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Are Movie Freak youngsters on the right path – Youth crime Vs Crime Victims

If you notice the youngsters more closely, you will see their tendency of getting tensed and angry at situations they cannot handle. Movie freaks are all around us, in me, in you, your children and others surrounding you. Children are very adaptive to things they notice closely and the ones that attract them. I remember my mother saying I was very fond of Mithun chakraborthy when I was a child and used to introduce my name as “Mithun chakraborthy Abhilash pillai” to the strangers. Please don’t laugh as I was a child then. It is inborn in us to imitate all and everything that we see around us happening at a young age. It is fun for others when we, as a young child imitate film heroes, but therein also lies a subtle danger. The danger of crossing the line from innocent imitations to something serious. Crime does not happen in a day, it starts from a child and nourishes him to become a real criminal.

Few months ago I was travelling in a train. I had my hairs grown and due to their length they were totally curly, making me appear a true bhujji(Budhi jeevi or creative thinker) or a local gunda to the travellers. Youngsters are easily influenced by fashion and designs. I do not have many photos to show you how handsome I appeared. I cut them when I was about to visit my parents as my mother would never love me to see me in that looks. Our group in train had 5 boys and two girls. As always I was busy with the mobile phone playing games and chatting with the friends.

While travelling, a group of boys in the age of 23-28 got in to our bogie from another compartment. They were tall, had long hairs, dressed like “Tamil actor Vijay”, body badly built like Tarzans and macaroni smiles. They were a group of 10 youngsters who appeared like real child-made gundas based in the capital city. They were wrapped with jackets and kutti shirts (small shirts that expose the inner valuables). Upon their arrival they sided over a fellow passenger and took over the seat on to the right side of where we were seated.

They had their cunning looks on the girls and started passing comments. This continued further and they started targeting the boys too. Ultimately, they took me on thinking that I was from an opposite gunda party in Cochin. I saw a person nick naming me as Diler shaji(suspect and a member for some crimes in Cochin). I would like to describe his words “thalle paiyan kalippu thane, tiler shaji anna” (Man this boy appears to be tiler shaji). Their objective was to let some of us rebel and a starting point for them to battle.

We, being creatures of the silent business world and accompanying girls did not want to create any problem as that may end up in equal loss. Movies rather than motivating youngsters to respect their fellow gender have resulted in creating armies and self-built Youth crime clubs. You can notice such incidents now a days in trains, buses and foot paths where youngsters believe and behave like real gods who can beat a person or damage other’s personal property. There is another personality of horrible features within these movie freak youngsters who finds its way to affect them, damaging their brains and controlling them to behave the way their hero behaves to a fellow villain.

It is important for parents to ensure what their children see until they reach an age, here they can decide what’s better for them and what’s not. I would say parents are responsible for the behaviour of their child.

I would like to share another incident that my parents narrated from their travel to Kerala for onam. The train arrived at Vijaywada junction and an old man planned to fill his water bottle for his remaining journey. He approached the door for exit where a group of youngsters, trainees of army were seated. He asked them to move a bit so he could get onto the platform

On return he saw the boy sitting at the same place and requested him to stay away from the steps until the train starts and all travellers are in. The boy took offense to the old man’s words and pushed him, making him fall hard on the platform. He was too old and it took him time to regain his lost spirits. The boy was scolded by fellow passengers and he replied arrogantly;”I have never obeyed my father and listened to him in my life, then how dare this oldie command me”.

Please think how worse circumstances are that the youth does not know whom they should respect and what age difference really means.

I still remember my childhood when we were told to bow before our elders and respect them by touching their legs. That’s the custom and knowledge that parents should provide to their children, to make them respect and earn respect.

I read an article in Hindu newspaper, months ago where it commented on the crime rate in the world and the involvement of youngsters in it. It says a majority of crimes have youngsters in the age group of 23-27 and their behaviour depicts the actions of the movie stars they watch on televisions.

To discuss further, let us take ak at the movie called Bheema in Tamil that features actor Vikram as a criminal who has no fear of police and laws. It shows how a child is matured as a criminal. The story concludes with Vikram being killed for his deeds. Though it has a good moral, it influences youngsters by its violence and never-to-fear attitude. This may lead to several youngsters behaving like the so called Bheema.

More than the ones who commit crime the ones who suffer are the victims of these crimes. It is not far for the youngsters to understand what they should react to and what they should protest against. Now please tell me whether our youngsters are on the right path?


  1. Brilliant snap - the one used for your profile image. Nice shades and good logo to go with it!

  2. Hey abhi enjoyed reading this.Great pose there.Scared me.I share the opinion with you.I always felt the same way.

  3. Nice write up, enjoyed reading this, youngsters never listen to anyone,just do what they feel like or what their friends tell them to do, if their friends circle is good then they r def on the right path, but if its the other way round then their career too is on should be very careful at this tender age..

  4. You look like a ganster in the first picture, and a chef in the 2nd picture. LOL

  5. Thalley..kidilan look,guys with long hairs means bhuji and villan,he he..Chota mumbai yile etho character orma varunnu photo kanditte..Regarding wont take too much oil ,and the the mashed bananas should be in a dough consistency so that u can shape it well and fillings wont come out..nammude naatil cooked bananas arachedutha cheyyunne,u can grind it in mixi for a nice texture..try it and let me know...Adipoli when eaten hot and crispy...

  6. What an interesting post, it is terrible to see very young children now on the streets causing crimes and even murder, makes you think just what is our world coming to?

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it was very thoughtful :-)

  7. Very interesting post...Abhi am scared to see u with ur knife

  8. Oh my god ! I got scared at the first pic...Did you take that snap particularly for this post LOL.. hahaha :)
    By the way nice post. Its true that youngsters learn and imitate their heroes a lot these days. Movies these days make a very bad impact on the youngsters.

  9. Nice post Abhi, what u had said is right. Now a days i don't feel like seeing movies, all the plots are filled with crime, bomb explosions and villains. All these movies corrupts mind.
    Many youngsters never listen to their parents or elders, they learn their life only out of experiences.

    And thanks for informing about my blog, i'm using Google chrome and IE v8.0, i don't see problem with my blog.

    Please let me know what browser you are using to view my blog and also what error do you see. Thanks once again for your feedback

  10. Nice post!!!Very good thinking and parents must read article.U r absolutely right.People is who makes a movie sucess or failure.
    People must read story before watching a movie. Once movies with youth crime go bottom flops they will not take this kind of movies again. We still remember great movies like chitram, kilukam, amaram, melle parambil anveedu, DDLJ, sajan etc...

  11. Re: Sreejith

    Thanks sreejith.

    Re: My cooking experiments

    Thank you for the comments.

    Re: Angie's recipes

    If I look that way then it means there are still chances for people to get a good actor; "me"

    Re: Vrinda

    Thanks for the comments and clearing the doubts

    Re: Mridula

    Thank you mridula

  12. Re: Sushma

    Yes you are right. The friend circle is a major influencing factor for youngsters.

    Also the locality and the prople where they are grown influence them, but regardless of these factors there are still some children who develop as better citizens who have fear of god and respect for parents and elders.

  13. Re: laurasworthlesswords

    Thanks Laura. Nice to see a good writer comment on my blog.

    Re: Priya

    This was sucessful after my friend took several shots. I use this knife to peel off the coconut covering.

  14. Re: Faiza Ali

    Thanks for the comments. Yes you are right, movies influence youngsters a lot and there are minorities who take good moral from movies. Rest are interested in violence.

    Re: Mythreyi

    Yes youngsters learn from their experience but then it is too late to correct the problem.

  15. Re: Sangeetha

    Thank you Sangeetha. I agree with you. It is people who make things successful and it is parents who can make their children grow better.

  16. You do have some interesting posts and always a pleasure reading!Th epic though is a bit....I believe lot of things are being acquired from movies these days, how the kids act or how modernized they are..

  17. You are right.. they do get influenced by movies and even cartoons. its the parents responsibility to expose them to good things. Working parents don't even find time to know what their kids are upto. This is seriously a sad state.

    I accompanied my little cousin to his school one day.. We were traveling by auto, the kid was so enthusiastic that he asked the auto man to drive fast, hit on the other cars, dash him, kill him etc were his words. I was wondering what was wrong with him. His mom told me that the kid was totally interested in action movies and action oriented cartoons. Infact the computer games too. They have a lot of violence in it like shooting others, hitting etc.. This is something that really calls for a thought. Is it going to do good to anyone? I personally hate violence and movies, games related to it.

  18. Re: Shri

    Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

    Re: Nithya

    I agree with you that the movies that showcase violence influence children. We cannot stop directors direct such film but can make the children understand whats the meaning of violence and why is it wrong.

    It is also necessary for the parents to see what their children deal with and what they watch and whom they deal with.

  19. Cool snaps Abhi :) Yeah..agree parental guidance is an essential part when it comes to kids watching movies of a certain genre. But I guess its easier said than done..coz these days parents have their limitations when it comes to time and the kids have easy access to information..Thanks to technology and internet. Kind of catch 22..difficult. The incident in the train which you mentioned is pretty common and dangerous. Movies does play aprt in influencing that behaviour but more than that, I guess, its the power of a group..the false confidence in being in a group as opposed to being alone.

  20. Excellent post. Very beautifully written and very interesting to read. I love to read your each and every post. Keep it up!

  21. Re: Rohit

    I agree that group also plays an important role in shaping the youngsters. Being a part of the busy life, parents are not able to look after ther children. This is where they lose their hildren while earning for monetary benifits.

    Re: Babli

    Thank you for the comments. Nice to hear that my posts are interesting.

  22. This is a nice write up. It is very true and disturbing factor. I dont know if young generation really copy from movie stars but it is very hard to understand the mind set of people within this age group. I have myself faced such an situation few months back..when I parked my vehicle in front of a shop in my town. When I came back, the wiper was intentionally broken.I felt very angry and felt like crying..Why would somebody do that.. I fail to understand the pleasure people get at the expense of somebody because I had gone their for the 1st time in life.

  23. Re: Soma Pradhan

    Oh!! that was a really sad incident. How can people destroy others personal belongings. But yes it is happening everywhere and people are never sorry for doing such crimes.

  24. Abhi: a very relevant post..

    but then none wants to admit that the movies influenze the youngters.. if so, I would hold our Lalettan responsible for all the boozing that today's youngsters and others indulge in....

    but what the child sees needs to be controlled by the parents.... and it is for this reason that PG rating has been given to movies...


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