernakulam who always beleived that dreams come true if they are beleived from the heart. The boy got up in the morning, wrote an article for his blog and went to the office. The article was on 2012 phenomenon. In the article he expressed the wishes he would like to see converted before the so-called world’s end. To his surprise he saw that one of his dream objects was available in Ernakulam. He waited no-long and approached the shop with Avinash.

I was waiting for a year to buy some innovative mobile. I bought my nokia n70 two years ago after going through several reviews. It was a craze for me and I used to install all available software’s and take plenty of pictures with it. It served me the purpose of being a phone, a camera, a diary, a alarm, a torch and lot’s more. All the pictures seen in my blog named Life at Abhi are taken from my Nokia n70 smartphone.

I accomplished one of the dreams on Friday, 8/1/2010 after purchasing the fabulous nokia n97 mini. When iphone was released, I was eager to purchase it and the rates were even indicated in the apple website as 8000 rupees. We were all crazy about the image flips, zoom, music features that iphone pasteurized on its website. After its release in India the rates went high to 32000 rupees and we were in vein. That was the day when we boycotted apple iphone and started waiting for Nokia to launch a new mobile with features same as iphone and that looks better than it.

I was reading reviews on new nokia mobiles for a year and finally purchased a mobile phone. The funds were collected in a period of one year, drop by drop monthly to serve the purpose. It was something like a child placing money in a piggy bank for purchasing a cycle or a video game.

The looks of the new nokia n97 mini are superb and looks slim than its mother, the nokia n97. I hope everyone will fall in love with this cute girl in the first sight. It has a great design, lovely touch and QWERTY keypad. I got three movies free with the Nokia n97 mini named spiderman, the Da vinci code and one Julia Roberts’s movie. The images appear clear and the video clarity is DVD. I shared the reliance data card internet connection on my laptop with the mobile through wireless port. I was able to access the websites the same was as in my laptop with a better touch experience.

The first website I opened was “Life at ABhi” and was excited to see it appear cool on the device. It supports broadband connection speed upto 7 MBPS and I can download movies and songs the same as in my laptop. I even tried accessing my emails with an email client similar to Microsoft outlook express and even accessed skype, twitter and msn successfully. The features are cool with a RAM, processor and laptop like appearance. We went for a tour to Kollam to witness the house wrming session of the CEO.

I have changed my house and have shifted to a bigger house in Ernakulam with facilities that were lacking in the later like AC, greaser, god’s and modern necessities that make human a lazy cat. Due to the immediate shift I am deprived of my Tata Indicom broadband connection and I was forced to experience their troublesome shifting procedures. Finally I decided to move with Asianet and assume will get the internet connection tomorrow. Now I can access internet from my N97 mini by sharing the wireless broadband connection. This procedure has to continue until I have the 3G connection here in Ernakulam.

Things are packed and kitchen is not yet ready for cooking. I am having food from outside since four weeks and washing machine is not yet active. I remember the dialogue in Sholay “Bahut nainsafi hai boss!!” (Boss is added by me). This is not due to the lack of the resources in kitchen or washing machine but due to my lazy behavior since one month. I hope I will recover from my lazy-cat behavior and will become an active-lion as before who used to laugh and bog.

At night we went to see a celebration in a nearby temple which had Kacheri(Karnatic music) with the temple decorated like a newly wedded groom. This is a new temple in the locality and we, Avinash and I have decided to visit it tomorrow morning. Jk always use to say that I go to temples to count the colors, but god knows the truth. ;)

Please excuse me if the text is out of the topic at places. I am feeling sleepy and the text might reflect it. I plan to see the remeining dreams converted to real at least while I am asleep. Do you beleive that dreams will come true?


  1. Ur new cell is really worth buying,so good just like a mini laptop with so many good features..and all the pics are also nice...good to know that one of your dream came true,wish all of the other dreams also do come true ....take car

  2. your new cell phone looks very cool! I definitely believe in dreams coming true :)

  3. Wow.. the mobile looks cool.. :) So you have a friend in your pocket now.. :)

    Even I have been thinking of buying a phone for long.. but then I am so much in love with my Sony ericsson k790i that I am not able to switch my mind to any.. :)

  4. Congratulations, I guess I should take a leaf from your book and start buying one of those camera lens that I have been drooling after. I even have the money ready, just unwilling to spend it!

  5. Congratz ! The new buy is looking hot and cute! Good that you did not wait for 2012 :P and started the Mission Dream Accomplishment process. :)

  6. Congrats Abhi,mobile looks cool and worth buying..

  7. Congratulation on your new phone...that sure is a beauty and happy that one of your dreams have come true.May all you other dreams come true...

  8. Congrats Abhi...

    Good info on the Nokia.. though I am not a big fan of Mobile phones...

  9. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
    Congratulations for your new phone. Nice post.

  10. congrats on one of your dream coming true :D

  11. thanks Abhi for ur wishes .. wish u the same dear
    ur mobile phone looks cool ...
    i also miss till ke laddo which my mom used to prepare posted till ke laddo recipe ..Check it out if u get a chance ...

  12. Double congrats ..on you mobile and new home !!! Wow..The new year has started great for you !! Oh, how I miss the temple festivals....This time also we will miss since we are coming down to Kerala in June...

  13. Congrats!!Adipoli moblie phoneannualloo..Great to know that one of your dreams have come true.May all you other dreams come true..:)

  14. Hi, Greetings from Tata Indicom,

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We would ernestly request you to give us a chance to rectify our issues and serve you better. To be able to do so, can I request you for a number or e-mail id that we can get in touch with you? Should your require any further asistance please e-mail us at customer.care@tatatel.co.in.

    Thank You,

    Customer Care
    Tata Indicom

  15. Congrats on your new phone and move Abhi...your phone looks cool :)

  16. Happy pongal Abhi..Kore aayi ingotte vannitte,got busy with some cakes,wiil read in detail later...Regarding banana flower,i got that from desi store,its available in all chinese stores...

  17. Good post! Hope you will get everything fixed in the new house soon!

  18. wow, great! so you start acting on your dreams! now let us move on to the next!! ;)


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