Sunday, October 11, 2009

An unreflective visit at chottanikkara temple in Kerala

Yesterday we unintentionally planned to visit Chottanikkara temple. The plan was to leave Tripunithura at 5 AM so we can visit the temple and return without waiting long queues. I was busy with some works, slept at 2 AM and it took me 10 minutes to find the lady who know the way to my dreams and I followed her. Now I was in another world and I can see my past.

Time: 7.30 AM Place: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Radha Krishna mandir is crowded with different types of people, beautiful women, small kids, old bald headed grandpa’s, shrouded dwarfs, deaf and dumb, poor labors and rich bureaucrats.

I think this is the diwali season and people are rushing like anything and everything. Lord Krishna can see the purohit’s( the priests) calculating and dreaming the money they are going to make this day. Soon Krishna heard a priest saying “intha diwali nammuka romba collection ma!”(This deepavali is going to be a superb collection for us).

He often finds himself a statue that is made a showpiece to collect money and gather assets. In spite of this he keeps smiling and maintains the pace and positive energy to support the real worshipers.

Lord Krishna can see a figure, full of questions and prayers coming towards him. Most of the crowd has left the temple and some ready to leave it soon, so he feels a bit relaxed. He thought it is 9 AM and time for my breakfast, why should I wait for the people to come, go, and then start my daily activities and who is this and why is he coming at this time. He raised his eyes on the person and said “appa! This is Abhilash and he came late even today. It is for sure his mother insisted him to meet me. Why can’t she understand he has a lot to ask than to offer me”.

I was part of a culture who visits the temples daily to pray for multiple reasons in exchange of their devotion. My mother made me go to temples and meet the goddess and the god everyday. I like her so never refused her request. I always thought, why to visit temple to pray If god is everywhere and why can’t I do it at my home. As usual I was planning to open my question paper in front of Lord Krishna and someone called my name. I found myself pulled in the skies and closed my eyes.

When I opened the eyes I can see Biga in front of me telling me to get ready for Temple. Chottanikkara temple is situated in a place called Chottanikkara, 5 km from Tripunithura in Cochin, Kerala. I understood that Biga was the first to open eyes, and made me remember the plan to visit chottanikkara temple. I rushed towards the bathroom, shuffled all the daily activities, and got ready for the journey. I was sad that I lost the question paper in front of Lord Krishna. : (

We reached chottanikkara temple and saw many people there. Being a Sunday people are rushing to see Devi chottanikkara amma and offer their prayers. We soon understood the situation and opted for 10 base 3 temple rule. 10 base 3 temple rule says that you should never leave your chappals or shoes in a single place rather keep them too far from each other. This rule helps avoiding people who steal footwears.

We entered the main doors and saw a long queue. We joined the queue and we were the last. Within 15 minutes, we could see another 100 people following us. The line was moving in a curved manner at the edge. People often have the tendency to follow the ones in front of them and do what others are seen doing. We thought to break this belief and broke the line making it run straight. Such creative ideas are often invented in the minds of Biga and me.

We waited for 1 hour and then it was possible to get the darshan of goddess. I was not able to plan questions as the time given to see her face was 10 seconds. I can experience a positive energy around me and I think this is the reason people visit temples.

We prayed in our heart and rushed towards the nearest hotel for breakfast. Biga had puri masala and I preffered idli. I think idli is the best breakfast item and avoids oil and fat.

I was feeling refreshed and energetic. This time it was not the insistence of my mother but a desire in my mind to visit temple. I think I am never a good boy visiting temples but I can see my thoughts changing to good ones when I am close to a positive energy band.


  1. :) Nice post. Going to temple does give us lot of positive energy.:) I used to visit Agastiyar temple in my locality for all 31 days in the month of Margazhi right at 5.30 AM. The chanting of Thirupaavai, the music there and the chill climate is so divine and refreshing.

  2. I have heard a lot about Chottanikkara temple, wish i could visit sometime in future.

  3. lovely post...seems the temple is very nice..wish to go there once...

  4. :)
    hope krishna got time for his breakfast.

  5. Re: Rocksea

    Yes Krishna might have got his breakfast as I was pulled to sky. :)

  6. Never heard about this temple, wish i could visit now..Will really go for when i visit India next time..thanks for sharing this Abilash...

  7. LOL! question paper for Krishna

    Ur mother is lucky to have such a devoted son... she gets mentioned in most of your posts... it is great Abhi...

  8. Njanum ivide late aayipoyi Abhi,Saturday and sunday,njan blog thodarilla..Me too visited chottanikkara temple few yrs back...was gr8 experience but bit scarred too, seeing some of the places there ...oops aa idli kanditte kothiyavunnu...

  9. Nice post. Never heard about this temple. Was nice to read and know more about the temple.

  10. Instering & nice post!!!naattil ninnu maari nikkumbo alle ethokke nashtapedumbo ulla vishamam kooduthal ariyunne.....hmm..avide eppo venamenkilum pookam..:)njan last time naatil vaenunaepol chottanikkara temple pooyitundayerunu...

    Pinee Idli kazhichu adichu polikkane alle!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........just kidding.

    Enjoyed ur post.

  11. Interesting and thoughtful post father had been to this temple a couple of years ago...he said the Godess was so divine...I dont have any plans of going there for now...would definitely make it a point to go there if we are anywhere nearby :)

  12. Very nicely described. I have visited this temple about 8 years before when I was studying at Cochin and i liked it very much. Thanks for the lovely post as I went back to my college days.

  13. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    My parents had taken us to Chottanikkara Temple for Makam Thozhikkal.every summer we used to have trips to Thrprayar Sree Rama Temple,Kodungallore Devi Temple,Palani Temple etc.what an exposure and a rich childhood!:)
    these days I watch Devi Mahatyam and Devi Bhagavatham.I get update dabout the changes of Chottanikkara Temple.
    postive energy,peace of mind,love with the world and the fresh air,nothing can replace these after a temple visit!
    I do surrender.Nanda taught me this.In Trichur everyday we visit one Temple from 7a.m to 8a.m.i feel simply great!
    Interesting N informative post!
    wishing you a lovely peaceful night,

  14. Dear Abhi,

    Chottanikkara Temple is one of my favorite temples. The divine energy there is amazing. It perks you up, cleanses your entire system and there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. Your mom is amazing that she can be persuasive to take you to these temples. You will thank her for it later in your life because as the spiritual masters often say, "Mother's prayers protect the children even if they don't believe."


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