Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Memorable events and photos from my diary on marriage of Sunil – A Delhi extravaganza

Sunil is my colleague who has to say a lot about Delhi, its people, culture, life, happiness and food. When he hears a word north India, he starts saying Delhi and ends with Delhi; in short he is a Delhi phobic. Sunil, the evergreen Delhian was never worried about his marriage neither interested in girls. In short he is similar to me but a difference; I am too younger than him and interested in girls but selective. We always used to tease him for not marrying at this age and he gave a reply providing a faint but effective smile.

Sunil kerala delhi

Things continued in the same manner until Sunil decided a month ago to tie a knot. He revealed his marriage decision with a shy smile saying “mashe ente kalyanam teerumanichu, oh sorry njyan kalyanam karikyan teerumanichu”( Boss my marriage is decided, oh sorry I have decided to marry). His face was worth watching when he uttered these words.

I think I should introduce Sunil. Sunil is a 30+ year old chap who was working in Delhi for years and shifted a year ago to kerala. He is a 5 feet 7 inch man with tight beard and mustache. He owns a thin, skeletal body that he calls his asset. How to tell you better? mm… ok he is similar to tamil actor Dhanush except complexion being fair and short hairs. Sunil is a person always seen with a smiling face, energetic and active. He is a male version of Kavitha, another character in my Cochin story who is also bold, beautiful and active.

I will take you to the sets of Sunil’s marriage or the Delhi-Kollam extravaganza.

Time: 9:15 AM
Date: 26/ 10/ 2009

Scene 1:

People are murmuring, talking, laughing, sounds of trumpets and tabla is heard in the background. I entered the temple where the marriage of Delhi Sunil was held. I saw Jk, Biga, kavitha and Sabareesh in front of the Kalyana mandapam(stage made for marriage) and they were busy passing comments on Sunil and his decision for marriage. Being a young dedicated fellow I joined them for the comments. I raised my eyes towards Sunil standing 20 meters in front of me and was astonished to see his new looks. He appeared as a boy featuring the Mac 1 shaving set advertisement except for 6 packs. : ) Sunil saw me standing at the back and waved hands giving a sweet refreshing smile. I smiled back as an acknowledgment to his act and then filled the air into my lungs tightening my hands over my chest to appear a busy technocrat.

Scene 2:

Sunil was seated on the stage and a shy crying girl aged 25 approached him. She sat besides him after a couple of formalities including the so called dakshina(a formality followed by providing a leaf with a coin as a respect towards elders). Soon a sound featuring “pee-pee, than-than” started whispering in the background which started increasing and Sunil tied a twain with a taali(a metal piece that resembles marriage) around the neck of his to-become, wife. She started crying hard and Sunil convinced her but I do not know what he said. Might be he said I will buy you an ice-cream later this day or will take you for a new movie. I cannot comment but only imagine as I never faced marriage before.

Scene 3:

Now the marriage was over and Sunil’s brother rushed towards us saying, “Please join us for the photo session”. We accompanied him and gave a lot of poses for Sunil’s marriage Album. Sunil started filling happiness in the background through his active voice and loudspeaker jokes. Biju was the next target among the not-so-married evergreen citizen of Kerala. Biju was as old as Sunil, and not a married chap.

Scene 4:

The final end to the extravaganza was marked with a marriage-sadya(food). We started with parippu kari and ended with mooru. Marriages in kerala enforce some traditions to follow during eating sessions. I will write on it in a new article.

This was the remarkable, evergreen and memorable event from the inner pages of my diary. People understand about the importance of marriage during their older ages and that is a time they can only try their luck. In this case Sunil was lucky as he got a good girl. Now speaking about me, I know questions will come on me and my marriage. I have a simple and same answer as always.

“I am a child and I have a lot to learn” may be until someone comes and say, “come on, wake up sid… ayyo!! Sorry. It should be wake up Abhi”.

Sunil invited us today for a party at Mamma’s and I had yowmeen fried rice, noodles, butter chicken, shahjahani paneer, duck fry and rabbit roast.

It is 1 Am and I feel sleepy. We will see tomorrow until then sukriya, vanakkam, dhanyavaad, khuda kafiz.


  1. Thats a nice one...u must have enjoyed a lot in ur friends wedding...

  2. Abhi this is an off topic comment but you scared me about my photos. I took all the photos that I post at my blog. It is a file photo because I took the Church in May 2008 when I was in Oxford. All pictures on this blog unless specified otherwise are taken by me. :D

  3. The bride looks so beautiful! When I was little, I watched lots of Indian movies and all I can remember was Indian women look so beautiful and dance so wonderful.

  4. One of the movies called "Caravan"...I was really amazed how cool the Indian dancing.

  5. Sherikum Sunilinde marriage neruitu kandapoleeundu...nice post...Thante write up kidilumtoo!!pinee sadya kazhichu adichu polichella...hmmm..:)

  6. Nice to read your post Abji... looks like you all had great fun.... and regarding my comment box... still don't know what it is wrong and will try to fix them soon as many are finding it hard to post comments :)

  7. Congrats to Sunil! I hope the bride change whatever prejudices he had against marriages before! He better treat her well though...she's young!

  8. Hi Abhi,
    That was a fantastic and entertaining read :) hi I'm suparna and stumbbled upon ur blog by chance :) I hope to frequent u more often here on.
    Congratulations to the newly wed!
    Keep the posts coming!
    God Bless!

  9. Fun to read about this wedding! Congrats to the newlywed couple!

  10. Avide thulasi maalayano idunney..nammude naatil Mulla maalaya...Oru kalyanam koodiyitte kore naalayi,umm enthu cheyyammm, Ini Abhiyude kalyanam koodaam,he he...Nice post and nice wedding pic...

  11. Attending a wedding is always fun.Loved ur write-up.

  12. Hi Abhi, that was a interesting and funny post as always. Congrats to the couple!!!

  13. Nice post Abhi hope you enjoyed......

  14. Congrats to the couple...Looks like u had a great fun at marriage..

  15. What a happy event. Congratulations to the couple.

  16. Wonderful description of your friend's wedding. You must have enjoyed very much. Convey my congrats and best wishes to your friend and his wife.

  17. A good read!First time here!Visit mine sometime and would appreciate your comments.

  18. Hi guys, I like this topic about marriage, is very interesting read this information!


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