Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vicks inhaler, the hope for a irritated sick man

With a Vicks inhaler in hand, filling the right and left nostrils, trying to break the walls of irritation; yes I am sick. This weekend was too hectic and busy with meetings, traveling, celebrities and rains. When I reached Cochin I was sick, closed and jammed nose, sweating forehead, body tired to extreme level. I am not able to withstand the irritation and got up at 4 AM, now I cannot sleep and decided to be online for a while.

I am sorry that I was not able to view your posts and register my feedback. I am extremely sorry to the people who offered me awards and I was not even able to thank them. I thank Sangeetha subhash and Palidor for their awards and will discuss about them in detail in posts, when I am back healthy.

This year, second time, I am suffering with this fever. I think it started during early 2009’s and continued till mid-year. I was busy with doctors for months and at last got a remedy from Medical trust. The side effects of the Antibiotics lasted for 2-3 months and I am still suffering the dilemma.

I cannot sit on chair for long so I am ending this post with a hope to get back as more active and more energetic.


  1. Get well soon.. :( actually same pinch too..

  2. Get well soon Abhilash. The post you read on my blog that was more of an rant was written with a cold and fever on my side too but I am much better today.

  3. Hey ABhilash, take care of u and get well soon..

  4. take some good rest, eat oranges, and sleep well :)

  5. Awww, I hope that you'll feel better soon. Take care of yourself!

  6. ayooda :( Ipool enganeeundu..Doctoraduthu poyiyoo ? drink jeerkavellam a lot,eat healthy foods and sleep well.
    Take care!! Get well soon abhi!

  7. Me too down with fever and cold,got from Akku....Take care Abhi...

  8. Take care Abhi, take good rest and get well soon.

  9. Water, fruit, sleep.....relax.
    And do come back healthy!


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