Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unleashing memories through a visit to poo meen market, Tripunithura fish market in Cochin

Yesterday we planned to prepare fish for the dinner. I am not a great cook when it comes to fish but Biga specializes in these recipes. We had to purchase some ingredients that were short in the kitchen and we decided to visit a nearby margin free supermarket. I purchased oil, red chilly powder and aata for chapattis. Biga was busy comparing several shaving creams to decide the one he should purchase. He is a freak when it comes to brand. He always prefers items that are highly branded in the market and thus takes time to choose them. Biga is a small boy with a big body, chubby chicks, dimpled chin… ha ha... He is going to kill me reading it.

I paid my bill and I was waiting for Biga when my attention went towards a boy at the corner of the supermarket. He was searching the supermarket for the items he should choose. He turns each time and asks his mother whether he can buy a chocolate or a biscuit. The reply from his mother was the same “no need for it”. He did not stop his turns and keep trying his luck. Finally he called for his mother and told her to be at the corner where he is to make an urgent decision. His mother reached the place as requested and the boy asked her “I want to know, are you really going to purchase something for me?” This made me laugh like anything.

I remember when I used to go to shops with my father to purchase clothes for my birthdays when I was a child. He used to get through 30-40 shops to decide which one to purchase for me. I would be frustrated when I do not get the dress I wished for. I will finally ask him “Father, are you really planning to purchase something for me?” The boy made me remember those old memories.

Since we discussed about these mischievous and new generation children, I would like to narrate another incident that happened with my friend Ashiq when we went for a picnic to adirapally waterfalls. We were a group of 3 women, 4 men and 2 children.
Me, Sajith, Biju, Ashiq, Rarima, Jyotsna, kavitha, Kunji and Gopika.
Kunji and Gopika were the children of Rarima and Kavitha. We stopped at a shopping mall with attached hotel during our travel. After having the breakfast we went downstairs leaving the women shop upstairs. Ashiq decided to impress the women by purchasing some chocolates to the children.

He took both of them and told the shopkeeper to provide a ‘five star chocolate’. The girls insisted that they require another brand named “kinter joy”. Ashiq was planning to invest 20 bucks in total for five star and this chocolate was going to cost him 25 bucks each. He tried to convince the girls with sweet words and purchased five star. Kunji and Gopika took no time to remember their favourite star ‘tomb raider-lara croft’ in mind. Kunji smashed a kick on Ashiqs legs while Gopika punched his stomach. They took the five star from his hand passing cunning expressions on him. Beware!! When you deal with Genx children. 

We went to the fish market and started screening the fish we need to purchase. I have tried different fish after my visit in kerala but their names are different across the state. Cochin is the best place if you are looking for fishes. Cochin dumps daily tonnes of new fishes for its residents and people away from the city. You can hear pee pee, poo poo sounds coming from different localities from the fish dealer’s vehicle. They are a red alert signal to the house wife’s to get ready for purchasing fish.

Biga selected one fish from the group. There were different fishes arranged on a table, small big, tall, wide and fluffy. Biga’s selection was a lengthy fish named poo meen translated as flower-fish in English. I heard this fish for the first time. Poo meen is lengthy and costs 40-60 bucks for each Kg.

The shopkeeper took poo meen and gave it for final cutting and shaving. : )
We collected poo meen pieces after waiting for 15 minutes. I was engaged in preparing chapattis and Biga with preparation of fish. Fish was really tasty. I have it for my lunch too. I plan to finish it entirely. Fishes are easy to prepare and last for 2 at least 2 days. You can try fish fry or fish curry depending on the dish you will consume it with. We preferred curry since I prepared chapattis.

I am not used to south Indian rice in hotels and prefer chapattis, parathas or naan when outside. I like to eat kerala’s rice when it is prepared at home. I think I will learn to eat a lot of varieties during my stay in kerala.


  1. 100% true ...

    My little boy is 2 years old. He is also a 'tharikida' like others girls above.

    When we go to ernakulam my hus prayers that "God, avoid block from "Cherin Jolly Shop"

  2. I really miss this sort of fresh fishes....feel like living in India now itself:(..again a lovely post Abhi..

  3. hehe. nice to read your moments with kids and then at the fish market :) i think i know the poomeen you are talking abt, but not sure.

  4. It so true about the kids these days ''THE GEN X'' as you stated.
    When ever we go out to do the grocery shopping, my 2 1/2 year old wants to be left alone in the store. he goes to the snacks aisle and toys aisle and grabs whatever he wants and puts them all in my shopping cart/trolley. Not only that..he keeps an eye on all his things, to make sure that I don't put them back before checking out. We always have to return those things to the cashier, while checking out :)

    I always prefer fried fish over fish curry. But, we never get to eat fresh fish as regular as we eat in India. Miss my homeland :(

  5. U know Abhi, Akku also asks the same question."Papa r u going to buy something for me,may be a small car with small money."..Athu kelkumbol Mahi poy vangi kodukkum,he is spoiling him...Heard a lot abt Kinter joy thru my Sis,Wat is Poo Meen..Nammude nattil vere valla perum aakum...

  6. Now, that makes your blog different from others'.

    Lovely anecdotes as well...

  7. Such a lovely post... I too felt the same when we shopped with my parents as a kid .... but now my kids ask me the same questions now.

  8. Those kids eating the ice cream takes the cake!


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