Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fifth standard super heroes Nagraj and Super commando Dhruva returns

Today I will take you to my school days. It appears as if it happened some years back; however those some years may be 8-12 in number. I was in fifth standard, a handsome, cool, studious (my mother used to sit with a stick and teach me that’s why) guy who was liked by most of the teachers. I was never a so called pet-student of any teacher but yes, they liked me and my attitude. They were the real rocking days with friends and mischief. I still remember my chemistry teacher “Shivani” who used to always slap on my cheeks for not completing my home-work and doing mischief in the class. It took me a lot of patience and workouts to recover the cheeks to their original shape… ha ha…At that time started the craze of reading small books. Don’t wonder, they were not any serious books but comics.

Wishing all a Happy Christmas and New year.

Comics were very popular among children those days. Children had time duration of 1-2 hours a day for TV video games and rest of the time was spent with the comic’s heroes, outdoor playing and studies. I do not have very sharp memories to remember the name of all those comic books I read but yes they were thousands in number. My neighbor was running a library and they also started bringing in Comics due to its popularity among the children. Being my neighbor he was never able to charge me and I use to read 5-6 comics one after the other each day.

Hey! I forget to tell you that these comics were not English but hindi comics. English comics did not catch the fire as the local languages did in different states. Nagraj was my favorite comic hero. He had a snake like hair style with snakes emerging from his hands on his command. There were different types of snakes, big and small who were loyal to Nagraj. In competition to Nagraj was Super commando Dhruva who was an ordinary man with a six pack and flexible gymnastic skills. Later there were a lot of comic heros who started developing like doga, bakelal and shikari shambhu.

(credits: young eager minds)

Comics were always a craze for the children as Nokia n97 for me :) and people ask me whether I am a promoter of Nokia N97 in India. When it comes to comics I should not forget one of the main characters, a brilliant man called chacha chaudhary. Chacha chaudhary was called as a person who has brains more developed that the fastest computer in this world. His companion was “Sabu” who came from jupitor. Sabu was a 8 feet man with buildup like akshay kumar, bald but handsome.

I was discussing in the home with friends about my craze for comics and thought to write something on it. This thought began 4-5 days ago and due to insufficiency of time I could not fulfill it. I started this blog to register my daily incidents, funny and mischievous but time is always a factor. Any suggestions to overcome this problem will be highly appreciated.

(credits: Raj comics)

Reading comics in the home was not entertained by my mother since it crossed even 5 hours a day and she wanted me to study the books for school and complete my home-work. She never knew about the Shivani mam’s incident. My craze for comics and love for my mother prevented me to read them at home but I took them to school and started reading them hiding them in the books. As always I used to sit at the back benches with my friends where all the mischief begins.

Comics were a part of my life that gave me a spark to start converting ideas into sketches and caricatures. I started making comics with soldiers fighting, powers from their hands and so on. Mayur, Atul, Mayank, Ravi and Hanish were my friends during school days. Atul, Mayur and I used to make drawings of some heroes and compare with each other. Mayur was a genius in making caricatures. I remember Atul’s drawings that resembled like robots when he draws them.

Mayur was the first person in class to introduce moving cartoon characters. He used to draw pictures on multiple pages and then move them faster leaving each page one after the other in the same direction. Also I would still laugh at the incident when we were feeling boring and Mayur made moving comics characters on the edges of history book which teacher discovered and beat him hard.

Yesterday I downloaded an old comic’s pdf to read. Crazy isn’t it? Nower day’s comics are replaced by cartoon serials and PC/xbox games. But their spirits will last for decades.


  1. I think I have had my fair share of comics and kept reading them till much later as my nephews would read them even when I had started working!

  2. ya childhood days are always so much fun and really the best phase of life...even i used to read lots of comics..really miss those days a lot..and was nice recollecting old memories through ur write up abhi...nicely written as always...and merry christmas and wishes for a great year ahead..

  3. Childhood days are always fun and i really cherish all those beautiful moments in our life..I do love reading comics..Well written Abhi, loved reading..

  4. I was crazy about comics during my childhood. I still have vast collection of Tinkle, Archie, Betty and Veronica and many more. Every week my father used to get me 4 to 5 comics and i still remember going to binding shop to bind those comics into one huge book.

  5. ....a handsome, cool, studious.....that's what I call a boy with charm.
    I guess the teachers in India before are very much like the ones in China. My Math. teacher liked to slap with a ruler or even pinch the cheeks of her pupils. It's just awful. Today it's illegal for the teachers to punish the students by hitting them.

  6. Interesting topic...I too loved comics and would sit continuously for hours and hours to finish those books. Not only during childhood, even now when I go to the Library here in UK I never fail to bring batman books and of course recipe books along with some book for my son :D Though my favorite even now in 'Tinkle' and I am already planning to buy some 'Tinkle digest' when I visit India next.
    Comics are anytime better than x box games.

  7. fantastic post and blog..

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  8. hehe. never heard of nagraj and his buddies... reviving nostalgia is one of my favorite pastimes hehe.

  9. This comic character is new to me..I'm sure, childhood is the best time that every human enjoys..Well written and congrats Abhi !!

  10. Abhi,

    After reading this, i think i grow up reading with old world comic hero's like "Thennali ramman, Phantom etc. My dad used buy lot books such are balarama, amarchithra kadha etc. I have no courage to take that to school and read it. My mom thinks i reading my school text books. When she come near, i will change the books and be a obeident girl you Know!

  11. Nagraj sounds interesting...I to love reading comics...even now :) who can forgot those chandamama and twinkle days right!

  12. My fav were Bobanum moliyum,mayaviyum Kuttoosanum,Ivareyokke ariyamo...?I think back benches r everyones fav place to sit,he he...Nice one Abhi and Merry x'mas ,enjoy......

  13. very very Happy XMas ..Njoy..
    This will be there where ever our own plum cake is made....usually in kerala bakeries and hotels...try to find out...Its one of keralas fav nd own recipes....

  14. yep!! childhood days are always so much fun and Those were the days! eniku comics ipoolum padikan ishatmannu...:)ur style of writing r grt!!Keep up the great work abhi..BTW U know my sis son name is also abhilash!!
    wishing u too a wonderful X'Mas and Happy New Year!!

  15. Comics have always been fun.. for me I need very short ones.. because I would doze off after I read few pages always :) So tinkle was my ever favorite and I love supandi :) Nice nostalgic post.

  16. i finished reading all ur posts.wat wil i do 2mrow:(

  17. Hey M new here though.... I loved reading the stories.... Nd I was a super fan of tinkle....... i never heard about this one though.... Loved reading it....Last week when i went for shopping i saw a tinkle on the comic shelf but then thought huh cost is too much nd left bac :P A post heartily written turns out to be gr8.

  18. a handsome, cool, studious guy, huh? lol, I see you're very modest, too!
    Guess what? I read comics all night long just before one of the most important exams of Singapore...the PSLE!

  19. Yes, Abhi, those were the go(odo)lden.Never heard of Nagraj but Chacha Choudary,I know..But Tinkle, Calvin and Hobbes and Pinocchio that used to come in Newspaper comic strips are my favs..Real nostalgic post!Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

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  21. Childhood days are great and so much enjoy, reading comics and a lot of fun.

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