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Five advanced rules to bike driving | 5 Motor bike rules for passionate drivers

Bikes are the important part of my life. I was crazy about bikes from my childhood and used to dream about the bikes I watch in the movies. I had a bicycle from brand BSA/SLR that accompanied me for a long portion in my life. My father gave me the bicycle when I was in 5th standard. I used to do different stunts using the bicycle. We had slow racing, fast racing, and jumping, skidding competitions. Children used to bounce the bicycles above the speed breakers making them jump higher than normal. There was only one rule that we followed. OOR(“Our Own Rule”)

bike driving rules

I was crazy when I got my first bike. I was now capable to ride it the way I need, jump, slide, and run fast and slow, do everything and anything I need. In north we friends use to call each other by “bhai” sufficing the names like Mayank bhai etc. I brought a bike in Cochin and due to my friend’s insistence kept its name “Abhi bhai”. Now Abhi bhai is with me for one and a half year and accompany me to each adventure, my travel home, to cinema theatres, to restaurants, everywhere I go. Since I call it by my name it is my responsibility to ensure it is always safe.

While riding bikes I follow some rules though I am faster than the other riders on the road.

The first rule I have learnt from my boss is 10 feet rule: ie. to be at least 10 feet far in view from the vehicle In front of me. This rule came into existence when I was traveling with him in his car. The streets were wet due to the rain, that stopped a couple of hours ago. The driver drove the car at a favorable speed and at traffic stop hit a car in front of us due to loss of his attention towards the signal and messages from his brain, to press the brakes. The accident made the bumper and small accessories of the vehicle being hit, to crawl away from it. This led to quarrel which was solved by the driver. My boss then drove the car further and he gave the first rule of being vigilant and following 10 feet rule.

The second rule is called Outlander rule: You should never drive your bikes chasing a vehicle in front of you, when you cannot make his speed and both his sides are jammed from traffic. This can be seen from two views, one that you have both sides free and you can slide the bike to any of the sides if you were unable to apply brakes to stop before the vehicle halts. Second rule is not to give a try to any vehicle faster than yours since that may lead to a great accident.

The third rule is common sense or eighth sense rule which is more sophisticated than your five senses. This rule says not to show-off and drive carefully making quick calculations which vehicle to overtake and which not. This rule is directly connected to your brain and not your heart. It is necessary to understand that you drive to live not live to drive.

I take 15 minutes to drive from Tripunithura to Cochin in a traffic season. Sounds interesting, isn't it? But no, it is possible if you know the way of driving cautiously and with attention.

The fourth rule says don’t be a driver be a father. I will name it as beholder rule. This rule means you should consider your vehicle, your bike as your son and handle it in a way that it never gets hurt. In simple sense, drive slowly and with concentration and attention. This rule; if followed properly will add x years to your life. I said x because counting life is beyond my ability and calculating powers.

The fifth rule and the last rule is LYMWD (Love Your Mother While Driving). This rule is applicable if you are driving with a woman elder than you. You should always take care you never drive faster and maintain a constant speed when you are driving with a woman. If you ask me why then I would say “love your mother while driving”.

I have five steps, five rules and my entire details end with the number five. I hope you think it is my lucky number. No, that’s not my lucky number but because I cannot write beyond five steps and I like to be complete but simple.

I have mentioned several rules but an advice would be to follow a single rule, drive with your five senses open and equal and never let one overtake the other. Never be a headline in the newspaper as your parents have not given you a bike to read it.


  1. Great post! Good advice on sensible driving. There is a huge difference between driving fast but in control and driving rash without control. I enjoyed reading your post abhi!

  2. Really very useful post for youngsters..Enjoyed reading your post Abhi..

  3. Heei, thats very nice...do you think youngsters will listen to this?

    My Dad is a sensible person and good at driving in Metro' city...but he drives his car too fast at the age of 50+...what should I say to him.

  4. Very useful and informative post for youngsters...

  5. Dear Abhi,
    Good Morning!enjoyed your post filled with beauty n brains.:)I get scared of bikes and just don't like to sit on it.but i cherish my scooter rides with my Achan n Madhav.
    your bike is cool and great idea of bringing some values of love towards parents even in the rules for bike riding!
    long life to Abhi n Abhi Bhai!
    thanks for stopping by at sincerely yours.
    wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

  6. This is an eye opener post for many youngsters I would say. Wonderful thinking and the rules must be etched in gold. It's really sad to read about the accidents ...I used to feel so bad ..wonder how the parents feel?
    A very thoughtful post Abhi,it def. creates an awareness.

  7. As usual a great write up.Much needed one.When i ride with someone,i mentally drive...have experienced the third rule or the eighth sense..Wish at least those who read this post follow it.A very awakening post!enjoyed reading!

  8. Nice rules, and ur bike is nice too...

  9. I'm never gonna ride a bike, haha, since I'm pretty light and won't be able to handle it. I wish I could...it sounds SO fun!

  10. Wow Abhi.. that was too good.. wish everyone follows these rules..

    When I see bikes on Indian roads I do get tensed...but if one follows common sense as you said, many accidents can be avoided..

    still one cannot avoid accidents while on the bike since it has only 2 wheels :)
    Hubby and me had one, soon after our marriage.. and it was because a dog ran across the road just when Hubby was taking a turn.. we both fell on the road and by God's grace there were no vehicles following us closely else I wouldnt be here writing this :)...

  11. That was one awesome read...Good advice on sensible driving!!all youngster should read this article...

    Pinee poo meen kazhichu adichupolichuella...Hmmm:)

  12. What about the sixth rule "Always wear a helmet"(which I missed on your posted pic).Nevertheless nice post, gonna have some of your rules in my mind, while on my daily bike rides.

  13. @Costa Quanto - Happy to hear that you liked the post.


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