Monday, October 12, 2009

Will I improve? The story of lost ICICI ATM CARD

I will never improve. Teacher or my parents do not say these words, they are from my heart. I am sad and at the same time feel pity on me for my carelessness. I lost my ICICI ATM CARD 5 days before and came to know about it on Friday, make out my memory and vigilance.

I have all the money in the ICICI account and I am very dependent on the ATM cards for every transaction. I have an online account password and username but I always forget it. That is because I never memorized it.

I cannot imagine my life without the ATM card provided by the ICICI bank. I use it for purchase from stores, to fill petrol for my vehicle, to buy clothes, to withdraw money everything. That was a part of my life. I never use a wallet as I feel it bulky to carry them. To a sheer spectator, I am just someone who always wishes to walk as light as possible; sure, the clothes need to be there. : )

I said Jk to activate my online account, he asked for the ATM card number, and that was when I discovered that my card is lost. I was then seen running like a freak searching for the ATM card in the pockets of my shirt, pants, bags, racks, cupboards; I searched it everywhere but was unable to trace it. Jk said me not to panic, as a real friend in need he called the customer care, and blocked the card. We then requested to release the online password and username.

I visited the ICICI bank in the morning and requested for a new one. The honorable employee of the bank agreed to call me and inform me when it arrives. I called him a honorable employee because he took the courtesy to find that my address was in Maharashtra and make sure I get the card in Ernakulam.

So my advice to the ones reading the post is never to be panic and understand what they have to do when such an incident happens. You will always find your friends and partners besides you and of course, me being your friend and well-wisher wish, you never come across this and know what you should do.

This story did not start today or the last week. I got several hits and shouts from my father for losing my water bottles, Tiffin’s, compass box in school. He beat me hard each time so I could memorize the pain and remember what I have to keep in mind after I leave school. However, since I was used to his beats and shouts I always used to forget one or the other item.

I still remember it was my Mother who used to interrupt in between and stop him from beating me. She will take my side and take care I am not scolded by him.
I love her a lot and even at this moment remember her. I can forget my ATM CARD, my Tiffin’s, my umbrella, my bikes key but I can never forget her. The brain and mind always remind me the path from where I was born.

You all might laugh when I will tell you an incident that happened in my life. It was the day I got my final year result, was very happy to be among the ones who scored the best. I jumped with joy, imagining my aim was achieved, not because I was able to score more but because I was able to beat the girl who was the topper of the university for years. Like today I never used bags or too many books. My attire and life is a topic to discuss but we will do it in another article. I rolled my result and kept it in my pocket. I jumped onto the bike and rode away.

After reaching a certain distance, I met my friend and he asked for my marks in Software engineering. I tried to pull the mark sheet out of the pockets but found it was lost.

Like today, it were my friends who alerted all the college, juniors, watchmen, passengers on the road and all started searching for my result. Soon the news spread across the campus that my mark sheet is lost. Finally they recovered it from a nice person who found it lying on the road and kept it to return when someone comes searching it.

Now you people say, WILL I IMPROVE ?

: )


  1. Oh...thats so sad..hope you get a new card soon and everything settles down was really funny to read that you lost your marksheet on the same day :)

  2. Dear Abhi,
    good morning.i loved this post soooooooo much as i could relate so well.i had [still have] plans to write a post sometime later on the incidents n after effects of my started from 4th std when i played in the sand of lower primary school of my village n i lost my gold bangles in the sand!rest is history!if i touch a thing it disappeared or got misplaced.:)it's a looooooooooong story.
    lucky,you have very fine friends n they help u out of the mess.
    BTW,u look cool in this photo n i had mentioned in my earlier post i love the combination of blue n red.:)
    since anu is at your space,hey,you are going to improve!learn to focus,learn to concentrate n if u can do basic course of AOL.yaar,it really helps a lot.
    okeys,what is ur mail id?a personal note is urgent.
    enjoy n have a
    great day ahead!

  3. YOU WILL!!! because you have realized your mistake now. :) All you have to do is, when you keep something somewhere just click a pic of the location with your eyes and store it in your brain. I used to do it, but then my memory power is too low that I wont remember it. ;) Anyways..

    Moral is never lose things, time and opportunities. You really might not get them back. :)

  4. IT had happened to me as well, that time i had lost the wallet with 2 cards in from next time i was extra careful to check it after paying or after reaching home...once when it happens,u will def be more careful...and y dont u store ur account details in ur mobile or in some secret diary will help u ..u need not remember all this also...i usually do this as even i keep forgetting the passwords...

  5. Oh that sad Abhi, hope u get ur card soon...

  6. Will you improve? Now that is a good question, even if the answer is unknown!

  7. Oh! thats really sad. You should be very very careful from next time and should not lose anything as you must remember that each and every thing is precious.

  8. iyooooo!! njan parthikyam keto!! njan upadesham tharanulla allaa ...I used to do it often..he he.:)

    Adipoli photoannu!!!

    catch u later..

  9. I guess instead of taking the negative from this situation, you can always consider yourself lucky in the sense that you did not lose more than a card which can be replaced! Your funds are still there and I'm sure it will be easy to get a new card issued, just be more careful!

  10. nice photo Abhi sure you will improve be carefull from next time.

  11. Aww, you'll improve! Mistakes happen so that we can learn how to improve ourselves. You'll learn from this experience and will be more careful in the future.

  12. TRY SANTHOSH BRAHMI....!!!!!


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