Friday, December 11, 2009

Jk is selected as the brand ambassador of Bharati Airtel - congrats

I am happy that this news has appeared first on my blog. Jk is a technocrat living in Kollam, kerala with extensive expertise in Network security and management. He is from a place called koivila in Kollam which might not be popular you. People refer him by a nick name “puli” (leopard) in technical field. He is been selected as the brand ambassador of Bharati Airtel due to his continuos contributions to their growth and development. He has devoted his extra hours to analyse and apply techniques that facilitate the usage and promotion of Airtel.

Jk the brand ambassidor of Airtel

Hey! Don’t get excited. This award is given by me for his continuos calling efforts using Airtel service. Jk the Jayakrishnan can be seen 24 hours on his mobile phone speaking with one person or the other. He appears to be living for eating food, working, sleeping and speaking over the phone. He holds a phone close to his ears while eating, drinking, cooking, and walking and I even doubt he might be using it while bathing. This post is about similar phone maniacs who are greatly influenced by the telephone revolution.

Technology started growing and people started calling over phones instead of sending letters. Now I would prefer to waste a 1 rupee calling my family rather than going to the post office to buy an inland letter (shhh!! Don’t tell anyone I have a one India plan ;) FYI). I started using emails but I am still attached to the phone for calling my dear and near.

Not Jk but most of us or ones surrounding us use this gadget most of the times. I also own an Airtel connection but my mobile is not always busy and I don’t prefer conversation more than 15-20 minutes. Phone conversation on one phase reduce the communication gaps while on the other increase them too.

I remember when we used to reach home and we, room-mates used to play cards, crack jokes, watch movies and play games but now everything has vanished. I can see people entering the house, washing their face and then plugging a headphone attached to their mobile deep into their ears. Then their conversation over phone begins that is even worse than a mega serial that continues until 2-3 hours and even more. Jk is one of the leaders among all who is always on phone no matter what-so-ever.

Yesterday Jk and I went for the movie “Pazhassi raja”. The queue for movie tickets was small that made the provider to come late. I was in the line waiting for the person to arrive and Jk was standing besides me. Meanwhile Jk took his mobile phone and started chatting and this lasted for 30-45 minutes which was entirely boring session for me. I was wondering that people don’t have the time to chat with their friends near to them and want to utilize even a single spare moment over the phone.

I remember when I was at home without my laptop and how lonely I was feeling. Might be this is the case with each phone-user.

If you could scientifically look into the mobile phone usage then you will discover that most users are suffering from minor diseases infecting their mind and their behaviour. Reports say that even a minor radiation from a mobile phone can cause serious effects on heart and different body parts. I am not an opposer of mobile phone companies or service providers like Airtel. I want to make the users think and rethink about their usage and its requirement. A side effect would also appear as a serious effect in social life.

This can also be seen from a positive angle that it keeps families and friends together. It helps easily interact with your near and dear ones, convey the things you cannot convey in person. Whatever positive points you present before me would be welcomed with open arms and active mind.

Airtel says “express yourself”, as its tag line but it never says “overexpress yourself”. :)

So think and rethink before I say “happy barday ho gaya hain bhailog!!".


  1. As I was reading the first paragraph I was wondering if this was true....ha ha...good one Abhi...personally I feel it is rude when people speak on the phone for long when they are in company...I know just feel like grabbing the phone and tossing it :)

  2. Congrats to where u guys going for treat? JK yude pocket keerannnn ! How was pazhassi raja? worth for 3 crores..?

  3. people have no time to meet but they talk for hours on phone,its become so imp that no one can live without it i feel...Nice write up again abhi..

  4. Chitchat through mob is quite a routine among the youngsters na, i had cellphones but wat to do have to accept this somewat a torture..How was the film?? did you enjoyed??

  5. Convey my congrats to jk!!Nowdays phone is playing imp role in life alle..entha cheyya? pinee pazhassi raja enganee undu kollamoo? ente veetil ellavurum mohanlalude fanannu athu kondu mamootyude film ennu parachathanee arukum oru interest illya..:)pakshe pazhassi raja adipoliennu kettu..kannanam!!

  6. That is a nice post, especially for people who spend hours together talking in the phone.

  7. Congrats, JK!
    Haha, I too prefer the convenience of cell phones and emails...

  8. hahahaha that was funny and a truth too!

  9. hmmm.. many a times i have seen this phenomenon and wondered just like you.... some people don't have time or patience to talk to those near them but spend a lifetime talking on these cell phones..

  10. I like Cell phone but it also tends to give me headache when over done..BUt again, as you said, it both a boon and a curse to the mankind.I guess lot of man made things are that way..

  11. LOL....I am not a mobile person either, so I totally got your point...Overexpressing..:D I envy you that you could see "Pazhassiraja"..I have to wait for the DVD release..Take care Abhi :-)

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  13. Hey Abhilash i never meant money.. I am new to blogging.. I have to remember ur blg name na.. thats wat i meant.. Now only i am understanding something..

  14. The name N97 mini itself now only i am hearing.. Hope it is better than this model..


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