Friday, November 27, 2009

Atul's Marriage train on Journey to Nagpur

I am inside Kerala express typing this post. There are children running, shouting and screming around me. A family from hyderabad is opposite to my compartment and they have a lot of small children with them. The children are roaming in my bogie and it feels a time pass to see them.

The train was to arrive at 3.30 PM and I rushed to the room, packed my luggage and told the driver to drop me at the station. I had three black bags and a cartoon with some coconut, chips and some snacks. My parents want me to take coconuts there as they say the coconuts you get better in Kerala as compared to North India and the cost is also less. For me it is a heavy weight that I would like to avoid for any reason. I reached the station and started waiting for the train. I took one of the seats in the station and there comes a voice from the loud speaker above my head “We regret that the train 2625 kerala express is late by 45 minutes and is expected to arrive by 4.30 PM”. I was for sure, not happy to hear it. I passed my time at the station watching children play and people busy walking and others adjusting themselves in the platform.

Sorry I forget to tell you that I am going to Nagpur for the marriage of My friend Atul Sadhu. I received a call from Atul 7 months ago inviting me for his marriage that is to be held on November end. This call was followed by an e-mail with a formal invitation written, “ATUL SADHU WEDS ADITI ANDHARE”. I discussed about his marriage and the love stories in my earlier post. Atul was with me from 5th class until engineering and is a very helpful and kind person.

The train arrived at 4.40 PM and I read the board that says Trivandrum-New Delhi Kerala Express. I rushed towards B2 coach and started searching for seat number 36. I took the ticket from Kayamkulam but I boarded at Ernakulam so there are chances for the ticket to be replaced in my absence. I placed my luggage and started searching for the Train Ticket Collector to confirm my presence. He noted my number and advised me to inform Railways from the next time to avoid problems.

I got a company with a fellow passenger, an uncle who will also leave the train in Nagpur. We started chatting , discussing life and kerala. He is working in Bhilai steel plant in Madhya Pradesh and his wife is in Kerala. He has two sons one of them is in Mysore and the other in UK. The one in Uk recently got married in Kerala and left for UK. I also shared some of my thoughts with him regarding the differences of people in Kerala and North India. It was a nice chat and then I plugged my laptop after having my food which I bought from the Palakkad Junction. The next stop is in Coimbatore Junction and I think I am going to see a movie then.

This time the Power outlet is working in the train. This was not the case the last time when I had to find the mechanic and wait for them to repair the outlet. I will not be able to read all of your blogs and respond as the internet connection is restricted to some locations and the dial up connection is low too. Reliance has to also provide continuous connectivity within moving trains for users like me to surf the net.


  1. Wow. So many of your friends are getting married...what about you? ;-)

  2. Re:Sophie

    No chnace boss!!!

    There is a long journey that I have to cover. Marrriage is a secondary subject that I dont want to appear now.

  3. 1st time here
    Hmm.. train journey's always give sme scoop for stories...
    njoy the wedding..

  4. what fun..its been a while since i did a train journey...esp alone..!have fun

  5. hey..u do have a good cam with you..always seem to get great snaps:) Ben a long time since I enjoyed a good long distance train journey..have fun

  6. Have fun mate!

    As a side note, I absolutely love Kerala. I was there from 1995-2000, at Ernakulam and it was an absolute blast!

    Your blog posts, especially the ones with the pictures depicting the overwhelming greenery that is Kerala make me nostalgic!

  7. Havent you noticed u have used children's'
    children is plural correct this gramatical mistake immediately.

  8. I too love long train journeys...we used to travel very often from Chennai to Hyderabad back in have brought back some good memories here :)

  9. I think it was great and memorable,and now you are happy!


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